How To Put PS4 Controller In Pairing Mode

By the conclusion of its lifespan, the PS4 had developed a strong reputation for dependability, but occasional niggling problems can occasionally occur. There are still many reasons to keep your PS4, or at least the controller, operational even though many people have switched to the PS5.

DualShock 4 controllers for PlayStation 4 can be connected to a wide range of gadgets. Your DualShock 4 may be your reliable buddy no matter what device you use to play, whether it’s Stadia, your Google Chromecast, an iPad or other tablet, a phone, or even a PC.

This guide will explain how to activate pairing mode on the PS4 controller so you can connect it to your new gadget.

Explaining The PS4 Controller Pairing Mode

Bluetooth pairing is a method of registering information in order to link devices. They can connect by exchanging information about their devices (pairing). To utilize a Bluetooth device, you must first couple it with another Bluetooth device.

Comparable to sharing phone numbers is pairing. PS4 controllers must initially be paired via Bluetooth in order to record the pairing information of each other, much to how you must exchange phone numbers with someone you wish to call.

There is no need to repeat the pairing process after the initial pairing of controllers. This is due to the fact that each gadget has saved the essential data and can thus readily connect.

How To Put PS4 Controller In Pairing Mode

Simply hold down the PlayStation button and the Share button on your DualShock 4 controller while doing this. In case you’re not familiar with the layout of the controller below, we’ve circled these two buttons for you.

When you’ve finished, the controller should enter pairing mode, as indicated by the lightbar on the back of the device starting to flash.

All that’s left to do is navigate to the device you want to use the DualShock 4 controller with and choose it from the list of available devices. The lightbar will cease flashing and change to a static color once it is connected.

That is all there is to know about activating pairing mode on the PS4 controller.

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