PS4: Cannot Repair The Extended Storage Device [ce-30022-7]

PS4 Error CE-30022-7
One of the errors PS4 users encounter is when they try to connect an external storage device to their console, where it was set as an extended storage, then this error shows up saying: “Cannot repair the extended storage device (ce-30022-7)“. This error is not widely common although many users reported facing it.

We’ll try here to suggest a few methods that may help fix Error [ce-30022-7] and get your external hard drive working properly as it should be. But first, let’s understand why this issue occurs and what are the reasons behind it.

Why the Extended Storage Device Can’t Be Repaired

When you connect the external hard drive to PS4 and you get and error message with the code [ce-30022-7], it’s a bad omen that indicates that the external hard drive is damaged to the extent that the PS4 system cannot repair it. It may also indicate a problem with the PS4 system itself or some of its hardware. So, let’s lay out below the most common reasons that cause this error.

  • The data on the external hard drive is corrupted that the PS4 system can no longer recognize or process. This usually happens because the external HDD is malfunctioning physically or undergoes some serious bad sectors that have to be fixed.
  • The file system that’s responsible to manage data on the external HDD has somehow been corrupted that makes the external HDD not accessible to the PS4 system. This happens usually when you don’t safely remove the external HDD from the PS4.
  • It might be the USB port through which the external HDD is connected to the PS4, or, in worst situation, it could be the whole USB card (the latter is quite rare though).
  • An error within the PS4 operating system itself, such as a system file conflict or corruption, that prevents the whole system from properly recognizing or interacting with the connected external hard drives. The result then is that the PS4 system can easily and seamlessly recognize the external HDD, but can’t access its data and shows up that message with error code [ce-30022-7].
  • Other possible reasons such as: power issues or corrupted CMOS memory data.

So, these are the most likely reasons why you’re getting Error Message: “Cannot Repair The Extended Storage Device [ce-30022-7]“, and below we try to resolve this issue without the need of a technician.

Worth it to note that this article assumes that the PS4 system can properly recognizes the external hard drive but can’t access data stored on it. If the PS4 system can’t recognize the external hard drive in the first place, please refer to this article.

How to Fix Error [ce-30022-7]

Fix PS4 error [ce-30022-7]
Like what has been said earlier, the PS4 system shows the “Cannot repair the extended storage device” error message with code no. (ce-30022-7) when at least one of the above reasons is present. Therefore, resolving this issue requires from you to figure out first why this happens then try to fix it.

Let’s start with the easiest method and end with the hardest.

1. Totally Disconnect the PS4 from Power

disconnect the PS4 from the power outlet
Unplugging the PS4 console usually works because it has a tiny computer inside it. Unplugging and plugging it back in forces this computer to restart and clear any temporary software problems.

The internal computer inside the PS4 run built-in software (called firmware) that controls the behavior of the console. Sometimes, the firmware includes bugs that might lead to error states, memory leaks, or crashes. Restarting the PS4 console forces the internal computer to reboot, which clears out the PS4’s memory and forces it to reload and re-execute the software from scratch.

Sometimes, turning off the PS4 using the power switch isn’t enough. The PS4 consoles use “soft” power switches that rely on software control. These switches only put a device into a “sleep” mode.

Switching off a “soft” power button and turning it on again on a faulty console won’t necessarily force an internal computer restart. So, you might still have to move on to the next step: unplugging the PS4 and plugging it back in.

Once you do that, wait a 3-5 minutes before plugging it back into the power socket and try your luck again.

Note that you have to make sure to disconnect the external HDD from the PS4 as well, then connect it again.

Now see if the PS4 system properly recognizes and accesses the extended storage or not.

2. Check with another USB storage device

Use another USB storage device with the PS4
It’s a very good idea to troubleshoot this issue by using another USB storage device. This will immensely help detect where the actual problem is. But if this is not possible, continue with the steps below.

It’s strongly recommended also that, if possible, you connect the external HDD to another PS4 system. Check out whether it works there properly or not.

