How to Play GTA 5 on PC with PS4 Controller?

Rock star games are typically played on PC because they are mission-based. A large screen aids in the participants’ having a good experience. The majority of gamers enjoy experimenting, and one such experiment involves using a PS4 controller to play GTA 5 on a PC. Players will have a fantastic opportunity if they can use the PS4 controller to play on the PC. The players may benefit from having a fresh and different experience.

GTA 5 can be played on a PC with a PS4 controller without any difficulty or the need to download any additional software. There is a way to make sure you get the GTA experience you wanted. Every player linked to GTA 5 has the right to know or has access to different ways to play PC games with different controllers. It would be beneficial if you chose the updates to play more effectively and gain new experiences.

You may play GTA 5 with a PS4 controller by following the procedures listed below. If you want to enjoy that fantastic experience with the right knowledge, you can choose the steps.

Epic Games Launcher does not support PS4 controllers

Even while the Epic Games Launcher does not natively support PS4 controllers, you can utilize third-party programs to fill the gap in compatibility and play the game with PC-level visuals and a PS4-like control scheme.

This guide’s instructions for using a PS4 controller with GTA 5 are not officially supported by Epic Games Launcher. Actually, the only GTA V version that supports PS4 controllers plug-and-play is the Steam version. On the other hand, Xbox One controllers appear to function with the majority of the most recent PC games published, whether they are official or licensed 3rd party models.

How to Play GTA 5 Using a PS4 Controller (With Steam)

If you don’t want to install a 3rd party application to play GTA V with a PS4 controller, adding the game to the Steam library is the best option. Steam supports PS4 and Xbox One controllers out of the box. It doesn’t always work to just add GTA V to Steam’s library and run it from the client.

  1. To establish a connection, you must first plug the PS4 controller into the appropriate PC. If you wish to use a controller to play the game on a PC, you must have a connection.
  2. Then, in order for Steam to make use of the entire PC screen, you must launch it in big picture mode. You will benefit from practicing using the PS4 controller on the PC’s full screen.
  3. The controller’s settings must then be selected in order to quickly pair the two devices. When using a controller to play games on a PC, pairing is important.
  4. You must uncheck the PlayStation configuration support box while you are in the settings. To play the game with a smooth and forgiving foundation, it will be beneficial for you to have a safe and secure connection to the PC.
  5. In order to play a stream, you must restart Steam and launch it there. You must choose GTA 5 in Steam’s big picture mode if you are doing this for GTA 5.

Download & Install DS4Windows To Play GTA 5 With PS4 Controller

In case the first method doesn’t suit you or it doesn’t work at all, you can go for this alternate method. You need to download a special software utility called “DS4Windows” and install it on your PC in order to be able to play GTA 5 using a PS4 controller, and here are the steps:

  1. Visit the DS4Windows website to download the most recent version. To find out more about DS4Windows, click here. On that page, in the top right corner, there is a download link.
  2. Extract the folder’s compressed and zipped content.
  3. In the location where you extracted the prior content, look for DS4Windows.exe.
  4. To store your configurations, you will now create a profile. Keep in mind the location of the directory where this profile was generated. Later on, you can easily load your controller configurations using this profile.
  5. Driver updates for your PS4 controller will be downloaded following the creation of the configuration profile. You can play GTA V when the update procedure is finished, but each time you start the game, make sure DS4Windows is running in the background.


The information provided above can be used to learn how to play GTA 5 on a PC using a PS4 controller. The procedures above are so simple that you can follow them and succeed in your assignment. You will learn about a variety of other gaming activities, which will enable you to enjoy the game with some fresh features and sensations. You can receive a lot of assistance in expanding your knowledge of GTA 5 and becoming a more knowledgeable individual.

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