The Best SSD Drives for PS4 Game Console

What's the best SSD brand for PS4You don’t need to be a savvy to realize the fact that solid state drives (SSDs) are the best data storage devices ever in terms of performance and reliability. SSDs are very reliable to the extent that they can last 10 years under heavy workloads without a single failure.

Furthermore, when it comes to performance, SSD is king. No other storage device can compete with SSD in terms of speed, endurance and performance consistency. For this reason, it’s no wonder why enthusiastic gamers prioritize SSDs for their serious gaming.

And whether you own PS4 Standard or PS4 Pro, an SSD can do the magic to your gaming experience. That’s why, if you’re a serious player, go and look for the best SSD for PS4 and enjoy its wonderfulness.

SSD Benefits for PS4 Console

Before deciding whether an SSD suits your needs or not, let’s see first what benefits an SSD offers for PS4.

  • Getting rid of the PS4 stock hard drive for a much more powerful drive. Because PS4 uses an old and obsolete mechanical hard drive produced in 2011, intuitively it’s not the right drive to meet the modern storage requirements of high-end gaming. It’s not only the storage space that matters here, but also the capability of the storage device to handle data efficiently, where mechanical hard drives are not the ultimate choice to rely on.
  • Very solid reliability and endurance. To verify that, just read the tons of users’ complaints of PS4 hard drive failure. In general, mechanical hard drives are no longer good enough for gaming purposes and heavy workload situations. That’s due to the fact that the mechanical hard drives fall behind with the increase of the data momentum imposed by modern, high-end data requirements.
  • Too long lifespan (longevity). Can you believe that an SSD can last even more than 10 years in tough, heavy-workload conditions without failing? Imagine how long it can live in easier situations, like that inside a PS4 box. That means more guarantee for lifespan.
    • Additional Notes

      SSDs have also the following additional benefits for PS4:

      • Top-notch speed (up to 45% in PS4 Standard and 60% in PS4 Pro). Consequently, PS4 operating system will boot up faster, games will load in a shorter time, and you’ll get a better experience with online and VR gaming with an SSD. If you own PS4 Pro, you can enjoy an SSD more than PS4 Standard users do.
      • The benefit of SSD is even greater with games that support the PS4 Pro’s high resolution “4K” mode. That’s because many of them require the use of larger textures and assets. This would put greater emphasis on the PS4’s storage capabilities.

      What’s the Best SSD for PS4?

      The standards for choosing an SSD for PS4 are somewhat different from that for a computer. That’s because game consoles are less powerful than computers as they are not designed for handling heavy, resource-demanding software. You can read more about that in the PS4 SSD Ultimate Guide.

      That’s why, the biggest and most important factor to care about before purchasing an SSD for your PS4 is price. The best SSD for PS4 is what’s friendly to your budget first, and works as an SSD secondly.

      Additionally, the maximum SSD storage capacity I prefer for PS4 is 1tb. It’s more than enough to store your favorite games and apps that you frequently use. If you need more storage, you can then add an external hard drive and expand your PS4 storage limitation. But still, some users have exceptional requirements, and they would go for 2tb SSD instead. That’s why I have laid out below what I consider the best 1tb and 2tb SSDs for PS4.

      Best 1TB SSD Options for PS4

      ٍCrucial MX500 1TB SSD
      Crucial MX500 1TB SSD is the best SSD for PS4 in terms of price and performance all togetherIt’s very unusual to see a high-end SSD like Crucial MX500 1TB coming with such a low price (less than USD 130). This is something I have never seen in the market ever. If you care much about reliability and want the maximum performance out of your PS4 console, this is the only drive I can really recommend. Its low price is very competitive and appealing to the extent that it has become the most budget friendly SSD. We just don’t know when it will go up again. So, get that deal before you miss it.
      Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD
      WD Blue 1tb SSD

      Best 2TB SSD Options for PS4

      ٍSanDisk 2TB Ultra 3D SSD
      SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD is a very solid choice for all models of PS4 in the 2tb storage capacity. Not because it outranks its competitors in terms of performance, NO. Rather because it offers real solid performance and high reliability for the cheapest price a 2tb SSD can ever be tagged. This drive costs less than USD 290. This is the cheapest, high-quality 2tb SSD I have ever seen in the market as of today.
      Samsung 860 EVO 2TB
      WD Blue 2tb SSD

      That’s it. These SSDs are the cheapest on the market with high performance scores. They are the best fit for PS4 storage upgrade in terms of price and performance together.

