How To Fix The “Queued For Download” PS5 Error

PS5 users have reported that their games seem to be experiencing a bug that makes it impossible to download the games. The PS5 error appears to be related to the PS5’s downloading of the PS4 and PS5 games. The console downloads the PS4 version and then stops downloading the PS5 version.

ps5 error

The only solution to this problem is to reset your console’s backward compatibility factory. It will not only restore your PS5’s factory settings but also delete all your data. There is currently no way to save PS5 game data to USB. PlayStation Plus members have the option to save their PS5 games to the cloud.

Steps To ResolveThe “Download for Queue” PS5 Error

On your PS5’s home screen, click Settings (the gear icon to the right).

  • Select System
  • Select Reset Options
  • Select Reset Your Console.
  • Select Reset.

ps5 error screen

The bug was reported widely to be affecting Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. However, players have reported the bug also affecting other games. It is impossible to re-download the game or cancel it because it won’t appear in your download queue.

If you don’t wish to factory reset your console you can wait until Sony fixes it. Although the details of today’s firmware update for the PS5 error are not known, it does include an “improved system performance” feature.

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