Easy Methods And How To Prevent PS4 From Overheating

Our PS4 console possesses a lot many parts that get super-heated when we are resuming our work. Working for long hours lets the PS4 CPU get heated and if we do not have fan in the case or some other essentials, this continuous heating may lead to damage to your PS4 system or ruining its workability. To avoid such circumstances, it is better to before-hand take care of the things go with the precautionary measures so that you could increase the life expectancy of your PS4 system.

PS4 can get really hot, how to prevent that?

Easy Ways to Keep your PS4 console Cool without Using Electricity

Always Keep Your PS4 Away from the Windows or Vents

Then make sure that your PS4 console is not placed near any window or vent because it can lead your PS4 to turn warm. If your PS4 is located near a vent or window from where the warm air comes that can get your PS4 inner components ruined. Hence, the PS4 should be kept away from the temperature-sensitive area. Therefore, if you frequently change the location of your PS4, it will remain cool.

Provide a Breathing Room to your Console

Check the positioning of your PS4. Look around your console and see if there isn’t any object which is obstructing the air flow. If you find so, then immediately remove the stuff and let the air pass to the PS4 so that it remains cool. Also, check your PS4 desk and you find that certain things are obstructing the path or are placed on it then to remove all the stuff which is prohibiting air to pass.

Enough room for PS4 to prevent overheating

Close Your PS4’s Case

Some people think that if they keep open the case of the PS4; their console will get cool but it is not so. The closed system’s case does that effectively. The fan of the PS4 system does not get accumulated by the dust and work in good condition but the open case may result in the dust getting accumulated on the fan, ruining its working.

Clean your PS4 Fan

Frequent cleaning of the PS4 cooling fan leads to proper working and condition of the fan which would help in cooling of the PS4 hardware components. Therefore, power down your PS4 and use a canned duster or cleaner and carefully clean the fan of the PS4. Avoid vacuums because it damages the PS4 more than that of heat.

Change the Thermal Paste

Overtime the PS4 CPU thermal paste can begin to breakdown or change in viscosity for a variety of factors. However, this does not necessarily mean that it has lost its effectiveness. I advise taking a look at your PS4 temperature to better identify whether or not it needs to be changed. If you have cleaned the inside of your PS4 very well yet the PS4 is still running hotter than it should be, you may want to consider applying some new thermal paste. But, as a general rule of thumb, only change it if you have tried all PS4 cooling methods but failed, and the PS4 is still overheating for no obvious reason.

Changing the PS4 thermal paste to keep it cool

These were some of the easiest ways to keep your PS4 cool without employing the electricity. You need to be careful about your PS4 from being heated intensely as it can ruin your PS4 inner components. Hence, follow the above-described methods.


From the article, we conclude that if we take care of PS4 console of the little things then it will work well and expand its lifespan. Do take proper care of your PS4 system and prevent it from getting heated intensely, even apply some measures so that you are able to maintain a continuous airflow so that your PS4 CPU does not get heated and continue to work well for long. Hence, employ the above-mentioned ways and keep your PS4 system well by keeping it cool and preventing it from overheating. Keep visiting our blog for more such informative piece.

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