Why Is PS4 Slow and Lagging? Fixed By Experts

We all know that PS4s are fast and awesome, but occasionally they can slow down. In fact, your PS4 might be so slow that you can’t stand using it anymore. It’s really frustrating to use a console when the system starts lagging and running slowly, especially when there are heaps of complaints from other users about how big this problem is. To make matters worse, your PS4 lag issues could affect one game or everything on the machine–you never know what will happen next! Just don’t wonder eventually when your PS4 won’t turn on anymore because you haven’t fixed this problem earlier.

Does your PlayStation 4 have an annoying tendency towards being too sluggish? You’ll find out just how common these problems are by reading through some of the many complaints left by others who also had their consoles act up in similar ways; at least then you’re not alone — with all those angry people out there yelling for Sony to fix things already.

Sometimes the PS4 becomes really slow and annoyingly lagging due to several reasons

In most cases, the PS4 slowness stems from the degradation of its stock internal HDD. We already published an article “exposing” the truth of the PS4 stock hard drive and why it’s the weakest part in the whole console (read on PS4 HDD specs. If you’re a PS4 Pro owner, read PS4 Pro HDD Specs).

But a degrading PS4 hard drive is not the only reason for the slowness the console is undergoing, although it’s the most common. Actually, this situation happens due to different reasons that make playing on PS4 just a nightmare.

Plan to Work Around PS4 Slowness

So, how to work around this problem and get PS4 back to running smoothly and fast? Well, there are several fixes for this issue, most of them are easy and don’t require a deep technical background. On the other hand, in some rare situations you might want to take your PS4 game console to a technician to fix it. That happens because the PS4 lags sometimes because of a hardware failure that you can’t do anything about. We hope though that your case is easy to fix and doesn’t go too much hard.

Therefore, if you’re one of the players that experiencing slowness with their PS4, this is the right place to start from. We offer here very useful tips that help you overcome this problem totally. You’ll get back your PS4 to run smoothly and quickly just like the day you bought it, or even better! Yes, that is right, BETTER.

Additionally, if you don’t find the solution that suits you in this article, you may scroll down to the bottom and read our readers’ experiences and how they overcome this problem.

PS4 Slowness Symptoms

There are several symptoms of a slow PS4There are several symptoms that indicate PS4 is slow to the extent that it needs maintenance.

  • Long loading time. | When PS4 loading process is slow, whether it’s the game/app or even the whole operating system (boot up process), this marks your PS4 slow.
  • Copying application, game, or media files takes too long. | Slow-paced PS4 copying may indicate that your game console is really slow. But on the other hand, this is not a definite sign. Your PS4 might be fine and the issue is caused by an external storage device connected to the console. This needs investigation and checking.
  • PS4 is lagging only when playing games. | In this situation, PS4 boots up normal, runs its applications with no problem, but when a game loads, the lag issue begins. If PS4 is only lagging online, mostly there’s a problem with the internet connection. Otherwise, if this state happens online and offline, the issue is either with PS4 itself or the particular game you’re playing.
  • PS4 runs well for a while, but suddenly delays and becomes slow for no obvious reason. | It happens that everything seems ok and running smoothly, but suddenly the catastrophe occurs. Just for no obvious reason, PS4’s performance goes down dramatically and becomes very slow. Sometimes it freezes also. (Read more about PS4 freezing and how to fix it)

Ok, these are the most common symptoms that indicate PS4 lag/slowness. But what does cause this situation in the first place?

PS4 Slowness Reasons

So, why does PS4 lag and become slow? Well, there’re several factors that promote this situation. Some are logical (related to software) and others are physical (related to hardware).

1. PS4 hard drive is almost full

full hard drive causes ps4 to lag

When your hard drive gets to 95 percent full, PS4 can slow down by 50 percent. At this point, there is no space to save the temporary files required for operating apps, so it’s as if the PS4 operating system doesn’t know how to run properly anymore. That’s why, as a results, PS4 starts lagging and getting slow.

You can read more on what happens when the PS4 hard drive is full to better understand this issue.

In brief, the PS4 hard drive space is taken up by games and applications and their updates. Also, media files, screenshots, and game saves, all that consumes lots of storage space on the PS4 hard drive. Add to that the temporary files and associated files of deleted games/apps.

What you can do here is a few things:

  • Rebuild PS4 database. | This is a must-to-do operation when the PS4 hard drive consumes most of its storage space. It works just exactly as the defragmentation operation on Windows OS. Always make this your first option when PS4 is lagging.
  • Regularly free up more storage space. | That way you avoid PS4 slowness related to the fullness of the hard drive.
  • Buy a larger internal hard drive. | This intuitively will resolve this issue. But what you might not know that upgrading PS4 hard drive is considered mandatory by serious players for various reasons.
  • Use extended storage. | You can simply buy a new external hard drive and connect it to PS4 to work as storage extension handled by the internal HDD. But I recommend that you first consider upgrading the internal hard drive first. Read this quick comparison between extended storage and internal HDD upgrade.

