How & Why You Want to Clear the PS4 CMOS

PS4 CMOS Battery

The word CMOS is an acronym for “complementary metal oxide semiconductor”. The CMOS battery in PS4 consoles is a small, round battery that helps you store the day, time, and month on your PS4. It allows you to shut your PS4 down for an extended period of time and still have the correct time and date in place when you use your PS4 again.

Understanding the Logic of CMOS in PS4

CMOS Technology
What people refer to as CMOS is actually a small SRAM chip on the PS4 motherboard which traditionally was constructed using CMOS logic. This SRAM chip is used to hold firmware settings. All of the configuration information such as boot priority, CPU settings, fan speeds, and the storage controller mode of operation are stored on this chip. The reason for storing these settings in an SRAM chip rather than alongside the firmware itself on an EEPROM is historical, EEPROMs can only be overwritten so many times before they become unreliable. As you will see below, it will also provide a convenient method of disaster recovery.

SRAM, like DRAM, is volatile. When it loses power, the information stored in it is lost. When your PS4 is powered off, power to the CPU, hard disk, DRAM, GPU, etc… is cut. However, power to the system’s real time clock and that small SRAM chip is maintained through a small battery located on the motherboard. This is what allows your PS4 to maintain accurate time down to the second even when it’s turned off. It’s also what prevents you from having to reconfigure everything when your PS4 is turned back on.

How CMOS Chip Helps PS4 System

On the topic of reconfiguring everything, the system firmware does a lot of work to setup the PS4 into a state in which it can load an operating system. However, it need not do absolutely everything every time it is turned on.

The first thing that occurs when the PS4 is turned on is called POST, or Power-On Self Test. The system firmware performs a number of diagnostic routines to make sure that everything is in working order, and to take a look at what’s attached to it. This is a fairly time consuming process so it doesn’t make sense to do absolutely everything each time the PS4 is turned on unless it’s absolutely critical.

Certain parameters need only be checked or calculated once, at which point they are stored in that SRAM chip until there’s cause to revise it. If the firmware is even the slightest bit buggy, it may fail to revise the parameters when there’s a hardware change or a failure. Since the firmware is just a program like any thing else, it can freeze up before initializing the graphics adapter, fan controller, or anything else.

What Happens When You Remove the PS4 CMOS Battery

Cutting power to that SRAM chip by removing the CMOS battery forces the contents of the chip to zero out. All of the volatile parameters are lost. This forces the firmware to start over from the beginning and do everything the long way without taking any shortcuts or making any assumptions.

How Long Does the PS4 CMOS Battery Last Without Power?

The CMOS battery is not that fragile, and its performance can go on for as long as ten years. It does not mean though, that it is a total failsafe—in a random occurrence of things, your PS4 CMOS can breakdown at just about any point.

This is why, it is quite important for you (and, as you monitor) to notice these signs, below, regarding some probable faults of the PS4 CMOS battery.

Common Signs of a PS4 CMOS Battery Failure

Let’s take a look at a few signs of a PS4 CMOS battery failure.

  • Incorrect PS4 date and time settings. Also, the date/time keep getting reset even after you fix them. This is the most common CMOS battery failure sign. You need to get (perhaps) some serious investigation if the time and date of your PS4 is ALWAYS wrong (or don’t update)—though there are always other reasons, a faulty CMOS is something definitely consider.
  • Your PS4 occasionally turns off or doesn’t start. One obvious mark that you can observe is that your PS4 system no longer “boots up” or turn on properly, on more than one occasion.
    This is greatly problematic, as it can also end up as a tricky problem. On the other hand, you know there is something wrong with the CMOS chip if the PS4 system does the opposite of “booting”, and shuts down, almost rather abruptly. Even more so, if this “shutting off” mechanism keeps ongoing, more frequently than it ever needs to.
  • Drivers stop working, which results in the breakdown of some hardware parts, such as the graphics card, sound card and even the internal hard drive.
  • You may start to get errors while starting up the PS4 or while playing your games, such as Error Code [CE-30392-7].
  • Some weird hardware issues such as your PS4 not being able to recognize peripherals connected to it, like an external hard drive or the DualShock controller.

