How to Turn Off PS4 Controller Vibration

One of the reasons why people love PlayStation 4 (PS4) is because it has a very nice controller. The PS4 controller is also one of the most comfortable controllers that you can find in the market today. One thing that some gamers are not too happy about with this controller, however, is its vibration function. If you want to know how to turn off ps4 controller vibration, then this article will show you how!

turning off the PS4 controller vibration

Benefits of PS4 Controller Vibration Function

The vibration function of the controller is beneficial in many ways. It makes it easier for gamers to feel different types of vibrations through their hands and body when playing games with a lot of sound effects. These include racing or fighting games where you can hear but not see what’s happening on screen, so having some haptic feedback helps them to know what’s happening.

The controller also vibrates when you get a notification on your PSN account or when it’s in standby mode, and this can be handy for those who are always playing games on their console. It can notify them of new messages without having to take the controller out of their hands.

Additionally, some people find that when they are playing a game with sound effects, such as racing or fighting games where you cannot see what’s happening on screen but hear them instead through audio cues, that having vibrations helps them know what is happening in-game without taking their eyes away from the screen.

So, in brief, PS4 controller’s vibration is a very nice feature that most players enjoy. However, some users would like to turn off PS4 controller’s vibration for personal reasons. Here you’ll learn why do you need so and how to do that.

Why You Want to Turn Off PS4 Controller Vibration

As mentioned earlier, some players find that the controller’s vibration is too noisy to be comfortable with. Others want to conserve battery life or just like how a PS4 controller feel without vibrations. There are any number of reasons why someone may not enjoy the function which is why it can be turned off for those who would prefer this option.

How to Turn Off PS4 Controller Vibration

easy way to turn off PS4 vibration
So, if you have decided to turn off the PS4 controller vibration, know that it’s something very easy to do.

  1. The first step in turning off vibrating on your PS4 controller is locating and opening up the PS4’s settings menu by pressing the PS button.
  2. Once inside, scroll down until you see an entry called “vibration”. Now, select it and you will be taken to a menu that has six options for how the controller can vibrate when playing in different modes, such as single player or party mode.
  3. The first mode is called NONE which means there are no vibrations coming from your PS4 controller at all under any circumstances. Just pick that option and click “save”, and you’re now done. The PS4 controller won’t vibrate until you activate this function again.

That’s it all. Very easy and simple.

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