PlayStation Network Sign-In Failed | Error (WS-37469-9)

One of the most common issues users face is that the PlayStation system fails to sign in to the PSN. It gives an error message that says: “An error has occurred (WS-37469-9)” and the status of the “PlayStation Network Sign-in” is set to “Failed”.

Luckily, the “PlayStation Network Sign-In Failed” issue usually is labeled as an easy-to-fix issue, so don’t panic when it happens to you.

PlayStation Network Sign-In Failed | An error has occurred WS-37469-9

In fact, signing into the PlayStation network fails and the error code (WS-37469-9) occurs due to several reasons ranging from a WiFi router malfunctioning to a PS4 system file corruption. You have to start by checking your router functionality and settings before trying to find a solution within the PS4 system itself.

On the other hand, many users though report that their internet connection is active and healthy, but they still can’t log in to PSN. This can also relate to an internet connection issue that requires you to turn off the router and restart it.

Anyway, let’s first start by laying out the most common reasons for this problem.

Causes of PlayStation Network Sign-In Failure | Error (WS-37469-9)

There are several reasons that cause the PlayStation Network sign-in failure, most common are:

1. PSN Server Maintenance

PSN server is under maintenanceSony routinely performs maintenance on the PSN server to keep it functioning at its best. Usually, this is done between 10:30 and 12:30 PM, based on your time zone for specific dates during the year. You will still be able to sign in to PlayStation Network (PSN) as well as play games or use most applications while they’re performing routine maintenance; however, Account Management and stores such as PlayStation Video are inaccessible until their downtime has ended.

But if you’re one of the unlucky users that aren’t able to sign in to the PlayStation Network and you get the error code (WS-37469-9), you only have to wait until the maintenance process is over.

On the other hand, if you have successfully signed in, yet you want to play your games during the maintenance period, make sure your PS4 is activated as your primary console. You can do this by accessing Settings, PlayStation Network/Account Management, and Activate as Your Primary PS4.

2. PSN is Temporary Unavailable

This error is usually referred to with code number CE-33991-5, but also it can be WS-37469-9. The PSN server is always adjusting to deal with technical errors and will go down at some point. You can expect it back up soon, but you might have to wait just a bit for the system’s updates before that happens.

As a result, you won’t have access to the PSN network and you’ll get the PlayStation Network Sign-In Failure message.

3. The PSN Banned Your IP Address

The IP ban may have been implemented automatically due to an abuse pattern detected by the PSN server or placed manually by an administrator. IP ban is implemented to protect the PSN server from abuse.

To confirm you are blocked from accessing the PSN server, you should try to log into PSN using your account, as usual, to see what kind of connection error message you’re getting. This error will often provide a specific reason that your IP has been blocked.

The most common scenario for getting blocked by the PSN server is trying to log in too many times too quickly or with incorrect credentials. Most servers have a time limit placed for the number of login attempts. So if you find yourself mistyping the username and password several times, it would be better to reset your password rather than risk getting blocked.

4. Login Credentials Mismatch

You may have forgotten your username or password and try to sign-in to PSN server using incorrect details. After three attempts, you better try to retrieve your details rather than continuing trying to login, as this may result eventually to IP ban.

5. Your ISP Facing Troubles Connecting to the PSN

change proxy settings on PS4For you to be able to connect to the PSN network, your PS4 console and your ISP usually cooperate together to help you find the appropriate location of the PSN server and then access the information on it. This is done in two steps:

  1. DNS/Name Resolution
  2. Data Transmitted To Your PS4

If your ISP is having problems with the PSN DNS this address may not ‘resolve’, and you’ll have trouble accessing the PS network server.

As for the second point, perhaps your ISP is having problems with routing and proxying. This is usually a temporary problem that you only have to wait to get resolved. In many cases, modifying the proxy settings on PS4 can resolve this issue, but not always.

6. Your WiFi Router Needs to Rest

Using the WiFi router for a constantly long time may cause performance issues when you try to connect to specific servers. As a result, you may fail to sign in to the PlayStation network and will get error code (WS-37469-9). All you need to do here is to turn off the WiFi router and wait 5-10 minutes before turning it on again.

