Advantages Of Upgrading PS5 Internal Storage

The PS5 base model has 825GB of storage space. The system files consume 157.8 GB, leaving 667 GB for game storage. This may seem excessive. However, games can be quite large, and sooner or later you will likely need to delete files to make space on your system for new games.

However, you can increase the PS5’s storage capacity by purchasing a second SSD. If you have been considering purchasing an additional SSD for your PS5 but are still unsure, here are eight reasons why you should.

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More Games

One of the biggest advantages of adding a second SSD to your PS5 is that it gives you more storage space. This extra space can be used to store more games, allowing you to have a larger library of games available to play at any given time.

Better Performance

Another advantage of adding a secondary SSD to your PS5 is that it can help improve the system’s performance. Having two SSDs instead of one can help speed up loading times and reduce stuttering when playing games.

Easier Downloads

If you are someone who often downloads large files or games, having two SSDs can make the process much easier. With two drives, you can download files to one drive while playing games or doing something else on the other drive. This makes it much easier to manage your downloads and keep your system running smoothly.

Easier Backups

Having a second SSD can also make backing up your games and data much easier. You can use one drive as your primary storage and the other as your backup drive, keeping your important data safe in case of any technical issues.

Better Compatibility

One of the best things about having two SSDs on your PS5 is that it gives you more compatibility options. By having two drives, you can use both NVMe and SATA SSDs, allowing you to install even more games and applications on your system.

Faster Transfer Speeds

Adding a second SSD to your PS5 can also help improve transfer speeds. You can move files between the two drives much faster than if you were just using one drive. This can be especially useful if you are transferring large files or games.

Easy to Install

Installing a second SSD on the PS5 is actually quite easy. All you need is a Phillips head screwdriver, the SSD itself, and a few minutes. Once you have the new drive installed, you can easily format it and start using it right away.

Cost Effective

Finally, adding a second SSD to your PS5 is actually quite cost-effective. You can get a 1TB SSD for around $200, which is much cheaper than buying a new console. This makes it a great way to expand your PS5’s storage without breaking the bank.

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