PS5 Controller Flashing Blue Light | Fixed by Experts

If you just noticed a blinking/flashing blue light coming out from the center of your PS5 controller, don’t panic, because you are not the only one. This continuous blinking/flashing blue light is actually a common issue that indicates a sort of malfunction that many PlayStation users have reported.

PS5 controller flashing blue light

So, what does it mean when the PS5 controller is flashing blue light and how can you fix it?

Why Is PS5 Controller Flashing Blue Light?

The official PS5 dualshock controller relies on colored lighting to indicate a certain state or error to a user. Therefore, if your PS5 controller has a flashing blue light showing up, you’ll need to check if it’s paired or synced to another device, as a simple PS5 controller blinking blue light means that your PS5 controller is attempting to pair with the console. However, if it continues, there might be an issue in syncing between any two devices like the controller and a charger, or the controller or console.

Major Causes

What causes the PS5 controller to flash blue light

There can be a number of different reasons for the PS5 controller blinking blue light. Here are the most common causes:

  • Software issues: It is likely that the PS5 system software undergoes some sort of data corruption that has affected the way it recognizes devices, or there is a bug in the PS5 system software installed.
  • Incompatibility between the devices: The device you are connecting your console with may not be compatible.
  • Issue in the power supply: Damaged or faulty power cables can also result in issues like this.

Fixing PS5 Controller Flashing Blue Light

So, how to fix the PS5 Controller blinking/flashing blue light? Here are different suggested solutions for this problem:

1 .Restart the PS4 controller

Normally, when your PS5 controller isn’t not connected to the PS5 console or having an issue maintaining a connection, the light bar on the PS5 controller will keep flashing a blue light. This can also be true if you use it when playing a game like Call of Duty Mobile on non-PlayStation devices like phones or tablets.

Therefore, in order to work around that issue, you’ll have to do a couple of things. The very first to start with troubleshooting your PS5 controller is to restart it. In most cases, This is the easiest and quickest way to fix the PS5 controller that is flashing blue light.

Make sure that the controller is charged for at least 30 minutes before you restart and reconnect to a console, phone, or tablet. If your controller’s battery is weak or can no longer hold a charge for very long, the process may fail, but it’s still possible to get it to work. Just press and hold the PlayStation button (between the two analog sticks) for about 10 seconds. This is going to turn off the controller.

2 .Reset PS5 Controller

reset PS5 controller to fix the blinking blue light
Resetting the PS5 controller can fix many issues related to the functionality of the controller. It is the second step after restarting the PS5 controller you have to make when you encounter any kind of trouble with the PS5 controller.

How to reset a DualSense wireless controller

Resetting the PS5 controller is a very easy process. Just follow the steps below quoted from the official PlayStation Support Page and you’ll be done.

    Turning off the PS5 to fix controller issues
  1. Turn off your PS5 console.
  2. Locate the small reset button on the back of the controller.
  3. Use a small tool to push the button inside the hole. Hold the button down for roughly 3-5 seconds.
  4. Connect the controller to the PS5 console using a USB cable and press the PS button.

If the problem persists and resetting the PS5 controller hasn’t resolved it, try the other methods below.

3 .Pair in Bluetooth mode

After you have successfully reset the PS5 controller, now hold the PS button and share the button down to boot it in Bluetooth mode. You can do this by holding the PlayStation button and Share button on the controller at the same time.

Once done, try to pair your PS5 controller with the console again using Bluetooth Pairing and see if the PS5 controller blinking blue light has gone or not.

4 .Update firmware on TV

Another possible solution may be to update your TV’s firmware. You can easily do this through the settings on your TV. In some cases this might be the solution you are seeking for the PS4 controller flashing blue light.

5 .Check the power supply

Hold the power button until the PS5 console turns off. Now, go disconnect all cables connected to the cosole. Afterwards, take a look at all the wires and cables. Look for any rips, or signs of damage on them.

Reconnecting all cables is another option to fix the PS5 controller blinking blue light. You can also replace all the cables and try again. 


Fixing the PS5 controller flashing/blinking blue light is not something hard to do. You only need to follow the right steps in this concern and you’ll get your PS5 controller working again like before without an issue. Just be careful not to have a defective PS5 controller or a controller with a weak battery.

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6 Responses

  1. Darwen says:

    Hi all,

    I woke up this morning and attempted to boot up my PS5, however, my controller does not seem to be connected to the console. The controller flashes blue when I tap the PS logo, as required for startup.

    I hardwired the controller to the console with the USB cable provided, and while the controller is glowing orange indicating it’s charging, the PS logo still flashes blue.

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      Actually, a PS5 controller blinking blue light indicates that it is attempting to pair with the console. If it continues to flash blue, there may be a problem syncing any two devices, such as a controller and charger, or a controller and console.

  2. Tero says:

    Hello my friend 

    The PS5 does not appear to be connected to my controller when I try to boot it up this morning after waking up. When I tap the PS logo, the controller flashes blue as necessary for initialization.

    While the controller is lighting orange to indicate it is charging and I have connected it to the console using the supplied USB cable, the PS logo is still flashing blue.

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      What does the PS5 controller’s blue light that flashes mean? The PS5 controller is actually attempting to pair with the console when the blue light on the PS5 blinks. However, if it continues to flash blue light, there may be a problem syncing between any two devices, like a controller and charger, or a controller or console.

  3. Maike says:

    When trying to connect, both DualSense controllers are flashing rapidly blue light.

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      Just manually turn the console on. The controller will then be detected by it. Restarting the console resolves the problem.

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