Back Up and Restore PS5 Data Using a USB Storage Device

The Backup & Restore feature is one of the most significant in the PS5 system. It allows you to back up your data and restore it in a short time without having to reinstall the PS5 system software. This can be great in case of emergency and data loss issues.

You can back up your PS5 data on either online cloud storage provided by Sony to the PS Plus subscribers or simply by using a USB storage device, which we will be addressing here.

How To Back Up Your PS5 Using a USB Storage Device

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can back up your PS5 data to a USB storage device, whether it’s a USB flash drive or an external hard drive:

  1. Connect your USB storage device to one of your PS5 USB ports. If none of your PS5 ports is working, you may seek help from this guide.
  2. Select Settings > System from the home screen of PS5.
  3. Choose System Software > Backup & Restore > Back Up Your PS5 and choose your USB name if there is more than one USB storage device connected.
  4. Choose which type of data you want to back up, then hit Next. Enter the details of the information if it’s required.
  5. Select Back Up.
  6. The console will restart, and the backup process will begin.
  7. Once the process is done, your PS5 will restart.
  8. Select Ok, and the console will restart again.

Now the backup file is stored on your desired USB storage device. Just keep it in a safe place and use it when needed.

How To Restore PS5 console Data From A USB Storage Device

restore PS5 data

For restoring PS5 console data from a USB storage device, you must keep in mind that the current system software of the console should have the same version as when was the backup created. Otherwise, you may face PS5 not recognizing USB storage device issues.

So, here are the steps to restore PS5 data from a backup file:

  1. Connect your USB storage device to the PS5.
  2. Select Settings > System.
  3. Select System Software > Back Up Restore > Restore PS5 and choose the right USB storage device if there is more than one drive connected simultaneously.
  4. Choose the data which you want to restore, then select Restore > Yes.
  5. The PS5 console will now restart, and when the restoring process is complete, it will load the home screen.


When backing up your PS5 data to a USB storage device, make sure your PS5 USB ports are working as well as the USB storage device you’re using, or else the process will fail.

For huge backup files, we recommend using external hard drives, but if your backup file is small, a USB flash drive will be pretty enough.

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