Clearing the PS4 CMOS

Removing the PS4 CMOS batteryClearing the CMOS on the PS4 motherboard will reset the PS4 BIOS settings to their factory defaults.

One reason to clear CMOS is to help troubleshoot or solve certain PS4 problems or motherboard malfunctions. Many times, it is all you need to get a seemingly dead PS4 back up and running.

To clear the PS4 CMOS, you need to reseat the CMOS battery.

This battery allows the volatile CMOS memory to stay powered even when the PS4 is disconnected from an outlet. By removing and replacing the battery, you’ll erase the CMOS, forcing a reset.

To reseat the PS4 CMOS battery, follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn off your PS4.
  2. Disconnect your PS4 from the wall outlet.
  3. Open the PS4 case and find the CMOS battery on the motherboard. This is a CR2032 battery, a coin-sized battery.
  4. Gently remove the CMOS battery. Use a small flat headed screw driver to push the pin holding the battery in place, then lift the battery out of the socket.
  5. Wait a few minutes, then replace the CMOS battery.
  6. Connect the PS4 plugs into the power outlet and turn the switch on and wait 5-10 minutes before turning on the PS4. This delay provides time for some recharging of the CMOS battery, which may have been drained.
  7. Finally, turn on the PS4 and check whether everything goes fine or not.

Note that by disconnecting and then reconnecting the PS4 CMOS battery, you remove the source of power that saves your console’s BIOS settings, resetting them to default.


Clearing the CMOS should always be performed for a reason – such as troubleshooting a PS4 problem. There’s no reason to clear your CMOS if everything is working properly.

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41 Responses

  1. Marc Wainwright says:

    Hello, Im having problems with gta5 it lets me play the beginning and then says error Ce 30005-8 application is corrupt, I have re installed many times but it hasn’t helped.I have now also bought the digital delux version and it is still not working,Ive tried deleting it and re installing many times but same old error Ce 30005-8
    Ive spent so much money trying to play Gta5 ,please can you help.

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this issue with GTA5. The error message you’re receiving, CE-30005-8, typically indicates that there is a problem with the game data or installation files. Here are some steps you can try to resolve this issue:

      • Check for updates: Make sure that both your PS4 system software and the game are up to date. You can check for updates by going to the PlayStation home screen, selecting the game icon, pressing the “Options” button on your controller, and then selecting “Check for Update.”
      • Rebuild the PS4 database: This process can help to clear any corrupted data on your console. To do this, turn off your PS4 and then hold down the power button until you hear two beeps. Connect your controller to the PS4 using a USB cable and select “Rebuild Database” from the menu.
      • Clear the cache: This will clear the cache on your PS4 and may help to resolve the issue. To do this, turn off your PS4 and unplug the power cable. Wait for a few minutes before plugging it back in and turning it on.
      • Delete and reinstall the game: Before reinstalling the game, make sure that you delete all game data and saved files. To do this, go to “Settings” on your PS4, then “Storage,” and then “System Storage.” Select “Applications” and find GTA5. Press the “Options” button on your controller and select “Delete.” Once the game is fully deleted, you can then reinstall it.

      If none of these steps resolve the issue, it’s possible that there may be a problem with your console or the game disc itself. You may want to contact Sony or Rockstar Games for further assistance.

  2. Aad Weijden says:

    Hi PS4 Storage

    just an small update
    okay the ps4 update 9.03 was out, and i updated to that one, but still no luck.
    it just keeps hanging on the multi language screen, asking to push the ps button, which not react..
    Grt A Weijden

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Hi Weijden and welcome back to our website.

      We apologize for our late response, but we have been very busy lately.

      Thanks for updating us on your case, and I am sorry that it hasn’t worked for you. I think it’s a hardware issue that a specialist must investigate, so you better take your PS4 to a repair shop.

