Why Is PS4 Controller Flashing White While Charging?

It becomes reasonable to feel concerned when your PlayStation or peripherals perform actions you have never seen before. For instance, the DualShock 4 controller light doesn’t typically flash white while charging. This behavior is not normal and sends a message to you that there’s an issue with the controller that you must look after.

So, what does cause the Ps4 controller to flash white while charging and how to fix it? This is what you’re going to learn from this article.

Reasons Why The PS4 Controller Flashing White While Charging

Your DualShock 4 controller’s white light may be blinking while charging for one of two reasons: either the battery is running low and can’t hold a charge or the controller couldn’t make contact with your PlayStation console. Fortunately, each of these issues is reversible.

There are a few causes for the white light coming from your PS4 controller through the light bar while charging:

  • The PS4 controller’s battery is degrading and isn’t charging properly.
  • The power received through the USB cable is not enough to charge the controller.
  • There’s a problem connecting your controller to the PS4.

Usually fixing this issue is easy and doesn’t require deep technical knowledge, and any average PS4 user is able to do it if they carefully follow the instructions.

Fixing A PS4 Controller Flashing White While Charging

This issue can be resolved in a number of ways, ranging from changing the USB cable you’re using to resetting the console itself. Although it’s a rather simple procedure, we’ll walk you through each step you may take to try and return your DualShock 4 back to normal operation.

Replace Your USB Cable

Some USB cables are brittle. Your outdated USB charging cord might be one of the easiest solutions by being swapped out for a brand-new one. To be sure your cable isn’t preventing your controller from charging, thus causing it to flash white light while charging, pick up a few simple USB charging cables that are compatible with the DualShock controller.

  1. Connect the USB to the PlayStation 4 once the replacements have been sent.
  2. Insert the USB cable’s connector into the DualShock controller
  3. In case the light becomes blue or orange, this indicates that the replaced cable was the problem.

Restart Your PS

More often than you might imagine, the age-old “turn it off and on again” method is effective! On the PlayStation 4, a straightforward restart is sometimes all that is required.

Read more on how restarting the PS4 can resolve many issues that can’t be fixed the normal ways.

  1. To turn off your PlayStation, depress the power button and hold it down for ten seconds.
  2. Take off the PlayStation 4’s power cord from the console’s back.
  3. Permit three minutes to pass.
  4. Reconnect your power cable.
  5. Start the PlayStation 4 system.
  6. Connect your PlayStation 4’s USB charging cable.
  7. Connect your DualShock controller’s USB charging cable.
  8. To activate the DualShock controller, press the PlayStation button.

Now check if your PS4 controller is still flashing white while charging or not. If it’s still, try to reset it.

Hard Reset The PS4 Controller

Because your controller has its own software, things can become corrupted when that program is upgraded. Fortunately, you can restore the factory default settings on your DualShock controller.

  1. Flip your controller over and look for the reset button next to the top right screw on the back.
  2. Push the button through the hole with a paperclip that has been opened or a sim card opener from your phone.
  3. Depress the button for 5 seconds.
  4. To reconnect your DualShock controller to the PS4, follow steps 6, 7, and 8 in the earlier guide above.

Resetting the PS4 controller is one of the best maintenance solutions when performance issues occur. You can learn thoroughly about resetting the PS4 controller from this article.

Enter the Safe Mode

It’s possible that your PS4 and not the controller is at blame, and that the PS4 controller is flashing white while charging because of a problem in the console itself.

In safe mode, you can perform additional diagnostics, such as rebuilding your database. Sometimes connecting your DualShock controller in safe mode will solve any problems.

Note: If your USB ports are not functioning, avoid attempting to start your PS4 in safe mode. You must sync your controller using a USB port after starting your console in safe mode. Before attempting this step, you must fix any malfunctioning USB ports.

  1. Turn off your PS4 first.
  2. Push and hold the power button until you hear two beeps: the first one immediately after you push it and the second one seven seconds later.
  3. Attach the USB cable to your DualShock 4 controller.
  4. Press the PS button located in the controller’s middle.

Test Your Controller On Another Console or PS5

DualShock 4 controllers work with the PlayStation 5. Simply plug in your controller using the USB charging cable for the simplest connection. Remember that while the DualShock 4 will function on the PlayStation 5, it is only backwardly compatible with PS4 games. Games on the PS5 cannot be played using a DualShock 4 controller.


If none of the aforementioned solutions work, and your PS4 controller is still flashing white while charging, then your controller might be broken. It can happen, especially if you don’t handle your controllers carefully. Sometimes, kids want to use game controllers as hammers, which is probably not good for them. If that’s the case, you might have to either pick up a new one or return the old one to the place where you purchased it.

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