Why Doesn’t The PS5 Accept SSD Expansion Without A Box?

If you don’t plan to increase the internal storage capacity of your PS5 SSD storage expansion, you are out of luck.

A key feature of the PS5 is the ability to expand your internal storage. The PlayStation 5 would not be compatible with the memory update, according to Sony.

ssd expansion

No expansion of internal storage for the Launch Day of the Fifth Generation

Sony has added fuel to the fire as rumors swirl that only 667GB is available from the PS5’s 885GB internal memory.

While Sony showed the existence of an extension slot in a recent teardown video (which can be viewed on YouTube), The Verge has learned that it will not be available. It isn’t, at least not officially now.

On the PS5, eventual capability for SSD expansion additional system storage would be provided. In March, Mark Cerny gave a technical preview of PlayStation 5, at which point he confirmed this fact. The video above shows Cerny declaring the SSD feature. Cerny speaks about it at the 20-minute mark.

When Will Internal SSD Expansion Be Available For PS5?

In three words, “We don’t know”. Cerny said that it would be sometime after the launch of the PlayStation 5. Nevertheless, the precise date is still uncertain.

However, we know that the internal slots will be used to expand SSD storage when they arrive for the PS5.

Cerny said that PlayStation owners who get their device on launch should not buy an M.2 SSD unless Sony gives their approval. At least, there is hope that SSD expansion may be possible.

Sony recommends waiting for the opportunity to pass before you act. In preparation, it may seem tempting to purchase an internal SSD expansion. However, we are not yet certain if this will be a feature that Sony will discontinue in the future. The video shows that there is no internal SSD that fits the bill. They’re either too big, not fast enough, or don’t properly communicate with the PlayStation 5

Sony may have done extensive compatibility testing before this video was shot.

Do not worry! The Memory can still be upgraded

It is possible to expand the storage on your PS5 by adding more. The external hard drive for PS5 supports it if you’re happy with it. External storage can be used to store game data if desired.

ssd expansion storage

You can use this same method as external storage for your PS4 and PC. Attach external storage via USB to the PS5 and then move files between them.

Although there will be plenty to play at launch, buyers need to be careful not to fill up their hard drives with too much game data as we wait for SSD storage expansions to become available on PS5.

As launch day draws near, we will see what other disappointments Sony has in store for consumers before November 12.

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