Why Does My PS4 Keeps Overheating?

Do you own a PS4? If so, then you know that it can be really frustrating when your PlayStation 4 starts to overheat. One of the most common questions that PlayStation 4 owners ask is why does my PS4 keeps overheating? The reason why this happens varies from person to person, and sometimes it can be hard to figure out what may have caused your PS4 console to overheat.

Why does my PS4 keep overheating

In this blog post, we will go through why your PS4 might be overheating and how you can fix it.

Causes of PS4 Keeps Overheating

In this sections we will address the most common reasons for PS4 overheating. The PS4 can be too hot if one of the following incidents takes place:

  • If the inside of PS4 is dirty and thus the PS4 cooling fan doesn’t work properly as it should to dissipate the accumulated heat.
  • The AC power cord of PS4 console has a short circuit due to water damage and electricity leakage.
  • If PS4 has been used for an extended period during hot summer days without having time to cool down (several hours).
  • The PS4 CPU is malfunctioning and is generating unreasonable heat.
  • When the thermal paste applied to the PS4 CPU has degraded and no longer functions properly and needs replacement.
  • If the PS4 power supply is defective.

Fixing PS4 Overheating

PS4 is too hot
The best way to fix PS4 keeps overheating problem is not to let it get that bad in the first place with some basic steps:

  • Close all running applications before switching off your console and using a cool air fan aimed at the bottom of the unit for several minutes. This will help to cool down the console and will also prevent dust from settling.
  • Use a cloth or dry brush to clean off any accumulated dirt on the vents at the back of your PS, this should help reduce overheating.
  • Apply new thermal paste for PS4 CPU (if needed).
  • Perform factory reset if problems with power supply is suspected.
  • Use a PS4 cooling station or an external fan if the console is still overheating.
  • Update to latest firmware.
  • Get help from PlayStation Support if these stePS4 do not fix your problem.

Preventing PS4 Overheating

The last thing you need to know here is how to prevent the PS4 from overheating in the future.

  • Use a PS4 cooling station or an external fan if the console is still overheating.
  • Always keep the PS4 clean on a regular basis (i.e. every 6 months or so).
  • Place the PS4 in a cool room or use the Air conditioner if you live in a hot weather.
  • Update to latest firmware.

If you follow these instructions, your PS4 will very unlikely overheat unless there is a serious hardware failure/defect.

for more information on how to prevent the PS4 from overheating, please read this article.


You have learnt why your PS4 keeps overheating. You should first try to clean the inside of PS4 very well and try again. Don’t go for thermal paste replacement until you have tried all other possible ways to mitigate the increasing heat inside the console.

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