Everything About PS4 Controller Lights | Expert’s Guide

One of the best devices in the PlayStation 4 console is its controller. The PS4 controller indeed is a wonderful controlling device that was basically made to make the gaming experience on the PS4 more joyful, seamless, and professional.

The PS4 controller has a built-in speaker and also a light bar which color changes based on what game you’re playing. But why does the PS4 controller light ar change its color? What does each color indicate and what kind of message the PS4 controller tries to tell us when its light bar color changes? That’s what you’re going to learn from this comprehensive PS4 controller light guide.

In general, the PS4 controller light bar changes according to the number of the player. There are four colors for four players, each has a special color depending on their position.

  • Player [1]: ➤➤ Blue Light Color
  • Player [2]: ➤➤ Red Light Color
  • Player [3]: ➤➤ Green Light Color
  • Player [4]: ➤➤ Pink Light Color

When your PS4 controller loses connection to the console, the light bar may turn WHITE as an indication of a lost connection. You may want then to reset your PS4 controller and restart your PS4 console.

That is a brief on the PS4 controller light bar lights, and the details are below.

Meanings Of PS4 Controller Lights

The meaning of the color of your PS4 controller light bar fundamentally depends on how many players are playing with you simultaneously on the same game.

This smart lighting feature is very useful when playing with other players on the same game (i.e. multiplayer game), such as Fortnite or Redemption 2.

Here are detailed explanations of the colors you may get on your PS4 controller light bar:

PS4 Controller Blue Light Meaning

PS4 controller blue light
When your PS4 controller light bar turns blue, it means that you’re currently player #1 in the game. During the gameplay, this color shouldn’t change until the end. You have to note though that some games may change the color of your PS4 controller light bar depending on the actions and events in the game story. A game such as Uncharted may cause the PS4 controller to flash blue during action sequences.

Although not all games do that, if it happens to you and your PS4 controller light bar pattern changes momently while you’re playing, then don’t worry as there’s nothing here you should care about. That’s simply very normal to happen in these games.

PS4 Controller Red Light Meaning

PS4 controller light bar red
When your PS4 controller light bar turns red, it basically means that you are player #2 in the game you’re currently playing. However, in some particular games, a red light color indicates that the player is facing danger.

For instance, you may notice the PS4 controller light turns red in a game like Grand Theft Auto 5 when you’re being chased by policemen (i.e. danger). Also, in another game such as Call of Duty the PS4 controller light bar turns red when major damage/injury happens to you.

Ok, now you understand what the red light means in multiplayer games, but what if you’re playing alone, not with anybody else, and still have the red light color? Well, that just means you are logged in as another user, and if you change the user the PS4 light color becomes blue (i.e. normal).

Moreover, if your PS4 controller light bar color is stuck on red then it has nothing to do with any of the reasons illustrated above. In fact it means there’s a malfunction issue with the controller that you need to look after.

PS4 Controller Green Light Meaning

PS4 controller light bar green

If the PS4 controller light turns green, it usually means that you’re player #3 in the game you’re currently playing with other people.

On the other hand, some games like KillZone utilizes the green light as a mark of the incidences of the story. In that particular game, the green light indicates your health status. If you’re being well, the green means your health status is fine that you don’t have to worry about.

PS4 Controller pink Light Meaning

PS4 controller light bar pink

As for the pink light that appears on your PS4 controller, it generally means you’re player #4. Some games though use all PS4 controller light bar colors as a notification of the level you’re playing in the game. For example, a game called Thumper the PS4 controller light bar color changes according to the level you’re in. One of these levels would give you a pink light color.

PS4 Controller White Light Meaning

PS4 controller light bar white
The PS4 controller light bar turns completely white when it’s disconnected from the console. If this has ever happens to you, all what you have to do is hold the PS button down for 10 to 15 seconds until the light bar changes to blue as an indication of successful connection. This method will reset your controller and helps the controller to reconnect automatically to the console in case there’s been any sort of error/failure.

