How To Transfer Final Fantasy 7 Remake Integrate Data From Playstation4 To Playstation5

Final Fantasy 7: Intergrade Final Fantasy 7 is here. Final Fantasy 7 fans have been waiting for information on when the Remake series of Final Fantasy 7 titles will be available. Intergrade is what they get for now. Intergrade is both a prelude to the main storyline and a PS5 upgrade. Check out how the title got its name. – Intergrade will soon be available, giving fans the chance to play fan-favorite Yuffie.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is June 10, so you need to be sure to save your PS4 data intact. As many others have done, I have completed the FF7R story via PS4 and will be rerunning it on PS5. However, I would like my saved data to accompany me on my New Game+ runs. Your saved data can be transferred now.

This guide will explain how to upload your PS4’s save data for FF7R. You can then use this save data on your new PS5 console. You will need to know that it is more difficult to convert your PS4 digital or physical copy to a PS5 version, especially if the PS Plus release of FF7R was used.

How to transfer Final Fantasy 7 Remake save data from PS4 into PS5

Although you might believe that your PS4 save data would suffice, it is not true. You will need to install the PS4 game version first if you want to continue using your PS4 saved data. Prepare to free up 100GB on your console. If you’ve transferred the game to a PS5 console after playing it originally, ensure that the FF7R Save Data for PS4 is available on your console. You can download it via the PS+ cloud save storage. It is not possible to transfer save data from the original game to the PS5 edition if it is not available.

Once the game is installed, you will need to install patch 1.02. This patch will give access to a new menu option that allows you to transfer your saved data. On the main menu, you will see an option to upload data. While you can save multiple files, the main menu will only allow you to choose one.

Final Fantasy

After you have confirmed your choice, it might take several minutes to upload. You can be patient and it will upload quickly. You can then switch the game to the PS5 version once it’s finished.

You will also see a link to download save data on your main menu in FF7R Intergrade, similar to what you saw in the 1.02 version on PS4. You can select the saved data you want and save it into a PS5 save slot.

This is not all. You can also obtain some new DLC rewards with a free downloadable pack. So make sure you look at what add-ons you can find on the PlayStation Store.

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