How To Upgrade Ps4 Game To Play On A PS5 With Better Graphics And Frame Rate

You can upgrade PS4 games eligible to play on your PS5 with higher quality.

You will need to either use the PlayStation Game Hub or the PS Store to upgrade your PS4 game consoles. Upgrade PS4 games will run in 4K UHD resolution. This means that they can be played at higher frame rates and take longer load times.

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It is essential to determine what games you have on your old PS4 console before buying a new one. Nearly every PS4 game can be played with PS5. Some of the largest PS4 games can be upgraded to improve graphics. These are the next-generation upgrades. Many of these titles are free to unlock.

You cannot upgrade PS4 for every game. And even if they can, not all games will be able to carry over your saved data. Upgrade PS4 games should have faster loading times and higher resolutions. Any extra content you bought with your original purchase such as music or art books, should be kept.

These games can be upgraded, regardless of whether the disc is physical or digital. Please note that discs cannot be played on the PS5 Standard Edition.

How To Convert A PS4 To PS5 Game Using A Physical Disc

This will only work if you have the PS5 digital Edition. The Digital Edition is unable to play discs.

  1. Sign in to your PlayStation account via the PS5.
  2. Insert your upgrade PS4 disc into the PS5 console disc slots.
  3. Navigate to the PlayStation Game Hub to locate the game that you just installed.
  4. You should select “Free PS5 upgrade” at the screen’s top right of the screen.
  5. To the left of “Price” choose “Free”.
  6. To confirm your purchase, click on “Accept”.
  7. Download the file. You can now download the file.

A quick tip: It is essential to have the original PS4 disc with you when you play upgraded disc games.

How to update a PS4 digital title on any PS5 console

  1. Log into your PlayStation account and then go to the PlayStation Store.
  2. Locate and open the page of the store for the game that interests you. If you have purchased the upgrade PS4 game, and the game is eligible for an upgrade, a pop-up will appear on your right to allow you to purchase a PS5 Upgrade. Click it.
  3. You will be taken to the page for your PS5 version. You can download it and play it like any other game.

How to access additional features purchased with the PS4 upgrade

Let’s say you purchased a premium PS4 version that included exclusive extras like art books and soundtracks. These extras can be found in the Games Library once your game has been upgraded.

  1. Go to the Home screen and enter your Game Library. It is located at the top of the list of recently installed apps.
  2. Click on the title that you wish to see additional information for, then press X to open it.
  3. Click the “…” button.
  4. The pop-up will allow you to select the extras that you would like. The add-on will be launched on a separate page.

A quick tip: If the add-on has not been purchased yet, it will not appear in this popup. Instead, scroll to the bottom of your game’s page for a list of all available addons. These add-ons can be purchased and downloaded by you.

ps4 upgrade

What do PS4 games qualify for a PS5 upgrade?

Third-party publishers can upgrade, but there are some caveats. Although most upgrades are free, you will need to buy a special edition for some to be activated. While some upgrades are technically free, you will need to purchase the digital edition of the upgrade PS4 to have access to them.

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