You can learn more about resetting PS4 controller and the methods to do it.

Other Colors

There are other colors that may appear on the PS4 controller light bar while playing certain games. A game like Far Cry 4 utilizes yellow and pale blue lights as an indication to your role in that game. If you get yellow color, it means you are one of the support players, whereas if you have light blue, that indicates the medics.

How The PS4 Controller Light Bar Is Used In Games

One of the lesser-known aspects of the PlayStation lighting is that game creators can change the lights based on what’s going on in the game.
The lights are frequently misinterpreted by players as indicating which player is allocated to which controller.

These games, on the other hand, were innovative in their use of the indicator light.

Game Name Colors Used Details
Tomb Raider Red/Orange When Laura picks up a torch, the controller begins to flash yellow and orange, the torch’s hues. If you’re playing video games in the dark, this is a fantastic effect.
Destiny Multiple Red represents low health, as it does for the majority of the shooters on this list. The white for the lighting has been added, and the bright yellow indicates that your super attack is fully charged.
Grand Theft Auto 5 Red & Blue This is another one that you might not have noticed, especially if you play with the lights turned on. When cops are after you, your controller will repeatedly glow red and blue!
Kill Zone Green & Red That’s a Health Inidcation. Low health is indicated by the color red, whereas full or nearly full health is shown by the color green!
DC Universe Multiple The color indicator lights in DC Universe change depending on your character’s level of power.

If you’re playing in a dark room, this can be unpleasant because the rapid changes can be distracting.

Infamous Blue or Red The developers of Infamous (Sucker Punch Productions) used the controller lights to signify your karma. The controller will begin with white light and change colors based on your choices.

The color of good acts will shift to blue. Bad deeds will begin to turn red.

Far Cry 4 Multiple Far Cry uses the color palette in their game to great effect, depending on your class. Here’s how it does it:
  • Assault: Red
  • Trapper: Green
  • Medic: Light Blue
  • Support: Yellow
  • Monsters: Yellow
Fortnite Blue or Red A team of up to four players can play Fortnite.

Each player is given a color when they begin the game.

By gazing next to their name or even at their controller, players may immediately express their hue.

This is especially important because Fortnite’s battle royale now allows split screen. Split-screen play makes it easier for players to figure out who’s who in the game.

How To Dim The PS4 Controller Light Bar

To dim the light on the PlayStation 4 Controller, you must follow particular instructions. To do so, you’ll need to:

  1. Go to settings on the PlayStation Dashboard
  2. Devices
  3. Controllers
  4. Brightness of DUALSHOCK 4 Light Bar

From this point, select the corresponding option then choose either bright, medium, or dim.

In case you’re not using the light for specific anything, it’s recommended that you go with “dim” to save your controller’s power life.

Turning Off The PlayStation Controller Light Bar

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is no way to turn off the PS4 controller lighting completely. Sony has stated that game makers may choose to turn off the light, but there is currently no system-wise option to do so. If you absolutely cannot take the brightness of the light, the best alternative is to physically cover it with masking tape. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait and see whether the manufacturer provides the ability to turn it off in the future.


The PS4 controller lights are intended to enhance your gaming experience and make it more joyful.

The various light colors have distinct meanings, depending on the number of players and the game being played.

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4 Responses

  1. Maradona says:

    It’s just blue. The buttons don’t work and I even turned off the PS4 and it’s still lit up

  2. Alex says:

    Even when I switch the PS4 controller off, the indicator light has been stuck on red for the past few days. Although it appears to be functioning well and indicates that it is completely charged, the light won’t go out. Although it doesn’t really matter, I’m wondering if the controller is failing or if something else is at work. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      Players connected to the PS4 console are indicated by LEDs on the controller. Player 1 is represented by Blue, Player 2 by Red, Player 3 by Green, and Player 4 by Pink. Different colors are now being used in video games, such as when your health is low in Call of Duty or when the cops are pursuing you in Grand Theft Auto.

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