Using PS4 Hard Drive in PS4 Pro

Question: “Will PS4 Hard Drive Work in PS4 Pro?

Answer: If you mean to move PS4 internal hard drive with the data installed on it and expect it will work in PS4 Pro, then definitely NOT. It will not work at all, and you have to completely dispense with all your data and carry out a new PS4 System Software installation from scratch, then re-install your games and apps.

To work around this problem, you only need to backup your PS4 hard drive using an external hard drive after formatting it properly to work as a backup storage (read more), then just add your PS4 hard drive to your new PS4 Pro.

Here are two helpful videos that teach how to do the whole process flawlessly:

How to backup and restore PS4 HDD data

How to upgrade PS4 Pro HDD properly

Now, if you mean by that question that you have a new hard drive that you upgraded your PS4 with in the past, and asking whether it fits into PS4 Pro or not, then the answer is simple—YES.

That’s because the PS4 Pro HDD upgrade standards specified by Sony are just exactly the same as all PS4 models. All what you need to make sure is the following:

  • The new drive is configured with SATA interface. Usually all modern consumer HDDs are configured with that interface only.
  • The new drive’s capacity is not less than 160gb (250gb minimum is recommended), and not larger than 8tb.
  • The new drive’s form factor must be 2.5-inch, or it won’t work on PS4 Pro, because PS4 Pro doesn’t support Data Banks like PS4 standard does. (read more.)
  • The maximum thickness of the drive is 9.5mm in order to fit into PS4 Pro drive bay.

Eventually, if you are going to upgrade your PS4 Pro hard drive, I strongly recommend that you read our PS4 Pro HDD Upgrade Guide for extended elaboration and more details.

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