Will an SSD Make My PS4 Faster?

An SSD will surely make PS4 fasterMany PS4 users feel hesitant about upgrading the PS4 hard drive to an SSD due to the high cost they have to pay. However, what may convince them to seriously consider an SSD as an upgrade is knowing its major benefits for PS4. And a question like “Will an SSD make my PS4 faster?” is often asked by these users before considering other factors in this concern. This short essay tries to answer this question with some elaboration to help get a broader image on the topic.

Is PS4 Faster with SSD?

SSDs are known to be much faster that traditional hard drives (like that comes with PS4). In computer systems, they can be up to 5x to 6x faster than HDDs. But, this is not the case with game consoles like PS4, due to the fact that game consoles are less powerful than computers. Thus, they can’t handle the powerful resources of SSDs like computers do. Therefore, the performance improvement an SSD offers to PS4 is lower and more limited as compared to computers.

So, YES, PS4 will become faster with an SSD, but not as fast as a computer. An SSD can improve the overall performance of PS4 to up to 50%. But, that’s not all. SSDs still have some major benefits that will surely please every PS4 user.

Benefits of PS4 SSD

SSD benefits for PS4There are several benefits an SSD offers to PS4 users that any enthusiast will want to get one for their game console. These benefits are:

  • SSDs are the most reliable storage devices ever in history. Therefore, if you care too much about performance consistency and the safety of your installed data, SSD is the number one choice to consider. Without any exaggeration, they can last more than 5 years in use with no failure at all. Just make sure to pick the right SSD that belongs to a renowned brand; such as Samsung, Crucial, Corsair, SanDisk, etc.
  • When talking about speed, SSD is king. An SSD can significantly decrease the loading time of your games and applications and make them launch in a remarkably shorter time. Users reported performance improvement between 40% to 60% when using an SSD with PS4. Additionally, if you own PS4 Pro, the results are even better.
  • With an SSD, you’ll get a better and smoother online gaming experience. That’s possible only if your opponents also use SSDs.
  • You can get up to 4tb of internal SSD upgrade for PS4 without having to use any additional equipment to achieve this goal. Whereas this is not possible with traditional hard drives.
  • A well-reputed SSD comes nowadays with a standard 5-year limited warranty. This just reflects how solid these devices are, to the extent that the manufacturers dare giving that long warranty.

Now you can realize why there’s a trend among PS4 users to upgrade to SSD. In fact, the future of data storage devices is for SSDs and HDDs are declining rapidly.

What’s the best SSD for PS4

Once you’ve decided to buy an SSD for your PS4, you have to pick a good one that lasts without any future hassle. You have to pick an SSD that belongs to a renowned brand and has been long in the industry. Brands like Samsung, Crucial, SanDisk, KingStone, and ADATA are what you have to pick from. We don’t advise to go for unknown brand just for its lower price. That’s because they may trouble you with errors and failure due to using cheap hardware materials in manufacturing. So, be careful about that.

We have already published about the best SSD for PS4 to help you save time and effort searching for a suitable SSD. The SSDs listed there are the best we can recommend for PS4 consoles.

SSD is Still Expensive

What if you still can’t afford the high price of SSD? Well, you still have a very good alternative—Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD). It’s a combination between SSD and HDD. You’ll get the power of SSD alongside the storage capacity of HDD, all that for a reasonable price. Read more about PS4 SSHD for more details.

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