How Many Games Can PS5 Hold?

The fifth-generation PlayStation console (i.e., the PS5) is a fantastic piece of hardware, but its storage space is relatively limited. That’s because the operating system and other essential files eat through the quoted 825 GB, leaving you with approximately 677.2 GB to store games. Quite a far cry from 1TB, then.

PS5 console storage

Not only that, but you also have to keep around 10% of the available free space to maintain the optimal performance of your PS5 system. That means you only have almost 600 GB of free space available.

Here arises an important question concerning the PS5 storage capacity: how many games can the PS5 hold? That’s what we’ll answer in detail in this article.

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How many games can the default PS5 storage hold?

Depending on the size of the game, you can expect to fit anywhere from 10 to 20 games on the PS5. However, it is essential to note that some games are larger than others and will take up more space on the console. For instance, Spider-Man: Miles Morales takes up almost 100GB of space, and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War takes up around 133GB.

Games like these may be challenging to fit onto the 825GB of SSD storage, so if you’re planning on buying these titles, you may need to get an external hard drive for your PS5 or consider deleting some of your old games. It is also worth noting that the 825GB of SSD storage is not upgradeable. You can add a secondary internal SSD to expand the overall system storage capacity.

How Much Storage Does The PS5 Standard and Digital Edition Have?

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) comes in two different versions – the Standard Edition and the Digital Edition. Both versions have 825GB of SSD storage, but the difference lies in the disc drive. The Standard Edition features a 4K Blu-ray Disc drive, allowing it to save lots of storage space by not having to download disc games on the internal storage, while the Digital Edition does not have any disc drive at all.

How Many Games Can The PS5 Digital Hold

The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition can store only a small number of games. With the built-in 825GB SSD storage, you can hold up to 5-7 games only. While the exact number of games depends on the game size, you can expect to store up to 7 games before your storage becomes full. It also depends on the type of game, as some games may require more storage than others.

How Many PS5 Games Can 1TB Hold?

1TB of storage is a significant amount of space for a gaming console, and it will hold a large number of PS5 games. Depending on the size of the game, you can fit around 15 games on a 1TB hard drive.

If the average PS5 game is 70GB, you can fit around 14 games on a 1TB hard drive. You can also store game saves, screenshots, and other data to hold even more games. With a 1TB hard drive, you can have plenty of room for all your favorite PS5 games.

How Many PS5 Games Can 2TB Hold?

It depends on the size of the games, but a 2TB hard drive can hold up to 30 PS5 games. However, this number is highly dependent on the size of the games. Some games, such as the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077, can be around 100GB. Other games, such as the Call of Duty series, are typically more than 120GB. If you were only to install 50GB or smaller games, you could fit up to 75+ games on your 2TB hard drive. Of course, if you choose to install larger games, you need to upgrade to a larger hard drive.

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