      • a v/d weijden says:

        Hi PS4 Storage

        no need to apologize ;- ))
        new update
        after do nothing for about 2 weeks, i left the ps4 without power cable
        and today i tried another power cable, and connected the controller to the USB cable
        and yes there we go, it did work..
        i played 1 game for around 30 min to test all, and all worked fine with cable connected. but i thought now restart the ps4 to see what happens.
        and same issue, no connection, i did go to safe mode en did option 4 restore system
        and same thing multi language screen and no connection with the controller
        i put it off again and took out the power cable again for 2 hours,
        and tried again and nothing, again to safe mode and did option 5 rebuild data base
        and yes it worked again, i changed the options to automatic login,
        let it on for 2 hour and still all works with USB cable, and after i took it out and Bluetooth worked fine to, on both controllers, and tried restart again
        and it goes straight on into the software, no multi language screen,
        but again no connection, i tried both controllers with Bluetooth and cable..
        so hardware looks and works just fine, if controllers connects so to say..
        Grt A Weijden, have a nice old year and a lot health and luck for 2022

        • a v/d weijden says:

          Hi PS4 Storage

          i do now understand the problem, if this multi language screen loop can not be fixed with another cable, some cables are only for charging, and not data, than the Bluetooth module is not working properly..
          although you need connect it with the cable, the point is it still works over Bluetooth, so it is needed to fix the Bluetooth module on the motherboard… this can be done with putting some flux on the side of the Bluetooth module, and heat it up with a heat gun, or just take it off the board also with a heat gun and other tools and re-ball it, or if that does not work, then need a replace of the module, i hope this helps for people with the same error, Greetings from the Netherlands and thanks again, A Weijden

          • PS4 Storage says:

            Hi again A Weijden,

            Thank you so much for telling us your story on fixing this issue, which seems somewhat difficult, but eventually, you provided us with its resolution. We much appreciate it from you, so as to enrich the knowledge on fixing PS4 issues on our website.

            Thanks again and have a nice day.

  3. Aad Weijden says:

    Dear PS4Storage

    At 1st i want to say special thanks for how valuable you are to the playstation community
    i did read a lot of your articles, and it is really heart warming to see how calm you (and maybe the whole team) helping out all people with their problems here…

    This been said, now to the point thanks…
    i have a playstation 4 cuh-1216B and every time on the start up it comes on the multi language screen, “connect the dual shock 4 controller with the usb cable and push the PS button message”
    if i do that the ps4 does not react when i push this button, (some say a better cable which i ordered and comes in tomorrow, but i think that’s not the problem)

    I Tried: 2 original ps4 dual shock controllers with 6 different USB to micro USB cables, both working on another ps4..
    one 3th party controller with cable connected to it, also working on another ps4
    all 7 options in the save mode, where all controllers working flawlessly with 4 of the 6 cables
    also that 4 cables work on right away another ps4..
    also all options do their thing without error, but every time brings me back to the same screen and ps button does not react in regular mode..
    tried option 7 intialize with usb sick and usb cable with 2 different disks ,totally formatted in normal mode, the original hdd 500gb and a 240gb ssd, which did cost around 2 a 4 hours on a usb connected to pc external hdd bay..
    i also did update to 9.0 for ps4, the option 7 says also i needed the software for this 9.0, which i did
    the ps4 is clean as new, the fan rotates, it does not become warm/hot, the screen is fine, the games disk drive takes in and puts out the disk flawlessly..
    so all works like a charm, but i do not come further then the multi language screen..
    so the only think i think about is maybe the cable which comes in tomorrow or the battery, the battery i also bought already
    so my question is what do you think, and do you maybe have other options to try?
    thanks in advance. Grt from the Netherlands. A Weijden


    i forgot to mention

    the ps4 does not go in standby (yellow/orange light mode)
    it does not do a hard reset instantly going off with short touch on the start button
    also if i update, i can update it again and again, although it do ask with option 7 for initialize software for 9.0


    Hi PS4storage

    another update:
    i forgot to mention i did buy it this way..
    i just renewed my cmos battery, it was 2.93 volts and the new one 3.25volt, and it did not work..
    i checked all for burn marks or so, but could not see a thing, it looks all like new inside
    so my last hope is the new cable, which comes in tomorrow
    can it be that put in a new blu-ray drive maybe can cause this?, not sure it had be changed, but as said it looks like new…

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Hi Aad Weijden, and welcome to our website.

      We thank you very much for your nice compliment and we’re glad that you like what we publish on our website. It’s always our pleasure to help people like you.