Fixing The PlayStation Network Sign-In Failed Issue | Error (WS-37469-9)

If turning off/on your WiFi router and PS4 didn’t resolve this problem, try the suggested solutions below for the problem that leads to the failure of signing in to the PSN server.

Method #1. Be Up to Date

PS4 system software updateMake sure first that you have the latest version of PS4 system software. The updates always offer bug fixes and system performance optimizations. So, just ensure that the latest version is installed on your console.

The following links from the official PlayStation website will help you:

Method #2. Set the Automatic Login

In many cases, resolving the sign-in failure to the PlayStation Network [Error (WS-37469-9)] can be just by setting the automatic login to the PS4. To do that, follow these simple steps:

automatic login to PS4

  1. Head to Settings and choose the User option.
  2. Go to login settings and tick the box labeled: ‘Log in PS4 Automatically.”
  3. Now, restart your PlayStation then try to sign in to the PSN.

If you still can’t sign in to the PSN server, try the next method.

Method #3. Change your MTU Setting

This is also a good solution when you fail to sign into the PlayStation Network and have Error (WS-37469-9). You have here to change your console’s MTU settings, and here’s how to do that:

  1. Open the PlayStation 4’s Settings menu.
  2. Select the Network option.
  3. Select Set up Internet Connection and the Use Wi-Fi option.
  4. Select to configure your network connection with the Custom option.
  5. Next, select the required Wi-Fi connection to utilize.
  6. Select the Automatic IP address option.
  7. Choose Do Not Specify for the DHCP.
  8. Select Automatic for DNS settings.
  9. Next, select the Manual MTU option.
  10. Input 1473 as the MTU number, and select Next to continue.
  11. Finally, select the Do not use proxy server option.

Method #4. Change the DNS Setting

DNS servers tell your PS4 where gaming servers (or websites) are physically located on the world wide web. Any time you contact a gaming server, a gaming peer, or a website, you’ll use DNS.

Any time your PS4 performs a DNS lookup, it will take a certain amount of time-based on how far away and how loaded the server is. But DNS queries don’t actually happen that often.

Sometimes, and due to errors occurring with the DNS you’re using with the PS4, your console fails to sign in to the PlayStation network and you’ll get the (WS-37469-9) error message.

Now, let’s learn how to change the DNS settings on your PS4 to work around this issue.

  1. Open the Settings menu on the PS4.
  2. Select Network to open further networking options.
  3. Go to Set Up Internet Connection, and select the Wi-Fi or LAN Cable option depending on how you connect.
  4. Select the Custom option.
  5. Select a Wi-Fi network to utilize if required, and enter the password for it.
  6. Choose the Automatic option for IP address settings.
  7. Select the Do Not Specify DHCP setting.
  8. Choose the Manual DNS setting.
  9. Type as the primary DNS.
  10. Input for the secondary DNS.
  11. Select the Next > Automatic > Do Not Use options to finish.

You can try different DNS settings if the suggested one didn’t work. Here’s a list of the best free DNS servers that can help you resolve the failed sign-in case to the PlayStation network.

DNS Provider Primary DNS Secondary DNS
Comodo SecureDNS
Level 3
Uncensored DNS

Method #5. Rebuild PS4 Database

Rebuilding the PS4 database is one of the most common methods to resolve many issues related to the PS4 performance, including the sign-in failure to the PSN. It also helps PS4 perform faster and smoother.

Here’re simple steps on how to rebuild the PS4 database:

  1. Power off your PS4 and do not use rest mode.
  2. Hold the power button down until you hear two quick beeps. This will alert you that you have entered Safe Mode.
  3. Connect your DualShock 4 controller to the USB-A slot in the front of the PS4.
  4. Scroll down in the menu until you reach option 5, Rebuild Database.
  5. Press the X button to start the rebuild.

Rebuilding your PS4’s database may take minutes or hours depending on how full your console is and how often you install and delete games. Rebuilding actually reorganizes your hard drive to make it easier and quicker for the system to access your files. A properly organized database can load data faster, decreasing the chances of having your game freeze or experiencing frame rate drops.

