PS5: SSD Storage Expansion Guide

The PS5’s super-fast SSD is one of its best features. The PS5 has only 825 GB of extended storage and only 667GB of that is usable. It fills up fast. Developers can theoretically reduce the game size by using an SSD, but this only allows so much. In anticipation of Sony supporting expanded SSD storage, we have prepared a guide that will explain the differences between SSD and HDD, how PS5 storage currently works, and more.

ssd storage

SSD storage (solid-state drives) is faster than HDDs (hard disk drives) due to the fact that they use flash-memory chips and don’t have moving parts. HDDs take longer to read/write information as they use magnetic tape and contain internal moving parts. SSDs tend to be more expensive than HDDs.

Sony states that while the PS4 could load 1GB in 20 seconds, the PS5 is capable of loading 2GB in 0.27 secs (in perfect condition). When comparing the PS5 and PS4 Pro, the PS5 has undoubtedly the superior console. All of what you see on screen must be rendered auto updates for PS5. An SSD can do this in a fraction the time as an HDD. SSDs can reduce load times and latency as well as texture pop-in. This is one reason the PS5 can provide near-instantaneous loading of certain games.

The PS5’s SSD storage detects where data is stored and can access 5GB data per second. This is a significant improvement on the PS5’s HDD seek times of 2 to 50 milliseconds. The PS4’s bandwidth is only 50-100MB/s. In case you were wondering, 1,000 megabytes are contained in a gigabyte. That makes the PS4’s bandwidth about 1/50th as fast as the PS5’s.

Compatible With PS5 SSD

Sony hasn’t yet specified which internal SSDs will work with the PS5 but they have been working on it. The PS5 has an M.2 interface and supports PCie 4.0. This doesn’t mean that all M.2 SSDs can be used together. Because the process of adding SSD storage to your PS5 is more complex than normal, Sony has yet to reveal which drives will work with it.

Expanding Your PS5 Storage

PS5 games can’t be played on external SSDs at the moment, but an update recently made it possible to store them on external SSDs that are connected via USB. This is an excellent way to free up space on your internal SSD.

Should I Purchase An SSD For The PS5 Now?

No. This is the only acceptable answer at this time. Sony has not yet indicated which SSDs will work with PS5, so there is no guarantee that any of them will. Sony has not yet provided any official information so you should delay buying an internal SSD. You don’t have to waste money on an internal SSD or deal with the hassle of returning it if it does not work.

Use An Internal SSD Storage For PS5

ssd storage add

While you can’t yet add an internal SSD, Sony did include a slot for one in the console. The official teardown video shows that players can remove the bottom white panel from the PS5 (if it is horizontally lying) and access the slot located near the fan, which is across from the disc drive.

USB To Connect An External Drive

While you technically have the ability to connect an external SSD or HDD via USB, it is not possible to store or play backward-compatible PS4 games. This option is available if you’re okay with it, or if there’s a large PS4 library you don’t want to store on the internal drive.

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