Fixing PS5 “Too Many USB Devices Connected” Error

One of the common problems with the PS5 console is that when you try to connect a USB device to your console, you receive an error message on the screen saying: “Too Many USB Devices Connected“.

But why does this error happens in the first place and how to fix it? This is what you’re going to learn from this article.

Main Causes Of The “Too Many USB Devices Connected” PS5 Error

There are several reasons why this PS5 error may occur, the most common are:

  • You’re trying to connect more than 3 USB devices to the PS5 at the same time via a USB hub.
  • There’s a sort of data corruption taking place within the PS5 system software that results in displaying a fake error message.
  • Your PS5 console isn’t receiving enough power due to a frayed/choppy power cord or a defective power supply, especially if your PS5 was struck with an intense power surge.
  • The USB cable you’re using to connect your device is defective and causing electrical shorts.
  • The USB port to which you’re trying to connect the device is defective or not working properly.

So, these are the most common causes of the “Too Many USB Devices Connected” PS5 error. We’ll suggest in the next section some solutions to this problem that will help you work around it and get your device connecting flawlessly to the PS5.

How To fix “Too Many USB Devices Connected” PS5 Error

Fixing this PS5 error can be too easy if there’s no hardware-related issue involved. Otherwise, you may end up taking your console to a repair shop. But, hopefully, you won’t have to if one of the suggested solutions below works for you.

1. Connect Your Device Directly Through USB

Your problem might be a result of using a USB hub as a medium to connect to your PS5 via USB. Simply, remove this USB hub and connect your device directly through the PS5 USB port and see if this has resolved the issue or not.

2. Try another USB cable

If the USB cable you’re using to connect your device to the PS5 is damaged, frayed or choppy, you may get the “Too many USB devices connected” error message on your PS5. It was already reported that when this problem occurred, changing the USB cord fixed the problem entirely. So, it’s imperative to check the health and functionality of your USB cable. But how to do that? Here is how:

  • Scrutinize the suspected USB cable and look closely on all its sides to see whether there’s any sign of wear, loose, or any unfamiliar thing.
  • Examine that USB cable on another system, such as a computer or another game console and see if it works properly there or not. If it does, then it might not be the reason for the problem.
  • Try connecting another USB device to your PS5 using the same USB cable and check if it works or not.

Now if you find out that your USB cable is intact and properly functional, the problem might be somewhere else.

3. Is The USB Port Actually Functional?

Maybe there’s a problem with the PS5 USB port you’re trying to connect your device through and, as a result, you get the “Too many USB devices connected” error on your PS5. You need to make sure that the USB port you’re using is actually working properly without an issue. You can learn more on how to fix a non-working PS5 USB port.

4. Check with Another USB Device

Maybe your USB device you’re trying to connect to the PS5 has a sort of failure that causes the PS5 system to display the “Too many USB devices connected” error message. What you have to do here is to try another USB devices (a flash drive for instance) and see if the system displays the same error message or not. If yes, then your first USB device is sound and you have to suspect the console.

5. Power-cycle the PS5 and unplug all USB devices

This issue can be easily resoveled by power cycling your PS5 and unplugging all connected USB devices. To do this:

  1. Totally turn off the PS5.
  2. Unplug all connected devices, whether it connects via USB or HDMI.
  3. Unplug the PS5 power cord from the wall outlet and wait around 3 minutes.
  4. Connect the PS5 to the power source and turn it on. Don’t connect the controller until it asks you to.
  5. Once the homescreen loads, try connecting your USB device directly without a hub.

This method should fix it for many users, but if the problem is more complex, you need to try other methods.

6. Change your PS5 power cord or power strip/outlet

If the PS5 system doesn’t get enough power it will behave weirdly as some hardware components won’t get their enough share of power. Therefore, make sure your PS5 power cord is not having any sort of damage or wear. Try to connect to a different power strip, or better connect directly to the wall outlet. You may also want to change the wall outlet for a better troubleshooting.

7. Update or Initialize the PS5

There might be a glitch in the PS5 system software that causes this issue. In order to work around that you need to try first to update the PS5 to the latest system software version if available. If not, then initializing the PS5 and reinstalling the system software from scratch is the ideal solution in this situation.

8. Seek The Assistance Of a Technician

If you have reached this point and initialized the PS5 and reinstalled the PS5 system software from scratch yet the problem still persists, you’ll need to take your console to a repair shop or ask for the assistance of a professional.


When you get the “Too many USB devices connected” error message on your PS5, that indicates that your PS5 system has rejected that recently connected USB device due to various reasons. You have to find out from where the problem exactly comes and examine several things before trying to fix it.

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