Easiest Way To Sell Your Ps4 In Order To Upgrade To A Ps5

This guide shows you where to sell your PS4 and how to upgrade to the PS5. Although you can trade-in or sell your PS4 to upgrade, there are restrictions on where you can look for or buy the PS5 in stock.

There aren’t any great PS4 deals. But there are some good trade-in values if you need store credit. If you don’t want to spend a lot, you can still sell your PS4 and get more money.

sell your PS4

These are the best PS4 places to sell your PS4 Pro and Pro so you can get the most for your new PS5 by 2020.

How To Sell Your PS4 In 2020

Before you sell your PS4, you will need to reset it. This is easy. Navigate to Settings -> Initialization-> Initialize PS4-> Full. This can take as long as an hour. Make sure you finish it before the buyer arrives.

Selling Your Ps4 To Make The Most Cash

You can make more money with the PS4 the more you are willing and able to deal with the hassles.

Facebook Marketplace is a good place to sell your PS4, but it is important that you correctly price the PS4 consoles as well as any additional accessories. Be ready for lowball offers, scams, and that you may need to verify payment options. You will also need to meet up.

eBay is another option. However, they charge fees and there are potential scammers. eBay and PayPal will usually side with the buyer in most cases. That is why many people use Facebook or a trade-in.

Apps like internet Offerup allow you to sell on a marketplace but offer some games. You still need to communicate with buyers and meet up. Selling your PS4 to a reseller is a great way to make some extra cash. Here’s a list of the ones we recommend.

sell your PS4 and PS5

Flipsy is the best place to start. You can select the PS4 console you own, then view values from different trade-in and buy-back locations. You can send your console to us for free, and we will give you cash to use towards your PS5.

While these prices may be similar to trade-in values, you will get cash and possibly a little more than selling your PS4 to GameStop or Amazon. To compare the trade-in value of your PS4, you can refer to this article to sell your PS4.

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