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Seagate is very well known among the PlayStation community for providing quality and reliable external hard drive solutions that meet the expectations of most users. And since the time the PS5 supported the use of external hard drives, Seagate external hard drives were (and still are) the most preferable ones for PS5.

Seagate offers a great set of external hard drives for PS5

Yes, external SSDs might be faster, more efficient, and less prone to failures. But, nothing beats the value of external hard drives, especially if you need a whole lot of storage space for less or you need to buy several of them for your customers. You can read the full comparison between external HDD and external SSD and which purposes each one excels at.

Best Seagate External Hard Drives For PS5

Seagate released a wide variety of external hard drives over the years in different storage capacities. Although many Seagate external hard drive models will work with PS5, some won’t. You’ll need to learn about PS5 external hard drive compatibility in order to get a good insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Many Seagate external hard drive models will work on PS5

There are two benefits to owning one of Seagate PS5’s external hard drives. The first is that you can store unused PS5 games there, and transfer them back onto your PS5 console much more quickly than redownloading them from Sony’s servers. The second benefit is that you can play PS4 games directly from your Seagate external drive, meaning you can save all of your precious internal SSD space for massive PS5 titles.

Remember, most importantly, any PS5 games moved to your Seagate PS5 external hard drive cannot be played and can only remain there for storage purposes. When you want to play them again, you’ll need to transfer them back to the local internal storage of PS5 and apply any new updates. It’s not a perfect solution, but this process will generally be a lot quicker than installing or downloading the game fresh every time.

In this section are listed the best Seagate external hard drive for PS5 so that you don’t have to do deep research to find out what fits and what won’t.

Seagate Game Drive For PS5

Seagate game drive for PS5

When looking for the best Seagate external hard drive for PS5, you’ll want to look for anything with an official seal of approval. The Seagate Game Drive is the closest you’ll find; it’s the only one with a Sony license and is 100% guaranteed to function with the PS5, as well as the PS4.

Although this drive was designed for PS4 in the first place, it will definitely work on PS5 without any issue. That’s because Sony has already announced that any PS4-compatible external HDD is also PS5-compatible.

Seagate Game Drive is simple to set up and use, and it comes in 2TB and 4TB variants, so there’s plenty of capacity to go around. It’s a hard drive, not an SSD, so don’t anticipate blazing speeds, but it’s strong, dependable, and attractive, with designs inspired by The Last of Us and Marvel’s Avengers.

Seagate Expansion External HDD

Seagate expansion external hard drive for PS5

With this incredibly low-priced 6TB option from Seagate, you’ll never have to worry about the sheer volume of your external storage again (maybe). It’s a unit, but it has a sleek and slim design and comes in capacities ranging from 2TB to 8TB. However, we believe that this 6TB monster offers the most value for money.

Setup is as simple as plug and play, however, due to its thickness, you will need to put in both the mains power and the USB 3.0. That latter connection provides excellent HDD transfer speeds, and a 6TB drive will likely hold around 80-100 PS4 titles.

Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSD

Seagate Firecuda External SSD for PS5

If you want to get a premium external hard drive from Seagate for your PS5, it should provide more than just quick storage; it should also provide colorful RGB lighting. The good news is that the Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSD succeeds on both counts: it’s incredibly fast for an external SSD, and the notch around its cover can be lit up in any color you wish.

It’s the fastest external SSD in this roundup, so if you want lightning-fast transfers and near-instantaneous loading of your PS4 games, this is a must-have. Another benefit is the five-year warranty; based on our estimates, your drive will still be protected by the time the PS6 arrives.

Things To Know Before Buying Seagate PS5 External HDD

Before you make up your mind on one of Seagate PS5’s external hard drives, it’s important to understand what an external storage device (whether it’s an SSD or HDD) can and can’t accomplish.

The Seagate external hard drive you choose must be compatible with PS5

Currently, PS4 and PS5 games can be stored on external storage devices. PS4 games can be played directly from these drives, however, PS5 games must be copied back to the system’s internal SSD before being played. As a result, these Seagate external drives serve as ready-to-play gaming devices for PS4 games while serving as a digital archive for PS5 titles.

You can also buy Seagate external PS5 storage in the form of a solid-state drive (SSD) or a hard disk drive (HDD). This does not necessitate PS5-specific hardware; any system that works with a computer will operate with a PS5. The PS5 can format these drives for you; keep in mind, however, that any data you have on them will be lost.

Choosing the Right Seagate External HDD for PS5

When it comes to choosing the best Seagate PS5 external hard drive for your console, the most crucial factor to consider is whether you want an SSD or an HDD. While each player has their own needs and conditions, if you can afford it, you should go for an external SSD. SSDs transport data significantly faster, which is vital if you plan on keeping gigabytes of data on one of these drives. Because SSDs have no moving parts, they are less likely to malfunction over time.

Otherwise, you’ll want to consider price and storage space. The PS5’s inbuilt SSD has a capacity of around 825 GB (minus some, for necessary system files). As a result, a 1 TB drive effectively doubles your storage, while a 2 TB drive effectively triples it, and so on. More space usually implies more money, so keep that in mind while setting your expectations. If it helps you figure out how much space you’ll need, keep in mind that modern PS5 blockbusters take up around 50 GB.

Is Seagate External HDD Compatible With PS5?

Although most of Seagate’s external hard drives conform to the PS5 external HDD compatibility standards, some of them are not. In order to make sure that your Seagate external hard drive will work properly on PS5, it’s strongly recommended that you buy one that is produced before at least one year from now. That way you make sure that there’s no incompatibility issue with the PS5 system software, as sometimes the PS5 system software fails to offer proper support for new devices.

How much extra storage do you need For PS5?

The first thing to consider is how much extra space you believe you require. If you’re like us and find yourself deleting games all the time because a monster like Call of Duty: Warzone is eating up too much space on your hard drive, you might be able to figure out how much extra space would be useful.

Most modern Seagate external hard drives that fit the PS5 come in sizes ranging from 1TB to 8TB, so be sure you get the proper size for your needs. But be aware that larger drives will undoubtedly cost more!


Seagate external hard drives are great devices to use with PS5, either as extended storage or mass storage.

If your main concern is to backup your important files and to free up space on your PS5, we recommend Seagate external hard drives. But if you want your Seagate external storage device for playing PS4 games, or frequently transferring large files between consoles, we recommend you to get the Seagate Firecuda SSD.

Seagate PS5 External HDD FAQ

Is Seagate external HDD good for PS5?

Seagate external hard drives are known of their quality and good performance, and most of them are compatible with PS5. So yes, we do recommend that you get a Seagate external HDD for PS5.

Should I get Seagate external HDD or External SSD for PS5?

Actually it depends on how you want to use the Seagate external storage device on PS5. If you want a storage device mainly for backup, we recommend an external HDD. Otherwise, if you want to use it for playing PS4 games or transferring large files between systems, we recommend external SSD.

How much storage I need for Seagate external HDD for PS5?

Answering this question solely depends on your needs of storage on your PS5. If you are a serious gamer who have lots of games to play, we recommend Seagate 8tb external HDD. Otheriws,e 2tb is the most suitable for the majority of PS5 users.

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