PS4 and PS5 Outriders: Common Fault & Release Problems, And How To Repair Them

A sci-fi shooter by Square Enix has been published on PS4 and PS5 outriders, with a sample available. There may be issues if you have already downloaded the latest title which is free with Xbox Gaming Pass. Even though every game has its flaws, especially those that rely on servers, they should still be mentioned so that developers can work to fix them.

PS5 outriders

We’ve developed a list of PS5 Outriders the most pressing challenges that individuals are facing right now. We’ve also mentioned any potential PS4 solutions. Server disconnects, inventory wipes, and other serious disruptions are likely to occur.

Inventory Wipes

This is the most serious. It is not known why, but it can cause you to lose all of your hard-earned items and accolades. This could wipe out dozens of hours of progress. The top priority is to resolve this issue.

People could Fly is still looking into all options for restoring stolen gear to someone who has had their inventory wiped. The repair will start happening on a certain date in the upcoming days, but the studio has yet to set a date. It aspires to bring back Epic or Legendary equipment. Your other belongings may potentially be lost for good.  Your other gear could also be lost forever. It is possible that any restored gear may not match the specs lost.

Also, the studio cannot guarantee that these items will be restored.

Server Disconnects

It’s conceivable that you’re encountering server disconnects on a regular basis. This is frequent during the initial stages of an online sport.  Users Could Fly has detected and corrected the issue, however that doesn’t rule out the possibility of more issues as even more, everybody comes to the servers.

You’re not going to be able to solve this. It’s better to just wait for this to go away on its own. Unless the problems continue, PS5 can assist you in troubleshooting your internet connectivity.

PS5 outriders server

PS5 Outriders server issues are still being investigated by the studio. Basically agree with us. Even if it’s upsetting, it’s not unexpected that a collaborative game is being published at this moment. It’s not practical to simply turn on a new console or PC and wish for a miracle.  Currently, server issues are affecting all devices.

Any player who has had their inventory wiped may cease connection with the server. There’s really nothing you could do but wait for a fix to come out. Players who were not wiped from their inventories ought to be able to link to some extent.

Cross-Play Disconnects For PS5 Outriders and PS4 With PC

Gamers are reporting that there are occasional discrepancies between the console and computer when they try to cross-play. Players would be kicked out if there was a backside incompatibility due to a disconnect between console and PC code. The studio is conscious of the issue and is attempting to remedy it. Regrettably, the fix will not be available today, and there is no estimated release date. People Can Fly considers it a top priority.

This will have an impact on cross-platform play among PS4/PS5 outriders and PC users. You can, though, seamlessly switch among Xbox and PlayStation. The ability to automatically match players on consoles or PC has indeed been deactivated.

Game Crashes

  1. Issue: PS5 and PS4 players are reporting crashes in their games.

Fix: The fix is as easy as checking your game for upgrades and  ensuring you have by far the most recent day one patch installed.

  1. Issue: Square Enix is notified of a problem that happens when gamers attempt to complete the sidequest “A Terrible Day” in order to collect their prize. The collapse may have been caused by the reality that you had Hell’s Rangers gear in your possession at the time.

Fix: Before you begin the task, put your Hell’s Rangers gear in your stash. You may pull them out now and wear them once you’ve received the reward. Legendaries can also be responsible for this crash, according to some players. You should add legendaries to your collection if you continue to experience it.

  1. Issue: Some problems have been reported during the “Mountain Outpost Adventure,” however they are extremely rare.

Fix: Square Enix has been investigating the problem, but cannot offer any solution right now as it seems that it happens randomly.

  1. Issue: Breaks while attempting to pass the Sandbag changeover spot during the “Onslaught” quest.

Fix: It appears that this issue is linked to the team’s accent. To be in this region, switch the accent to English. Then, return to your favourite language.

Still Having Problems Joining or Loading A Game?

Issue: PS5 Outriders players may become stuck in an endless “signed-in” sequence that prevents them from accessing the complete match. It appears to be more prevalent on PS4 than PS5 users.

Fix: You can close the game and restart the entire program. However, some users have claimed that waiting a few minutes may be sufficient to bypass the “infinite load.”

Another solution is to perform a complete cache clear on your console. Unplug the console for a few seconds after turning it off entirely, but not in sleep mode.

Locked Combat Door

Sometimes, players might discover gates and transition zones are still locked even though all enemies have been destroyed. You can fix this by running to either side. Enemies with glitches behind or trapped in the topology may try to follow your path. If you can kill them, you will be ready to move on.

Still Stuck In Joining/Loading A Game

People Could Fly can help you join a game, get stuck at 80%, or just get a spinning logo.

The tweet states that instead of choosing to continue, choose a beginning point and acknowledge it, then launch. While this isn’t a certainty, it will assist you in getting out of the lobby.

PS5 and PS4 outriders

HUD/UI Disappears

You can toggle the HUD off or on in the game’s options. However, players have reported that the HUD sometimes doesn’t appear even when it is on. You can fix this by returning to the lobby game’s or reloading the game. A fix was also suggested by Reddit user Ossorin, which appears to be working for many people.

  • In the lounge, all UI choices should be disabled.
  • Take part in the activity
  • In-game, activate interface options.

What Problems Have You Faced?

Are there any other problems you have encountered? Although this is not a full list, these are perhaps the most often reported difficulties by gamers. This Reddit thread has a comprehensive list.

It has been highly praised by many people, so it should be able to earn a place among the top PS5 outriders games right now.

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