How To Use Your Ps4 Console Ps5 Remote Play

Many people are selling their old PS4 consoles to get the new PS5. You can still play PS5 games on the PS4 if your PlayStation 5 is located in your living room. You can even use this feature if your PS5 has a different WiFi network. Here’s how you can use your PS4 console as an emulator for the PS5.

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Remote Play: How to Play PS5 Games on PS4 Console

In my experience, Remote Play works very well on the PlayStation. You will need to go through a few hoops before you can jump into Destruction All-stars on your PlayStation 4. We will walk you through the steps to enable remote playing on your PS5 and then connect the dual to your PS4.

Remote Play on PS5

We must first enable remote play on our PS5 console. Here are the steps.

  • Navigate to Settings -> System from the PS5
  • Click on ‘RemotePlay’ to enable remote play.
  • Remotely access the rest mode using your 5G

It is also a good idea to enable this setting while setting up your PS5. You can put your PS5 into rest mode and still be able to use the PS4 remotely. Here’s how it works.

  • Click on ‘Power Savings’ to select ‘Features in Rest Mode
  • Turn on the toggle next ‘Enable turning on PS5 from Network.
  • Remotely play PS5 games with your PS4

Follow these steps to activate your PlayStation 4 or PS4 console. Note that you will need to sign in to the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 with the same PS5/PSN username.

  • Go to the PS5 Remote play app.
  • Navigate to Settings -> System on your PS5
  • Click on ‘Find Your PS5’.

You will see your PS5 appear after a few seconds, or perhaps a minute. Connect to it by pressing “X”.

After logging in, you will be able to use your PS5’s main screen.

Disconnect Remotely

After you are done with gaming on the PS5, you will be able to disconnect from the remote session very easily.

The PS button is located on the controller.

  • Remote play will display a menu that allows you to choose to go home, control centre or other options.
  • ‘Disconnect’ is the option to choose “If you want to end your remote playing session, click here.

Disable Remote play on PS5

Although it’s great to be able to play games remotely, it’s not something I use often. But, I do want to play Destruction All-Stars on my PS5 at work. Here are some steps to disable remote access.

  • Navigate to Settings -> System from the PS5
  • Enabling Remote Game could be turned off by touching on Distant Playing.

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Remote Play PS5 Games

This worked well for me even though I tested it with both my PS4 console at home and my PS5 console 26kms away at work. I’ve played Destruction all-Stars with Remote Play as well as random Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War matches before I downloaded it to my PS4.

Do you want to use the PS5 remote control on your PS4 console? You can also check out our coverage on other PS5 articles, where we show how to set game settings and modify the haptics of the PS5 controller to enhance your gaming experience.

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