Fix: PS Remote Play not working on Mobile Data

PS Remote Play is a convenient feature that allows PlayStation gamers to stream and play their favorite games on compatible devices remotely. However, users may encounter issues when trying to use PS Remote Play on cellular networks. This article aims to explore the possible reasons why PS Remote Play may not work on cellular networks and provides effective methods to fix the problem.

Why is PS Remote Play not working on cellular?

Before delving into the solutions, it is crucial to understand why PS Remote Play encounters issues when used over cellular networks. The main reasons for this problem can be attributed to connection settings, technological limitations, or outdated firmware.

Why is PS Remote Play not working on cellular?

  1. Network Limitations: Cellular networks have inherent limitations that can affect the performance of PS Remote Play. These limitations include higher latency, lower bandwidth, and potential network congestion. Unlike Wi-Fi networks, which are designed for stable and fast internet connections, cellular networks are primarily intended for general internet browsing, email, and social media usage. The infrastructure and bandwidth allocation of cellular networks may not be optimized for real-time gaming, leading to connectivity issues and subpar gameplay experiences.
  2. NAT (Network Address Translation) Restrictions: Many cellular networks use NAT, which assigns a single public IP address to multiple devices within a network. This can pose challenges when establishing a direct connection between the gaming console and the PS Remote Play application on the mobile device. NAT restrictions can create difficulties in establishing a stable and reliable connection, resulting in disconnections or poor performance during gameplay.
  3. Data Usage and Bandwidth Limitations: Cellular network providers often impose data usage caps and bandwidth limitations on their plans. PS Remote Play requires a significant amount of data transfer, especially when streaming high-quality gameplay. Exceeding data limits or operating within constrained bandwidth can lead to restricted access, increased latency, and degraded graphics quality.
  4. Network Congestion: Cellular networks can experience heavy congestion, especially in densely populated areas or during peak usage times. This congestion can result in increased latency, packet loss, and inconsistent network performance. When using PS Remote Play on a congested cellular network, the gameplay experience may be severely impacted, with lag, stuttering, and dropped connections.
  5. Carrier Restrictions: Some cellular network providers may impose restrictions on certain types of network traffic, including gaming-related data. These restrictions can affect the performance of PS Remote Play by throttling or blocking the necessary network ports or protocols required for a smooth gaming experience. It is advisable to check with your cellular network provider regarding any limitations or restrictions they may have in place.

It’s important to note that while PS Remote Play may encounter challenges on cellular networks, these issues are not universal and can vary depending on factors such as the cellular network provider, location, and network conditions. Exploring alternative connectivity options, such as Wi-Fi or wired connections, may provide a more reliable and optimal gaming experience when using PS Remote Play.

Fix: PS Remote Play not working on Mobile Data

Method 1: Check your connection setting

The first step in troubleshooting PS Remote Play on cellular networks is to verify your connection settings. Ensure that your mobile device has a stable and reliable internet connection. Weak or intermittent cellular signal strength can hinder the smooth operation of PS Remote Play. Consider moving to an area with better cellular reception or switching to a different cellular network provider if possible.

Method 2: Use Mobile data as Wi-Fi Hotspot

If your mobile device supports it, try using mobile data as a Wi-Fi hotspot for your gaming console. This method allows you to connect your console directly to your mobile data network, bypassing any potential compatibility issues between your mobile device and the console. Remember to monitor your mobile data usage and check for any limitations imposed by your cellular plan.

Method 3: Examine the technological limitations of PS5 Remote Play

PS Remote Play relies on a stable internet connection with low latency to ensure a smooth gaming experience. Cellular networks, while capable of providing internet access, may not always meet the requirements for seamless gameplay due to higher latency and potential network congestion. These limitations can lead to performance issues and lag during gameplay. Consider using Wi-Fi networks whenever possible for optimal PS Remote Play performance.

Method 4: Restart the Remote Play configuration

Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve connectivity issues. Start by closing the PS Remote Play application on your mobile device and force-closing any other running apps. Then, power off your gaming console and mobile device completely. After a few minutes, power them back on and attempt to connect using PS Remote Play again. This method often helps refresh the network connections and resolves minor glitches.

Method 5: Update the firmware on your console

Outdated firmware on your gaming console can cause compatibility issues with PS Remote Play, especially when used over cellular networks. Check for any available firmware updates for your console and ensure it is running the latest version. Updating the firmware can introduce bug fixes, performance improvements, and enhanced compatibility with PS Remote Play.


While PS Remote Play provides the flexibility to enjoy PlayStation gaming on the go, it may encounter obstacles when used over cellular networks. By following the troubleshooting methods discussed above, users can tackle the connectivity issues associated with PS Remote Play on cellular networks. From checking connection settings and utilizing mobile data as a Wi-Fi hotspot to understanding technological limitations and updating console firmware, these methods will help ensure a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience, even when away from home. Remember that utilizing Wi-Fi networks whenever possible is recommended for optimal performance.

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