How To Set The PS5 DualSense Controller Haptics Or Deactivate Them

The PS5 comes with a brand spanking new DualSense controller, which would be a significant upgrade over the DualShock 4. The controller includes highly enhanced haptic feedback and also adaptable triggers, amongst its many notable enhancements, such as the new ‘Establish’ key. These characteristics contribute to a more realistic gaming experience. You can, though, customize or switch off this haptics when you don’t really like them. Well, here’s how to change or disable the haptics on your PS5 DualSense controller.

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PS5 Dualsense Controller Haptics Can Be Adjusted Or Disabled

Honestly, I’m a big fan of the DualSenses new haptics. The PS5 controller provides a realistic encounter in video games like Call of Duty and Spider-Man. However, many people would rather not deal with the adaptable triggers’ trigger-tension. Or perhaps you simply don’t need the haptics to be that obtrusive.

In any event, Sony provides built-in options that allow you to personalize the haptics and adaptive trigger characteristics to your liking. We’ll go over how to tweak the DualSense haptics in this post. We’ll also talk about how to turn off the haptics on DualSense controllers.

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In Dualsense Controllers, How Do You Adjust The Haptic Feedback?

Please apply the instructions below to tweak the haptic feedback on the new controller to keep it significantly less noticeable in gaming.

  • To access the Accessories menu, go to Settings -> Accessories.
  • Choose ‘Vibration Intensity’ from the ‘Controllers’ drop-down menu.
  • You could now choose between Heavy (the usual), Moderate, and Weak, based on your preferences.

How To Change The Intensity Of Adaptive Triggers In DualSense Controllers?

From the other extreme, you can modify the trigger-tension in video games like Black Ops Cold War when you consider it to be too severe for you.

  • To access the Accessories menu, go to Settings -> Accessories.
  • Choose ‘Trigger Impact Intensity’ from the ‘Controllers’ section.
  • You can choose from three options: High (the standard), Mid, or Low.

In DualSense Controllers, How Do You Turn Off Haptic Feedback?

Many folks would rather not have any haptic feedback at all on their controllers. Here’s what you should do when you’re in that camp.

  • To access the Accessories menu, go to Settings -> Accessories.
  • Pick ‘Vibration Intensity’ from the ‘Controllers’ drop-down menu.
  • Choose ‘Off’

It will disable all haptic feedback on your controller, allowing you to perform without being distracted.

Adaptive Triggers In DualSense Controllers: How To Turn Them Off

When adaptive triggers are really not your style, and setting them down is really not functioning either, you may switch the feature off altogether.

  • To access the Accessories menu, go to Settings -> Accessories.
  • Choose ‘Trigger Effect Intensity’ from the ‘Controllers’ section.
  • Choose ‘Off’.

It will turn off adaptive triggers on your console, allowing you to resume functioning with the triggers as they were on the DualShock 4.

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Make Your DualSense Controller More Customizable for a Fantastic Gaming Performance

Although I advocate keeping haptics and adaptive triggers on to get the most out of the system and new PS5 titles, if you find the haptics on the DualSense controller to be a hindrance, you now understand how to disable them.

Although the procedure is quite simple, when you stumble into any problems, kindly let us know in the feedback and we’ll do our best to assist you. Also, if you recently purchased a PS5, remember to password secure your user account so that no one else may read your games or conduct unlawful PS Store acquisitions.

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