How To Fix PS4 Error Code E-82106o4a?

E-82106O4A is a common error associated with online transactions on PlayStation. When you try to purchase something on the PS Plus or do any sort of financial transaction, this error comes up as an indication of an unsuccessful transaction.

In some cases, all that a user has to do is wait a day or two and this problem will be automatically resolved without interference from anyone. But, on the other hand, most users have to take certain actions to resolve Error E-82106o4a.

In this article, we’ll lay out all possible solutions that help you work around this problem and get rid of that so annoying error.

What Causes Error E-82106O4A?

This code basically acts up when the user wants to make some online transactions or subscriptions that are necessary. It results in unwanted blockage of transactions and failure in subscriptions as well. PlayStation Users can not perform any online activity during its existence.

Reason #1: Updated card details

Sometimes, the user forgets to update the valid payment method on their device, and as a result, Error E-82106O4A takes place.

Make sure that your ATM or credit card is updated and matches the changes on the PS as well. This will keep you from facing errors and other technical problems.

In the other case, it is clear that outdated payment methods and invalid cards can be a big reason behind the subsistence of this error.

Reason #2: PSN Server is Down

If this is the case where your credentials are accurate, and you are still not able to make online transactions and payments, then it is your server that is interrupting. Try to notice the normal functioning of the server in this regard.

Feeble servers do not allow quick online activities that include purchasing subscriptions. This is why it is better to check for the server’s status while facing error issues.

Reason #3: Network Error

Playstation is a playing gadget that runs on a fast and secure network connection. The speed of your internet matters a lot when it comes to performing online activities on this device.

Now, this makes it obvious that you require a stable network to make online payments and subscriptions smoothly without facing a notification of this error at all.

Read more on PS4 Network Sign-In Errors.

Reason #4: System Software Issue

The software of the console requires the installation of updates at different intervals in some months to make sure that the device is operating different commands efficiently. It can get really challenging for users to encounter such technicalities on a daily basis.

The console’s software can undergo clashes of files and other routine glitches, causing a system software failure and an error.

How To Fix Error E-82106O4A

Being a PlayStation lover, you have to understand that technical glitches and errors like these are a part of your device that is practical to occur at any time. But the best thing is that you can retrieve whatever you want after removing this error by following simple guidelines.

Fix #1: Check saved card details

Firstly you have to match your card’s credentials on your device and see if all the figures have been accurately inserted into the PS. Otherwise, it will not be able to perform the required computerized verification and will generate an error notification.

If everything is valid and the error prevails, you can re-insert the information by re-registering your credentials on the device. As a preventative measure, make sure not to insert your credentials frequently at once. Rather perform this step after some gaps.

Fix #2: Sign In And Out of PSN Account

By signing in again to your account, you might get rid of this error, and by taking the support of restarting, it can also enable you to resume your activity on the PS.

This step is crucial as it will remove the fluctuations in the data or the software and will help kick-start your device as well.

Fix #3: Ensure Your Subscription Type

Make sure that the subscription that was purchased is the PS Plus and NOT the PS Now.

Go to Settings > Account Management > Account Information > PlayStation Subscriptions

Fix #4: Use an Alternative Payment Method

This method has worked for many users, and here are the details.

a. Add funds to your account

Go to Settings > Account Management > Account Information > Wallet > Add Funds

Once you click on “Add Funds“, the following screen will show up. Just add the amount you desire to make a purchase with.

Once done, you’ll be able to buy whatever you want without experiencing the annoying Error Code E-82106o4a.

b. Use PayPal

On the “Add Funds” page, you have two options, either to add a credit card or add a PayPal account. If you already got Error Code E-82106o4a while using your credit card, try the second option and use your PayPal account.

Now you can add funds to your account or try to make a purchase, and hopefully, this will resolve your issue.

Fix #5: Change PS Store Email Address

You can figure this out by changing the basic email address on your device by using another one. It can be of your family members and friends. By this, you can easily access the device normally, like before.

How to Change PSN email on PC:

  • Step 1. Go to your main account.
  • Step 2. Reach the top bar and select the security option.
  • Step 3. Now enter a new email after tapping the log-in option present.
  • How to Change PSN email on PlayStation:
  • Step 1. Go to the main menu and choose settings.
  • Step 2. First, open the account management and then select account data.
  • Step 3. Now open the log-in ID option and do the remaining task.

Fix #6: Restart Your Router

You can freely perform these instructions to regain your access to your Playstation. One of the typical solutions is the “restarting your router” method. It has the ability to remove unnecessary internet data that perhaps was the main reason behind this error.

  • Restart your internet router after waiting for a while.
  • Switch it off with its power button.
  • Do not be in a rush and give it some time.
  • Turn it back on and see if there is any improvement.

Fix #7: Reset Your Router

Reset the router so that it will remove all the cache and temporary glitches in the data at once. This can be a huge technical issue that remains out of sight of the users. This is why it causes unwanted errors like this one and ceases the normal functioning of the Playstation as well.

After this step, your old credentials will be deleted, and you will have to insert the credentials along with PPPoE connections from scratch.

  • You can reset the router by pressing the reset button if you are following this method.
  • After that, hold it for a few minutes and wait.
  • It’s time to insert PPPoE credentials.
  • Now check if you are able to make the subscription again.


This error is directly connected to the servers that cease all online activities for the various reasons mentioned above. In order to remove it, make sure to be vigilant while implementing the solutions discussed in this guide.


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