Can PS4 Hard Drive Be Upgraded?

Upgrading PS4 HDD

Question: Is it possible to upgrade PS4 hard drive with another drive? And what are the benefits of doing that?

Answer: Yes, it can. Sony has made upgrading PS4 hard drive so easy and flexible to the extent that any newbie can do it flawlessly without any hassle.

Types of PS4 HDD Upgrade

You can upgrade PS4 hard drive with one of the following storage devices:

  1. Hard Disk Drive (HDD), which is the same storage device type PS4 is using. You won’t get a significant performance improvement if you go for another HDD, although modern hard drives offer better reliability and somewhat better performance than PS4 stock hard drive. (Read more about that in our PS4 internal HDD upgrade Guide.)
  2. Solid State Drive (SSD), which is the best storage upgrade for PS4 in terms of performance, but it is too expensive and worthless to be placed inside PS4 (read more about this in our PS4 SSD Upgrade Guide).
  3. Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD), which features a combination between HDD and SSD in a way that takes the advantage of the high speed of SSD and the vast capacity of HDD, all of that in a reasonable price. This is our best recommendation for PS4 HDD upgrade. (Read more about this in our PS4 SSHD Upgrade Guide.)

Additionally, to enhance user’s experience with PS4, Sony has enabled the use of external hard drives as an extension to the main PS4 system storage. So, if you’re not ready to upgrade your PS4 HDD by replacing it with a new one, you may try this option. (read more about that on our PS4 External HDD Guide.)

The Benefits

You have to note though that upgrading the internal hard drive has remarkably good impact on the system performance that an external HDD cannot provide. Moreover, you’ll get rid of the obsolete hard drive PS4 is using and replace it with a more reliable hard drive that can serve you for years without any issue.

You can see how low quality PS4 hard drive is by reading about the specifications of PS4 HDD. Moreover, if you want to learn about the benefits of upgrading PS4 HDD over using an external HDD, read this article.

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