      Your issue seems a bit complicated, but from a technical perspective, I can see symptoms of hard drive failure (i.e. the ps4 does not go on standby, it does not do a hard reset instantly.. etc). But you already said you have fully formatted your PS4 internal HDD on a PC and used an SSD also, so this possibility is not considered unless we say that your internal storage device is not receiving enough power.

      It can be also a power issue and that your controller isn’t receiving enough power through the USB port. This issue can either be featured by a defective USB cable or a malfunctioning PS4 motherboard that has some sort of short circuit.

      It can be the USB port itself (try switching the port and use another one instead).

      So, what I suggest for you to do is to try the new cable first and check if it works. Also, try changing the USB port to which you connect your controller.

      Try all that and tell us what you get. If something does work for you, we will be thankful if you provide us with your feedback on this issue, so other reader may benefit.

      • Aad Weijden says:

        Hi PS4Storage

        okay ik did get the cable and as i thought no luck again, i give it up…
        i will wait if you have some option maybe, if not, i will trow it under the bus ;- )

        Grt A Weijden


        Hi PS4Storage

        thank you for your time to reply, it is much appreciated

        i did over look your comment on my questions, so i did reply already on the cable,
        so as i said it did not work grrrr ;- ))..
        i did already try both ports (i have only 2 on the ps4 fat version)
        i tried in save mode the change resolution option and after restarting, the controller do not work to change the resolution, so i found out that the keyboard do work to change the resolution with the arrow keys..

        i now think it has to do with firmware 9.00 , since i see a lot people having problems with it, also with previous updates, and that the ps4 is bricked because of the update
        it is a common thing i have which be fixed by only a cable on some occasions, but not all.. (maybe with next update it can be so that it will be fixed)

        but before going into conclusions
        at first i will measure the output power (voltage) of the usb ports..
        and also measure the power of the psu given to the motherboard
        although i think it the usb power is not the problem, since it charge the controller
        and the controller and keyboard both connected work in save mode
        and also the usb stick and the controller both seem to not have issues

        i will give more info when i measured the psu and usb.. thanks Grt A Weijden

        • PS4 Storage says:

          Hi again Aad Weijden,

          I am sorry to hear that about your console. And yes, it might be the firmware update as the PS4 system software updates have a history of causing weird errors to some consoles, especially the older ones.

          Before deciding to throw your console away, try to take it to a technician and see what he can do for you. Just don’t tell him you have tried everything, otherwise, he won’t accept to take your console as he will feel it is a waste of time to try.

          Good luck, and I am waiting for your update on the power voltage thing.

          • Aad Weijden says:

            Hi PS4 Storage

            again thanks for your time to answer, it is appreciated..

            at 1st the cable was not good at all, it was only for charging,
            it said it was for both, i did get a good one which also did not work..

            okay i checked the power voltage, all was okay both 12 v (11.70) and 5v (5.25) out of the usb port.
            so i really think the Cmos will not take up the controller signal ones it start.. but it is strange that all works in save mode..

            and of course i will not trow it away, then it would better give it to someone that need it for the parts, since it is brand new inside..
            i will wait for the next update, or maybe the jailbreak for 9.00 will do something if that is ready..
            but it is sad that sony with their updates bricks the playstation all over every time again and again from ps2/3/4 and 5 will be to..
            it is also sad you can’t reverse to the previous firmware to, i am glad after i bought a ps1 25 years ago (yeah i am old :- ), i did never go for a new one after that the laser died and just after lost warranty

            since i am out of possibilities now, i will let you know if update is there, and if it did/do work again, for now thank you very much for your time.. Greetings A Weijden

          • PS4 Storage says:

            You are very welcome Weijden. We are always here to help. We hope once you fix this issue you come to us with your feedback so that may some of our readers benefit from your experience.

  4. Lambchop says:

    Does accessing the cmos battery require disassembly and new thermal paste for the motherboard

  5. lucas528 says:

    So when you say replace CMOS battery, do you mean buy a new one or use the old one?

