How To Remove Payment Data From The PS5

You may not want to save your payment data, no matter how much your PS5 is loved. You can delete your payment information if security is a concern, if you no longer wish to use an account or if you simply do not want to use the digital store. It is easy to do, but it is often hidden behind menus that can make it difficult to locate. Let’s take a look at how to remove payment data on your PS5.

payment data

Add Some Security

You should be cautious about saving card information for security purposes. Many people are wary about their information being stored on the console. Not only for payment data methods but also for security and 2-factor authentication.

If you aren’t willing to give your phone number to enable two-factor authentication, there are other options. An authenticator app can be used in conjunction with QR codes to provide a secure and user-friendly alternative. You can also set up a password or security question to protect your console’s sensitive information. If you’re still nervous, here are the steps to completely remove your payment integrate data.

How To Delete Payment Data From Your PS5

To access the Settings menu, click the Home screen.

  • Click on Users and Accounts.
  • Click on the Account tab and click Payments and Subscriptions.
  • At the base of the panel select Payment Options.
  • All payment methods will now be listed. Select the one you want to delete and hover over it.
  • Click on “Remove”.
  • A new screen will be displayed asking you to confirm that you wish to delete your payment method. Click Yes.
  • The payment method will then disappear.

This is our guide! If you would rather modify a payment data method, you can press the Options button. To make digital purchases, you can remove your payment method and add another one. This is for new titles or the critically-acclaimed Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart.

Alternate Payment Method

payment data method

Gift cards are a great way to add funds to your PSN login while giving you more control of your spending. You could do this by logging here.

  • You can go to the Payments or Subscriptions menu.
  • Click on “Add Funds”.
  • Enter the code on the gift certificate.
  • Use your gift certificate to redeem it.

It’s easy. Gift cards are available in many denominations and can be bought at any major retailer or online. You can have your cake AND eat it, without worrying that someone might steal your credit card details.

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