      SSD as a Storage Upgrade Option

      Being short on space is something that most PS4 owners have experienced. Of course, some of us earlier than others. At that point, you are thinking two things. One is, should I start making a list of games I like the least and delete them or delete them all. The second option is you do not remove any of them and buy a new hard drive.

      Any self-respecting PS4 owner would do the later one – go and buy a new hard drive. However, there is one more choice to be made before buying one. You need to decide whether you should go and buy an HDD, SSHD or SSD. Again, this might look overwhelming to choose the best SSD for PS4. But don’t worry as we got you covered. Here is some insight that will help you make an informed decision.

      HDD, SSD, SSHD – What do they mean?

      All these abbreviations can easily confuse someone that is not familiar with how PCs and gaming consoles work. To that end here is a quick guide that will help you have a better grasp on the matter.

      Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

      HDDs stand for Hard Disc Drives that are used in almost all game consoles and home PCs. These are actual hardware units, physical drives on which you store and access data. They are designed as spinning discs allowing the user to write, read, and delete data. They are the cheapest option, but at the same time are slower than their SSD and SSHD counterparts. Their loading speed is determined by their RPM (revolutions per minute) of the drive and represents a significant factor in their overall performances.

      Solid State Drive (SSD)

      SSD stands for Solid State Drives, and they are becoming more and more popular every day. Especially with gamers and professionals that want to get the most of their PC or gaming console. They too are physical drives for storing and accessing data with one big difference.

      That is they don’t have any moving parts. Data is stored in flash storage, much similar to a USB stick, but way more reliable and way faster.

      An SSD excels at tasks such as loading apps, games, operating systems, and files in general. The only downside is their cost per Gigabyte. SSDs greatest technological advantage over its competitors is the process it uses for memory blocks that are known as NAND. This technology enables data to be processed electronically through microscopic transistors. NANDs flash-based architecture is what makes everything so fast and efficient. By switching to SSD, you make NAND an integral part of your PS4. To put in terms that Star Trek fans will understand, your machine will be able to go and maintain a warp speed without a sweat.

      Solid Sate Hybrid Drive (SSHD)

      SSHD stands for Solid State Hybrid Drive. As the name suggests, this is a hybrid technology that combines the new and the old into something entirely new. It combines a classic hard disk drive with a smaller solid state drive. This drive actively monitors system usage and apps and automatically caches programs and data in the solid state part for fast retrieval.

      That speeds up the processing and reaction time making it the second fastest type of storage unit on the market. At the same time, the fact that it has a standard hard disk and that it uses a sophisticated algorithm makes it less reliable than the SSD units.

      Speaking of the storage

      Nowadays, not just the speed, but storage is a big issue as games are getting bigger and bigger. For example, Mass Effect: Andromeda will take almost 50GB storage space on your PS4 hard drive. That’s just one game. Add your favorite titles as well, and you will find that the standard 500GB on your PS4 packed. Even if you have the PS Slim model or the 1TB PS4 Pro, it doesn’t feel adequate. Those that often capture video know that better than anyone else.

      If we sum up everything, and you still want the best possible hard drive for your PlayStation, then without a shred of doubt you need to get yourself the best SSD for PS4. The only drawback to buying a solid state drive is the price tag.

      Things to Consider in your Ps4 SSD

      If you are convinced of the price, here are the top 5 things why you should consider SSD for your PS4:

      • An SSD offers way faster sleep, wake up process and boot-up than any other type of hard disk drive. Even the SSHDs don’t come close to it in this department.
      • No other HDD is as reliable as the SSD is and that is pretty much a proven fact. If you are worried about storage failure, the SSD is the perfect solution for you. One of the reasons behind this is it doesn’t have any mechanical parts. Those mechanical parts often cause hard drives to crash.
      • If you are into online gaming, then SSD will help you have faster reactions to your opponents’ plays, be faster in moving among game sessions, etc. No HDD or SSHD can achieve those speeds. That is why professional and serious gamers always choose SSD for their PlayStation 4.
      • SSDs high writing speed makes game and app installation incredibly fast.
      • Fragmentation may be an issue with standard hard drives, but not with SSDs. There is no need for defragmentation as that is done automatically and doesn’t need any human intervention.