3. Check the Cables

Verify that the USB cable that connects the external HDD to the PS4 is intact and not damaged. You can run several tests to ensure that. Moreover, see if there’s any kind of defect or damage in the PS4 power cord.

4. Remove Any USB Peripheral from the PS4

When troubleshooting any USB device, you need to test it alone without the partnership of any device that work on the USB port. The PS4 controller is an exception here because it’s an indispensable part.

This helps figure out whether the PS4 cannot repair the extended storage device is because a firmware conflict with another USB device or not.

In this procedure you need first to turn off the PS4 and disconnect all USB devices except the controller. Turn on the PS4 and check whether Error [ce-30022-7] is gone or not.

5. Rebuild the PS4 Database

Rebuilding the PS4 database is one of the very essential process that you have to carry out when you troubleshoot the PS4 system. In other words, when you encounter any issue with the PS4 system, one of the first steps you have to make is to rebuild the PS4 database. You can read more on the importance of rebuilding PS4 database to enlighten yourself more on this issue.

Additionally, if you want to learn how to rebuild the PS4 database, please visit this page.

6. Initialize the PS4

Make sure you have a full backup of your important data before trying this option. This option will delete all data stored on the internal HDD and get the system back to factory settings. It might help in some cases when there’s a system issue that prevents from properly accessing the extended storage or deal with it.

We prefer that you do a full initialization with the system software reinstallation. This will assure you whether the problem is within the system software itself or not.

If you no longer see the error message: “Cannot Repair The Extended Storage Device [ce-30022-7]“, it means the PS4 operating system was having some issues and now they are fixed.

7. Clear the CMOS Memory

Clearing the PS4 CMOS memory can help you resolve hard issues within the PS4, including Error [ce-30022-7]. You may need to be a little savvy to do this and you need a special screwdriver for this task. Read more on why and how to clear the PS4 CMOS memory and see whether you can do it or not.

8. Format the External HDD

format external HDD for PS4
If everything fails to resolve this issue, it’s the time to full format the external HDD. There might be bad sectors that impact the functionality of the external HDD and get the data stored corrupted. If you have reached this point, it’s more likely the external HDD that needs repairing.

Remember to perform a FULL format not quick, as we want the bad sectors to be eliminated and only full format can do that.


At the end of the day, you don’t really to do much in order to resolve the “Cannot Repair The Extended Storage Device [ce-30022-7]” error. If you have tried everything with the PS4, it’s time to accuse your external HDD. It might be malfunctioning and must either be formatted or replaced.

Why is my PS4 extended storage not repairing?

When you fail to repair the PS4 extended storage it means that there's either a problem in your external HDD, the USB connection or the PS4 system files. This article covers almost everything you need in order to fix that issue.

What does Error Code CE-30022-7 mean?

PS4 Error Code (CE-30022-7) indicates that there's a problem in your external hard drive to the extent that your PS4 can't access it anymore. Usually it is caused because a bad USB cable or even a defective USB bridge, but there are other reasons also that contribute to this error.

How do I fix the extended storage on my PS4?

There are several ways to fix an extended storage on the PS4. One of the most common is to turn off your PS4 and unplug it from power. Disconnect the external HDD and turn on the PS4 without the external HDD being connected yet. Once the PS4 system fully loads, connect the external HDD back to the PS4 and check if it works or not. If not, check the other tips in this article.

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4 Responses

  1. Teto says:

    My external hard drive was always working but suddenly, it started showing this error (CE-30022-7) and asks to format it.

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      If this error occurs while using an external hard disk drive (HDD), the connected HDD may have a problem: Reconnect the HDD and run the Restore File System command. Format the HDD once more. If the problem persists, please try a different HDD.

  2. Konse says:

    So my roommate’s dog totally punched my PS4 and extended storage off of our tv stand the other day and now it’s saying this when I boot up

    Cannot repair the extended Storage device (CE-30022-7)

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      – Try to Turn off and unplug your console. Leave it for a few minutes.
      – Restart your PS4 without the external hard drive connected.
      – Switch it back off. Reconnect your external hard drive.
      – Switch your PS4 back on.

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