  6. May says:

    My PS4 is bricked and this is the ONLY site I’ve found that seems to have a real clue and actual knowledge of what might have happened. I realize it’s been plagued with the exact issues you mention for years! I admit I never thought it was a real problem (especially the clock being wrong). I would have tried doing this long ago if I knew. But now the console won’t start up. It blinks blue (the blue light of death!) and then turns off. Anything I can do to save it? 🙁

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Hi May and welcome to our website. It seems your PS4 undergoes critical hardware failure. We can’t really tell what the source of the problem is until an expert diagnoses it.

      If it was the CMOS battery, the PS4 would turn on but beeps and show some error messages on the screen.

      Most probably it is your power supply. In some cases, the CPU itself is bricked or even the memory chips. We just can’t tell until we run several tests on it in our lab.

      Apologies for not being able to help that much, and thank you for understanding.

      • May says:

        Thanks for the reply! The console does beep and flashes the deadly blue light. Nothing comes on the screen. I’ve tried different power cables and HDMI cables. It won’t even go into safe mode. Your site is one of the very very few that provides actual information so I really appreciate it!

        • PS4 Storage says:

          Hi again May,

          According to your description (beep and no screen at all), most probably it’s the graphics card, but we can’t yet be completely sure.

          Tell me please, when you turn on your PS4, do you hear the fan rotating? or there’s no sound just the beep?

          And you are always welcome to seek further help from us, we are always here to help.

  7. Pattar says:

    Will clearing CMOS help with constant blue screens? Error code ce-34878-USB.

    I’ve done everything Rebuilt database, quick and full initialization, putting old hdd back in, delete and reinstall app multiple times, and reinstall system software both from internet and usb.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      It might help, no guarantee. If it fails, you might have power issues with your PS4. If you have cleared the CMOS memory and the problem still persists, I advice you to buy an SSD for your PS4, as it has proven to fix many performance issues related to storage devices.

      • Pattar says:

        It was a ssd I had in when it first started, then switched back to original as advised by other Google searches, guess my system is just busted. *sigh* Thanks for responding so quick.

        • PS4 Storage says:

          If it was an SSD, switching back to the original HDD wouldn’t help. Don’t lose hope man. Try clearing the CMOS memory and let’s see if this works—hope it will.

          • Pattar says:

            Ok, last question, i seen where someone in the other comments said doing this I would have to re-verify I own my digital games. Does that just mean restore licenses?

          • PS4 Storage says:

            Yes, you are right.

  8. Med says:

    My PS4 is always on safe mode initialization is the only option that works and when I do initialize the PS4 it only takes a couple days till it gets back to the same issue I don’t think the battery is the issue since the date and time are good I’m thinking that I would get a new maybe ?

  9. EagleClaw says:

    There is a speculation going on that changing the cmos battery results in an needed online verification of installed games.

    It would be great to hear if that is the case or not.

    Thank you.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Yes that’s true.

    • Kev says:

      Only for digital bought games from playstation store, disk games do not need to be verified as the disk is used to verify you own the game.

    • Billy Teaster says:

      No I never changed my cmos on my pro and that happens often I figured it was from game sharing with my brother. He signs in and defaults his PS4 as mine and I do the same on his account.

  10. andy says:

    Is there a better battery to replace it with on both the pro and regular ps4 that lasts longer?

    • PS4 Storage says:

      The regular battery may last up to 10 years without an issue, and the errors occur in CMOS memory is not usually related to the battery, it’s a hardware failure that various reasons promote. But if you make sure that the battery is defective, just seek a regular one, no need for a “super battery” if it does ever exist. The regular one will serve you a few years before you buy PS5.

  11. Noneyourbusiness says:

    “Open the PS4 case and find the CMOS battery on the motherboard. This is a CR2032 battery, a coin-sized battery.”

    • noneyabusiness says:

      Maybe you show us where the motherboard is? You can only open one panel on the ps4 and there is no board of any kind to be seen and anything that could be further removed would require removal of tamper proof screws.

      • PS4 Storage says:

        You have to learn how to tear down the PS4. There are lots of guide on Youtube concerning this.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      yes it is

  12. MoCrooks says:

    Does this solve a problem where i am stuck in safe mode with only option 3 and 7 available? That would be my last straw to get it back up and running.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      If you have tried everything possible, this might be the solution you seek. We don’t recommend going for this solution unless you have tried everything.

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