Method #6. UnBlock your IP Address

You may have failed to sign in to the PlayStation Network and get Error (WS-37469-9) because your IP address is banned. What does this mean exactly? Well, in a nutshell, it means you can no longer access PSN. To put it bluntly, you are now blacklisted from accessing your account on PSN from anything that is tied to your public IP. There is no way to have your IP removed from the listing, it is a permanent ban imposed by a third party company.

However, there is a fix for this. It isn’t tied to your account, but rather your IPv4 address. You can fix this, and it’s a simple fix that normal users wouldn’t know how to do. This will save you time buying a new router/modem, hounding your ISP, and crying over your loss of games.

  • Open a new tab on your browser and ask Google what your IP is. Leave this tab open through the following steps.
  • Login to your router.
  • Once logged into your router, navigate to your MAC Address section.
  • Once here, change ONLY THE LAST DIGIT of your MAC address. For example change F0:97:98:52:5D:C8 to F0:97:98:52:5D:C7.
  • Unplug your Modem and Router for 2 minutes.
  • After this, plug in your modem and let it boot up. Once complete, plug in your Router.
  • Open another new tab and ask Google what your IP is. It should be changed now. If you are still having issues, attempt to restart your modem by hitting the reset button with a needle and going through the steps again.

Method #7. Use a LAN Connection

If you don’t have the time to go through lengthy troubleshooting steps, you can simply use an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi. Many gamers confirmed that LAN connection usually works flawlessly although Wi-Fi connection suffers from several errors. This is a very handy solution especially if you suspect that your connection is the source of the problem. Grab a cable and return to the game as soon as possible.

Method #8. Factory Reset PS4

This is the last resort if nothing has worked with you to fix the sign-in failure to the PSN. The following two links from the PlayStation official website will teach you how to factory reset the PS4:


The “PlayStation Network Sign-In Failed | Error (WS-37469-9)” issue happens due to several reasons. Most of the times it’s just temporary and time will resolve it, although in some other cases it’s a serious issue that requires more attention from you.

Just don’t worry, if you face any trouble after trying the suggested solutions, call the PlayStation customer support.

Questions & answers

Why am I getting Error PlayStation Network Sign-in Failed?

There are several reasons that promote the PlayStation Network Sign-in failure, including PSN server maintenance, mismatch of login credentials, an error occurs in your ISP and some other reasons stated in this guide.

What to do when I fail to sign in PlayStation Network?

You should make sure your username and password both are correct, and that your ISP has no connection issue with the PSN. You might want to use a proxy server to overcome this problem. Read more in this article about that.

Is it easy to fix PlayStation Network Sign-in failed issue?

It depends on what causes the error in the first place. If it is because of a banned ID, then it is very hard to recover it. If it is a connection problem or server maintenance, you can easily work around that.

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9 Responses

  1. Aiden says:

    When I want to play online games, my PS4 always reports that there is no internet, therefore when I check my internet connection, it still reports Playstation network sign-in failed.

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      There are various solutions for a PlayStation 4 that won’t sign on. The most frequent repairs involve checking for updates, wiping the PS4 completely, logging out, signing back in, and changing the DNS server.

  2. Stewart J. says:

    I switched on my Playstation last night and was immediately disconnected from PSN. Everything works properly when I test my Internet connection, except for the ‘playstation network sign-in’ test, which fails every time.

    I reset my routers and can now sign in to the PlayStation website with my account. Any suggestions?

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      Go to settings, select PS Network Account Management, and there should be a sign-in option. Simply click on it to connect without being prompted for an email address or password.

  3. Johnson F. says:

    When I want to play online games, my PS4 always reports that there is no internet, therefore when I check my internet connection, it still reports Playstation network sign in failed.

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      Try the website or the PS app. If it’s refusing your password and you know it’s correct, someone may have changed it. If you are unable to reset your password, contact assistance.

      Did you have 2FA enabled?

  4. Jorden says:

    The restricted IP address can be the cause of the “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” problem. You can also try modifying DNS settings to unblock the IP address. You must first navigate to Settings, then Network, in order to update the DNS settings.

  5. Ethan says:

    Changing the DNS like you shown worked for me . VERY helpful!!

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