How Do I Disable Rest Mode On My PS5?

Rest mode seems to have been a source of frustration for many PS5 owners, as it causes the console to crash. Rest mode is the default setting. On the PS5, though, there’s no need to be concerned because there’s an easy option to disable rest mode.

Is It Possible To Put My PS5 In Sleep Mode Overnight?

Yeah, you can keep your PS5 in rest mode longer because it’s meant to do just that so that downloads or games can be upgraded and the PS5 controller could be charged.

However, if you disconnect your console while it is in rest mode, your system or data may be corrupted.
rest mode

How Much Electricity Does The PS5 Consume In Rest Mode?

The NRDC praised the Playstation 5’s or standby mode of PS5, which used less than 1 watt of power, and PS5 restart in 15 seconds, indicating that it uses extremely little electricity in rest mode.

How Do I Disable Rest Mode On My PS5?

Whether you have previously deactivated your rest mode in PS5, restoring the database will automatically enable it.

Here’s how you’ll go about it:

  • Navigate to the PlayStation 5’s settings menu.
  • Then navigate to the Power Savings section.
  • Choose Set Time Before PS5 Enters Rest Mode from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose Don’t Set in Rest Mode to turn it off.

Another option is to hold down the power key on your PS5 until it whistles twice, which will disengage rest mode.

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