How To Value The Factory Reset On Your PS5

The PS5 is a monster of a game console. It offers amazing specs, a tonne of exclusive titles, and cutting-edge additional capabilities like the DualSense PS5 controller. If you wish to sell this or restart over from the beginning for whatever reason, you’ll need to conduct how to factory reset. Are you ready to begin? Let’s get started.

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How to Reset Factory Configuration on Your PlayStation 5

While you go on and factory reset your PlayStation 5, double-check that this is what you’ll do. A factory reset clears out whatever on the console and restores it to its original state.

This is something you’ll need to do whether you’re trading your PS5 or attempting to repair an issue that won’t change.

Whether you’re certain you need to go forward with a factory reset, this is how it works:

  • Choose Settings from your PS5’s home screen (the gear button is present in the top-right).
  • Choose a system.
  • Reset Possibilities is the option to choose.
  • Pick Reset Your Console from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose Reset.

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Factory resetting your PS5 removes “all accounts and all information,”. Furthermore, for all players linked to the PS5, console exchange and offline playing are prohibited. Once you’ve started the factory reset, it can require a while to finish, but when it’s completed, your PS5 will appear just how it did if you first got it out of the package.

That’s everything there is to it! Do these methods carefully and patiently, and your PS5 would be as good as new in no moment.

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