      How to choose the best SSD for PS4?

      choosing the right SSD for PS4If you made up your mind about SSD, there are few things to consider before buying one. But before we go into the specifics of SSDs, you need to consider the capabilities of your PlayStation 4. That way you can truly see the whole picture in this matter.

      PlayStation 4 CPU Performance

      The first thing to know is that a PlayStation is not a computer designed to handle all sorts of tasks simultaneously. It is a gaming console whose purpose is for only a few functions. Consequently, the PlayStation does not come with a super strong CPU. Therefore, a PlayStation can’t handle a bunch of multitasking operations at once, whereas a PC can do a great deal.

      All in all, an SSD in a PS4 can’t take advantage of the multitasking features that this storage unit has. A PlayStation can’t handle two games at a time, neither have few apps running at the same time.

      So, how this information benefits me?

      What this means is that the enormous data that goes from the SSD to the CPU cannot be processed at once, at least not as it is with a computer. The fact that the PS4 does not come with a SATA III, but with SATA II only makes things worse. Worse in terms that will further bottleneck the performance of the solid state drive.

      So no, you can’t make the most of the SSD in your PS4 as you could in a PC. But even with that drawback, the SSD remains quite ahead of its competitors. You will find this information extremely useful when we come to how to select the best SSD for PS4.

      If you own PS4 Pro, you may be interested to view our PS4 Pro SSD guide before getting one for your game console. If you need more details though on PS4 Pro hard drive upgrade, you can always check our guides on this website.

      Selection Principles

      Now when you have comprehended everything about the SSD here are few principles that will lead you to the best SSD for PS4.

      • An entry-level SSD can deliver pretty much the same performance as the most elite SSDs. The reason for that is because a PlayStation can’t fully take advantage of the performance of the SSD and its incredible speed. At least not as a personal computer can. And then there is the fact that PlayStations are not designed for multitasking operations which is an essential feature with SSDs. It means a high-end SSD is nothing but a waste of money.
      • Even though the PlayStation 4 comes with a SATA II, do not be fooled by SATA II SSDs lower asking price. Instead, choose the modern SSD. The reason is that SATA II SSDs need continuous maintenance handled by an exceptional software package, and degrade much quicker. On the other hand, the new ones have a built-in automatic maintenance software that takes care of that on its own.
      • Even with standard HDD, you need to know that it is highly recommendable not to use 100% of the available space. Instead, use up to 80% of your SSD storage, and you will be able to make the most of it. Anything more and you risk crashing and losing data.

      Additional Notes

      • If you got a ton of games and apps, keep the less important ones on another, external hard drive, and preserve your SSD for the ones you play the most. That is in case you have opted for an SSD with limited storage or got a huge collection of games.
      • Going with unknown brands can be a risky move. If you want to make the most of your SSD over an extended period, choose a reputable brand that is well-known in the industry. Most of the reputable ones offer a minimum of three years warranty.
      • Anything less than 1TB of storage is not worth it. That’s too less space and won’t do much good for you.

      PS4 Compatible SSDs

      Any drive to be fully compatible with PS4 must meet the following specifications:

      1. Configured with SATA interface.
      2. Not thicker than 9.5mm.
      3. Its actual size is not smaller than 160gb and not larger than 8tb

      That’s all. The SSDs I have picked meet all these specifications of compatibility. Therefore, a list of compatible SSDs with PS4 has been made.

      Best SSD for PS4 2018
      BrandModel no.CapacityWarranty
      Micron 1100MTFDDAK2T0TBN-1AR1ZABYY2tb3 Years
      Mushkin REACTORMKNSSDRE2TB2tb3 Years
      WD BlueWDS200T2B0A2tb3 Years
      WD BlueWDS100T2B0A1tb3 Years
      Mushkin REACTORMKNSSDRE1TB1tb3 Years
      Crucial MX500CT1000MX500SSD1(Z)1tb5 Years

      All SSDs listed above are fully compatible with PS4.

      How faster is a PS4 with an SSD?

      There had been plenty of tests and almost all confirm the same results – SSD is by far the fastest. It is the loading time when the SSHD comes close to the performances of the SSD. The gap there is from three to six seconds. The range is because not all brand SSD are the same; the high-end ones are the fastest ones. Other than that, in other areas, the speed of the SSD makes for differences close to forty seconds.

