How To Fix PS5 Dns Error Code Nw-102308-4 DNS Server Couldn’t Be Used: 

If you’re having trouble with another unpleasant error code on your PS5, we can assist! This excellent tutorial will assist you in resolving the dreadful Dns Error Code NW-102308-4.

Dns error

While the console PS5 is unquestionably a superb platform, it is not without its handful of error messages. We’ll be concentrating on Error message NW-102308-4, which has a catchy name. Although this doesn’t precisely roll off the tongues, if you’re unfortunate enough to have been struck by it, it’ll certainly put a damper on your much-anticipated play session. You’ve had such a difficult day. It’s possible that your manager was unkind to you.

You’ve worked hard for that play session. Well let’s figure out what’s causing this problem and also get your career back on schedule. The formal categorization doesn’t imply anything (we want to imagine NW refers to Not Working), but the consequence does. You’ll have the following notice when you get the error message NW-102308-4:

  • AN ERROR IN Transmission HAS Happened.
  • When Able to connect TO THE Playstation Store, A Problem Took place.

In conclusion, there is a problem involving your console and the PlayStation network which could be triggered by a DNS Error(Domain Name System) problem.

DNS error is critical to the web’s operation because it converts host addresses into an Internet protocol address – a collection of digits that machines use to discover the correct website. So if it doesn’t happen, your PS5 won’t be able to communicate with the internet effectively.  So, if that was the issue, what are our options? Let’s see what happens.

Error code NW-102308-4 and how to repair it

Sony has identified it as an issue and has put up a full list of solutions to help:

Checkout the PSN service status to see whether the servers are down or if monitoring is being performed.

  • Restart your Ps5 and, if feasible, connect to the Web via a wired network. Reconfigure your settings tab.
  • If you’re utilizing a wireless network, double-check your installation placement, such as relocating your PS5 nearer to your network or eliminating anything that might be interfering with the link.
  • Switch off your router and modem for at least five minutes before turning it back on.

Your router’s firmware should be updated. (Please feel free to contact the router manufacturer for instructions about how to upgrade.)

  • Try to enable these ports if at all feasible. UDP: 3478, 3479, 49152 to 65535 and TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480.

Please feel free to call your ISP for assistance with port forwarding and router configuration.

To enhance it, explicitly set it up as a forward on PS5 IP address in the settings tab.

  • It could have been solved by briefly altering DNS error settings.
  • Setup your settings tab with the identity of a global DNS error that is open and available to the general public by enterprises or groups by going to DNS error settings in the Admin Console.

If none of the above works, the line will most likely be momentarily congested. Please wait a few minutes and come back later.


Dns error code

To summarise, reboot your console as well as your router. Decrease the amount of apps and devices that are competing for your connection. Try moving your PS5 nearer to your network or switching to a wired network. If neither of those options work, you can try more technological options like upgrading firmware or altering open ports. However, Sony appears to be optimistic that although none of these methods work, the problem will eventually be resolved.

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