How To Fix A PS4 Controller Stuck On Blue Light?

If the blue light on your Sony PlayStation 4 wireless DualShock 4 controller is stuck, you should check to see if the controller is paired with a game console or computer. If the blue light on your PS4 controller is stuck constantly, it’s probably because you have a power issue with your controller, or even in the Bluetooth connection.

Why Does the PS4 Controller Stuck On Blue Light?

There are several reasons for this problem, and here are the most common causes of it:

  • The PS4 controller battery is malfunctioning or degrading and has trouble transmitting power to the controller.
  • The PS4 controller’s Bluetooth device receives wrong/bad signals from the console.
  • If you’re connecting the controller wirily via USB to the PS4, it might be the USB connection issue. The USB is probably malfunctioning due to misuse or dirt and debris inside it, the USB cable might be worn/frayed, or the USB cable connector might be damaged.
  • There is an electrical short circuit in your PS4 controller’s motherboard that keeps the device’s light on all the time.

Be noted that if the PS4 controller connects normally to the console and you have no issue with using it, and it’s just the light is stuck on blue, the issue then is minor and you shouldn’t care much about it.

How To Fix A PS4 Controller Stuck On Blue Light?

Here are a few suggested solutions that you can implement in order to fix your PS4 controller that’s stuck on blue light:

Power Cycle Your PS4

Turn off your PS4 console completely, then unplug it from the power outlet. Leave it like this for between 3 to 5 minutes.

Additionally, unplug any peripheral connected to it, whether it’s a TV, headset, or even a controller.

After that period of time passes, turn your console on, it will ask you to connect your controller, so do that, and see if this has resolved your issue or not.

Connect Your PS4 Controller Via USB

In most cases, the PS4 contact blue light is an indication of an issue with Bluetooth connectivity. Simply, connect your PS4 controller via USB and see if it’s still stuck on blue light or not.

If the problem is resolved, there might be an issue with your PS4 controller’s Bluetooth or the PS4 Bluetooth as well. You have then to ask a specialist to assist you to resolve this issue.

Check Your USB Connection

If your PS4 controller is stuck on blue light when you’re connecting it via USB, there might problem in the USB connection itself.

Do a thorough test to make sure everything works fine.

Hard Reset Your PS4 Controller

If your PS4 controller behaves weirdly and you don’t know what’s wrong with it, you may want to hard reset it.

Hard resetting a PS4 controller has proven to fix many performance issues with the controller.

To learn more on how to reset the PS4 controller and why you need it, please read this article.

Connect Your PS4 Controller To Another Device

In order to make sure the problem is with your PS4 controller, not the console, try connecting your controller to another device that accepts it, such as another PlayStation console, a PC, a MAC, or even a Phone.

Check now if the PS4 controller is still stuck on blue light. If it does, then the problem is with your controller, not the PS4.

Also, try connecting to other devices both ways—via USB and Bluetooth. Doing that will help you have a broader image of the problem your controller is undergoing.

If you find out that your PS4 console is the source of the problem, most probably it’s the PS4 system software that has some sort of data corruption. You will need then to full-initialize it and reinstall the PS4 system software from scratch.

If the PS4 controller still gets stuck on a blue light on other devices, there’s might be an electrical short circuit that a specialist can fix or a problem with the battery.

Take Your Controller A Part and Disconnect The Battery

This is a sort of power cycling your controller. You have to take it apart and disconnect the battery. Leave it like this for 5-10 minutes, and connect it again. This may help fix many problems with the controller, including the sticky blue light.

Let The Battery Run Out Of Power

One of the suggested solutions is to leave the PS4 controller on until the battery power is completely drained out. Once done, start charging your controller. It’s recommended that you charge your controller’s battery using an external charger such as OIVO PS4 Controller Charger Dock Station.

leave it charging for about two hours until the light bar turns off as an indication of full charge.

Now try to connect your PS4 controller to your console and see if this method has resolved the sticky blue light issue or not.


If none of these methods works for you, you may want to take your controller to a repair shop. The PS4 controller battery might be the issue and it needs a replacement. The controller itself might have a somewhat hardware issue and a technician must look into it.

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