How To Obtain A PS5 PSVR Camera Adapter?

To utilize PlayStation VR on PS5, you’ll require an adaptor for the PS5 PlayStation Camera. What’s the great news? Current owners will receive them provided for free. While Sony declared that the PlayStation VR headset would’ve been interoperable with the PS5 camera adapter, it was just reported that the PS4 PlayStation Camera will require an adapter to work with the next-gen platform. Many people expected you’d be ready to replace it with the newer Camera Module, Sony claims it’s not suitable with the PSVR headset.

The excellent thing is that Sony is ready to give the adaptor to all current PlayStation VR subscribers for free. That’s how to get your hands on it.
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How To Obtain A Complimentary PSVR Camera Adapter For The PS5

The excellent thing is that obtaining the adapter you’ll need to utilize your PlayStation VR headset on a PlayStation 5 is simple and, more significantly, free. Given that Apple does not really include a charger with its most current iPhones, this is a welcome refreshing change!

All you have to do now is keep a note of the 14-digit serial code on the back of your Central Processor to see if you’re qualified (because once you’ve registered). Based on your location it will begin with C, M, or P.

When you’ve obtained your serial number, proceed as follows:

Go to the PlayStation Support forum for further information (Remember that these vary in the US and UK).

  • Verify your CAPTCHA code.
  • Put in the PSVR Serial Number that you took down before.
  • Fill down your shipping information.

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You’re completed once you’ve double-checked your information. Your camera adapter will arrive in the mail soon, hopefully at some point for the PS5’s November launch. There are a few restrictions, the most apparent of which is that you’ll only receive one adapter per PSVR headset, and your mailing address must have been in a nation where PlayStation VR is available.

The best part is that, unlike with the PS4 PlayStation Camera, almost all PSVR games are backward-compatible with the PS5. Provided the improved visuals on a proposal from the PS4 Pro, it’s easy to envision a performance boost when trying to run on the PS5 – even if it’s just due to quicker commute times cheers to the ultra-fast SSD.

Many other PS4 peripherals, like the DualShock 4 controller, are indeed functional with the PS5 without the necessary adapter, however, it will only work with PS4 and PSVR games. For PS5 games, you’ll have to use the updated DualSense controller.

Check out the newest PS5 news for additional details on the next-gen console. I hope you get a solution to obtain a PSVR camera adapter.

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