Why I Don’t Plan To Buy a PS5 Any Time Soon

There is no doubt that the PlayStation 4 dominated for almost a decade, but here are some reasons why we believe you shouldn’t purchase the PlayStation 5.

If you believe in the concept of “console wars,” you’ll be well aware that Sony’s PlayStation 4 outsold Microsoft’s Xbox One by more than two to one. In actuality, the PS4 is among the most popular gaming consoles ever.

But for the time being, we don’t see the PS5 achieving those lofty heights. Here are all the justifications we have for not recommending that you purchase a PlayStation 5.

1. There Are Few Exclusive Games

Many players frequently own numerous gaming systems, such as a PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series S/X. Because of this, it’s crucial for a console to have fantastic exclusive titles that are available only on that system.

The PS5 has very few, which is the issue. Even while titles like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Returnal, and Astro’s Playroom are excellent, buying a console for hundreds of dollars is not necessary.

This will alter in the future. However, more than a year has passed since the PS5’s release, and it’s difficult to name a single game that has become a system seller.

2. The Majority of PS5 Games Are Also Available On PS4

The fact that many of these “exclusives” use the term broadly makes the problem worse. This is due to the fact that they are also accessible via PC or PS4. Of course, if you don’t have one of those, it doesn’t matter, but millions of us do.

Numerous of these exclusives are actually PS4 game updates. For instance, while they all look wonderful on the PS5, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ghost of Tsushima, and Death Stranding: Director’s Cut also look great on the PS4.

Not to harshly criticize Sony for this, though. It’s fantastic that the business hasn’t abruptly disconnected PS4 users in an effort to drive them to upgrade to the PS5. Simply said, there isn’t much need to upgrade from the PS4 if you’re only interested in the gameplay experience rather than the PS5’s superior graphics or the controller’s haptic feedback.

3. The PS4 Is still Great And Working Very Well

Nearly ten years after its initial debut, people are still purchasing PS4s, which speaks something about their quality.

PS4 is still a great console

When was the last time you felt the PS4 system was interfering with your enjoyment of a game? Most likely, never or very infrequently. This is so because the PS4 is still a strong and fantastic console.

There doesn’t appear to be much value in upgrading to the PS5 if your PS4 is still in good condition and you still love playing games on it.

4. There Are Cheaper Options

A PS5 costs $500, but if you get the Digital Edition, you can cut that price by $100. (which has no disc drive). Additionally, the Xbox Series X is $500. The Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series S, meanwhile, are both $300. That is $200 less than the MSRP of a PS5.

Of course, they don’t both have the same performance punch, and they host various games. However, these are the best options if you’re only looking for a fun gaming machine and need to keep your money in your pocket.

5. Game Pass Alternative Isn’t Available

Sony needs to offer a fantastic alternative to Microsoft’s excellent Xbox Game Pass if it wants to remain competitive. With this subscription, you’ll get access to a vast selection of games that can be played on both Xbox and PC. And these aren’t just old games; on the day they go on sale, brand-new Microsoft exclusives are added to Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass is a significant investment by Microsoft, and it is paying off. Sony must follow suit. Although it still provides a few titles each month through PlayStation Plus, which was once a tempting offer, this is now outdated.

We’ll probably see more movement toward this subscription-based gaming as the gaming business develops and the individual cost of new games only continues to rise.

6. Stock Shortage

Even if you wanted to purchase one, Sony is unable to produce the PS5 at a rate that will satisfy demand. Any PS5 stock is instantly purchased—and most likely by scalpers—due to the persistent problems with the worldwide supply chain, particularly the shortage of basic chips required in the console’s manufacturing.

Let’s assume, nevertheless, that you are fortunate enough to acquire one. It’s likely that your pals don’t have the console if you enjoy playing multiplayer games with them. You won’t have anyone to play with anyway if the game isn’t cross-compatible.

7. Await the inevitable release of the PS5 Slim

PS5 Slim
The PS5 is a substantial beast, measuring 390mm by 104mm by 260mm and weighing 4.5kg. The PS5 could not physically fit if you typically store your consoles underneath the TV. Although the console’s appearance is appealing, you don’t really want it to take center stage and dominate the space.

Therefore, why not simply wait for the inevitable redesign? Two years after the primary console, the PS4 Slim was unveiled, offering a much-needed slimmer form factor. The PS4 Pro, which offers 4K gaming over 1080p on the standard console, is another option.

The PS4 Slim no longer exists; it is now simply known as the PS4. The PS5 will undoubtedly experience the same thing, as every console generation has. It will also probably cost less. Patience is rewarded.

Do You Need a PS5?

Ultimately, you are the only person who can decide if you ought to get a PS5. If none of these objections seem like a deal-breaker to you, terrific! Go ahead and purchase the PS5, and maybe you’ll enjoy it for hundreds of hours.

But a lot of people could want to stop. Maybe hold off till there are more PS5-only titles, until the price goes down, or until the next edition. for each of the three. The PS5 will probably be in a better position and a must-have gaming system by that time.

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