How To Connect PS4 Controller To PC Without Bluetooth

It’s quite simple to connect your PS4 controller to a Windows computer if you enjoy playing games on your PS4 and want to bring some of that enjoyment to your PC gaming. However, since the majority of contemporary controllers link wirelessly via Bluetooth, getting your controller to connect to your PC without Bluetooth can be somewhat difficult.

For platforms like Steam, a USB cord is the simplest way to connect your PS4 controller to your PC without utilizing Bluetooth. If you’re using another platform, you’ll need special software to make your PC detect the controller.

For further instructions on how to check that your controller is connected properly, keep reading. Your computer can detect the connection and any additional equipment you might need to get a more reliable connection.

What kind of USB cord is used by the PS4 controller?

A typical micro-USB cable is used to connect the PS4 controller to the gaming PC. Numerous other devices, such as cell phones and digital cameras, also use this kind of connection.

The micro-USB connector is tiny and rectangular, and one side of it has two thin metal strips. Additionally, a separate dock that plugs into the PS4 may be used to charge the controller.

Because of the dock’s internal battery, the controller can still be charged even when the console is off.

Although it is not necessary, the dock can be useful if you wish to keep your controller charged and prepared to use.

Methods To Connect PS4 Controller To PC Without Bluetooth

You may connect a PS4 controller to your PC in a few different ways without utilizing Bluetooth. The most popular method is to immediately connect your controller to your computer using a USB cord.

This is a quick and easy solution that might be particularly helpful if you have a gaming desktop with a lot of extra ports.

For users who are usually on the move or who favor playing games away from their desks, it might not always be the ideal option.

You can connect your controller with a USB cable if you’re playing PC games through Steam. However, you’ll need to utilize a program called DS4Windows if you wish to play games on other gaming systems on your PC. No matter what version of Windows you have installed, this program ought to run.

Download and Install DS4Windows Software

The free tool DS4Windows may be found on GitHub, and you should click the zip version of the file to download the most recent version.

Once the application has fully downloaded, click the zip file to launch it. Double-clicking the DS4Updater will install the application on your computer.

Connect the PS4 Controller Via USB

Your PC should detect the plugged-in PS4 controller when you connect it with a USB cord. You may now utilize your PS4 controller to play on whatever gaming platform you choose.

Connecting PS4 Controller To PC Without Bluetooth Troubleshooting

Why would the PS4 controller not connect to my computer?

You might need to check that you’ve added your controller as a device in the Control Panel if your controller isn’t connecting to your PC. Otherwise, you can select Add Device and wait while it looks for new devices. When your controller displays, click on it. Your computer will keep track of this device for future usage.

Is it possible to connect your PS4 controller to PC Without any special utility?

There may be circumstances in which installing a utility program is not necessary in order to connect your PS4 controller to your PC. Steam will instantly identify the controller when you plug in the USB cable if you prefer to play games on that platform.

Without doing anything else, you might be able to put in the controller, go to devices settings, and connect to the controller.

My computer is unable to recognize the PS4 controller

If you have too many gadgets hooked into your computer, you can discover that your PC doesn’t detect your game controller. If your PC still is unable to recognize your controller, you can try unplugging any extraneous gadgets. Additionally, utilizing a USB hub can lead to issues, so try connecting the controller straight to your PC instead.

How to calibrate the PS4 controller on your computer

Even though using your controller is as simple as plugging it in and turning it on, you might want to adjust the calibration to make sure you have the sensitivity you require. Here are some simple instructions for calibrating your PC controller for the optimum gaming experience.

Open & Run The Calibration Tool

On the start menu, type the word “controller” in the search bar. That will find you the section named “Set up USB controllers” in the Control Panel.

Now, in order to run the calibration tool, click Properties after selecting your controller. Click the Calibrate button on the Settings tab. The wizard window will open and guide you through the necessary steps. When using a joystick, calibration is extremely beneficial, though you might still need to experiment a little to get the controls perfectly calibrated.

Calibrate on Steam

To use the Setting cog, you must first enter the Big Picture menu, which is accessible from Steam’s upper right corner. The PS4 controller can then be selected by clicking the Controller Settings link, which will take you to the Detected Controllers section. There will be a “Calibrate” button that you can select.

Prior to selecting Start Full AutoCalibration from the popup menu, make sure to select “Lock Out Joystick Navigation.” After that, manipulate the various controls in accordance with the directions until the calibration is finished.

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