How To Choose An Impossible Hard Drive For PS4 Games On PS5

Your PS5 has 825 GB of SSD space, so every gigabyte is important. It’s important to not waste space on your PS5 with PS4 games. Especially when PS5 games require that they be played from their SSD. An external hard drive can be set as the default drive for PS4 games. This will make life easier and save you from having to transfer them back and forth. This is simple and should save you lots of time. While it might not be as fast as the PS5’s SSD SSD, an external drive is capable of playing PS4 games perfectly.

hard drive

  • Turn on your PS5.
  • You can plug in an external hard drive compatible with the back USB Type-A ports.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Storage options
  • Select USB Extended Storage
  • Toggle the Always Install PS4 Games to USB Extended storage

Is It Possible To Choose A Default Hard Drive For PS5 Gaming?

ps4 hard drive

Unfortunately, you cannot select a default drive for the PS5 game at the moment. A recent update made it possible for PS5 games to be stored on an external hard drive. However, these games cannot be played from the internal SSD. Transferring PS5 games from an internal drive to another external drive is possible. You can either ps4 save data or move them one by one or in bulk. You won’t need to splash the cash on some of the most powerful SSDs and external drives for PS5. They are easily available for less than $100.

Although we recommend external SSDs as they are faster, an HDD can be used and is often cheaper. It should connect through USB and have a minimum of 250GB.

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