      How to install SSD in PS4?

      installing SSD inside PS4Installing an SSD in a Sony PlayStation is pretty easy and straightforward. Here are the things you need to consider:

      1. Make sure that the SSD is compatible with a PS4. Therefore, when buying one, be explicit and clear to the salespeople so they won't make any mistakes.
      2. A Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the old hard drive and put the new one in its place.
      3. A USB flash stick and USB external hard drive compatible with PlayStation 4.
      4. Download PlayStation 4 system software and store it on your flash drive.

      Once you place the SSD in place, you can start installing the PS4 software. The installation is pretty straightforward and easy to handle. If you don't feel comfortable, there are even YouTube videos that can guide you step by step until everything is set and ready to play.

      Final words

      There is no doubt so ever that the best SSD for PS4 will elevate the gaming experience. Even the glorified SSHD can't compete with the performances of the SSDs which have become standard equipment for professional gamers and people that want nothing but the best. The cost is indeed the only downside to it. The benefits are many:

      • SSD is more energy efficient and creates way less heat.
      • Silence is a great characteristics of SSDs that they boast over other storage device.
      • Using an SSD in PS4 means you’re getting a resilient and reliable storage device.
      • compared to the standard Hard Disk Drive (HDD), SSD weighs way less.
      • SSD features a high writing/reading speed and reduced latency.

      All in all, you will have a device that is way more reliable, more efficient, performs as nothing else on the market, will last longer than anything else and you can even use it on your PC.

      A PlayStation 4 with an SSD has more value than one with a standard hard drive. That is something that you might consider as well, especially when a new console comes out and you want to raise some money by selling your old one.

      So, the arguments are all there. We have covered every possible aspect that is helpful in choosing the best SSD for PS4. Now, it is time to ask yourself, if this is the right thing for you.

      Why Upgrade PS4 HDD to SSD

      Updating PS4 SSD isn’t easy because one has to buy new software and invest a little bit time in the research. Try to upgrade the powerful console with a genuine storage device. Lots of companies are out there that are delivering top-notch quality SSD storage devices. To upgrade the system quickly, it requires investing money storage device. Buying a genuine AAA beast’s device and upgrade the PS4 console that can be great for you. After that, the user will able to store lots of games and can save the progress a little bit faster.

      To upgrade properly, you need to invest money in the important SSD driver for the PS4. If you have 200GB additional storage space, then it will significantly improve the performance of the system. All you need to install almost 1TB capacity SSD in the device. There is a need to consider the following things while upgrading the PS4 SSD.

      Upgrade PS4 HDD Properly

      One need to read the detailed instruction properly that is available on the official website of PlayStation. Before starting the process, one should tap on the setting and visit on the system then enable backup and restore feature in the system. You have to upgrade the new version and transfer the data properly. A tiny mistake will damage the data that can be dangerous for you. Firstly, a user has to remove the small plastic cover from the console. After removing the plastic cover, it is quite important to insert the new hard disk in the system. You should remove the screw and securely hold the HDD device.

      Which one is better—SSDS or Mechanical HDD?

      Two types of hard disks are available in the market, but mechanical ones are beneficial for us. If you don’t want to load a significant amount of games then choosing a mechanical hard disk would be beneficial for you. It is a little bit expensive than SSDS but chooses SSD that is quite faster than others. Before installing SSD, a user should collect the following things like-

      • Screwdriver
      • A genuine 3 inch SSD
      • Choose fantastic flash drives

      Before inserting the USB flash drive, it is quite important to save the game. Visit in the settings menu and then save the data properly. Make sure that you are storing the files properly.

      Consider surface

      One has to place the PlayStation 4 into the secure or great surface. After that, one has to remove the screws carefully. All you need to remove the back panel. It is an important step where you need to keep the hard drive locked down. Choose a 1TB hard disk drive that would be helpful in saving a lot of games and progress. After finding the metal cage, one has to remove the four black screws from it. After removing the screws, you have to slide the hard drive of PS4.

      Install the SSD

      Installing SSD in PS4 isn’t easy because you need to follow the per instructions. If you are properly armed with genuine equipment, then it would be an easier task for you. Visit on the official website of PlayStation and check out the specific system requirements properly. To install the hard drive, it is quite important to make the use of Phillips head screwdriver that is thicker than others. After that, the user must take the backup of saved data in the cloud. It is a little bit complicated process that will take a lot of time. All you need to perform a particular surgery where you need to follow the instructions; otherwise it will damage the system.

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