2. Improper Game/App Installation

It might happens that some files of game/app you recently installed on PS4 are corrupted. This will cause errors while running it, thus PS4 slowness. To fix that, simply reinstall that particular game/app properly, and this should resolve this issue.

Additionally, an unsuccessful game/app update may be the reason for this situation. Again, just repeat that process and make sure it completes successfully.

If that doesn’t fix it, and PS4 is still lagging, do the following in the order:

  1. Uninstall the game/app that causes this problem.
  2. Rebuild the PS4 Database.
  3. Reinstall that particular game/app.

If still nothing changes, most probably there’s a serious conflict that game/app causes within PS4 system. You may want eventually to initialize PS4 and reinstall your games/apps carefully after checking the performance of each and ensuring they run well.

3. PS4 System Software Bad Installation/Update

interrupted installation of PS4 system software may get it corrupted and thus cause PS4 to become slow
Sometimes PS4 is lagging due to the result of wrongly installed/updated PS4 system software. Usually this occurs due to the bad internet connection or a sudden hardware failure during the installation process. Just try again and hopefully this will resolve the issue. If not, you need to completely uninstall the game/app. Sometimes you’ll need to initialize PS4, as that broken update made conflicts within the PS4 system, thus PS4 became slow.

4. Defective Internal Hard Drive

defective internal hard drive is a reason for the low performance of PS4

This is one of the major reasons why PS4 is running slow. So, when you tried everything above yet PS4 is still lagging and slow, you must suspect the hard drive. That’s because PS4 hard drive plays a fundamental role in PS4 performance. Just imagine how important it is. All your data is saved and processed on it. It’s responsible to send and receive data to and from the CPU for processing. So, if this medium is not functioning well, PS4 will surely lag and maybe freeze as well.

Is it really the hard drive?

How to figure out that the PS4 hard drive is the source of problem?

Well, after you try everything possible to fix PS4 slowness, especially rebuilding the database and initializing PS4, yet nothing works. Also, after you test the controller and confirm it works properly. At this point only, start to suspect the hard drive.

In fact, the most common reason that causes the PS4 hard drive to not function the way it should is: bad sectors. Also, using the hard drive for too long without maintenance by carrying out FULL format once annually may cause the hard drive to degrade, thus PS4 lags.

You can read more details on PS4 hard drive failure and how to fix that the right way. That article is really useful with many tips that help you restore the lost performance of PS4 HDD.

In all cases you have to learn how to format PS4 hard drive on a yearly basis. This education is mandatory for all PS4 users to acquire this education. That’s because formatting PS4 HDD maintains its performance and eliminate any error the drive undergoes. If you do it regularly, at least once a year, the performance of the hard drive will remain on its peak level.

We have published an article on PS4 internal hard drive format that will immensely help you learn more about this issue.

5. Defective External Hard Drive

If you have experienced PS4 slowness only when playing games on the extended storage, chances are it’s the culprit. PS4 lags when a failure peripheral is connected to it. It somehow makes it “sick” and not functioning well.

So, now if you have already rebuild PS4 database, and tried to install the game/app that might promote this situation with no avail, it’s the time to FORMAT that external hard drive. You have to perform a FULL format for it, not quick. Full format will eliminate any bad sector or system file errors on the specified disk.

Note that you have to connect it to a PC in order to perform the format operation.

6. Slow Internet Connection

PS4 becomes slow and lagging when the internet connection is not set up properly
If your PS4 is only slow online, while it performs well enough offline, it might be the internet connection.

Below are a few simple tips that help you get over this issue.

1. Try Enabling Your Router’s Guest Network

This sounds strange, but it’s worked for some people. If you have an original model PS4, it can only connect to the 2.4GHz band on your router. The newer PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro can both use either 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands.

Certain routers combine both bands into one SSID. If you receive an error on your PS4 that the signal is too weak, try enabling the guest network on your router and connecting the PS4 to that. You’ll need to open the Web Browser app to punch in the guest access code before you connect.

2. Turn Off Other Devices on the Network

Slow connection speeds on your PS4 might be caused by interference. This is especially true if your PS4 is connected on a 2.4GHz band. Try turning off any other game consoles and computers on your network, plus devices like microwaves too.

Downloading files on your computer, or streaming video on your phone, could also slow down your PS4’s performance.

3. Move Your System Closer to the Router

If your PS4 is far away from your router, you’ll experience unstable performance. Try to move your system as close to the router as you can and see if that improves anything.

7. Defective PS4 Hardware

defective hardware part can make PS4 run slower than usualIn some cases the PS4 lags due to defective internal hardware. If you have tried your best to fix PS4 slowness and made sure it’s not the hard drive, the last thing to think about is that one of the internal hardware components is causing this issue. It might be the CPU, RAM, motherboard or any other part.

In this case, you can’t help it. You need to seek help from a specialist in order to fix it for you. Take your PS4 to a repair shop managed by an experienced technician.

8. Corrupted CMOS Data

When the data stored in the CMOS memory chip gets corrupted for any reason, one of the symptoms of that is the slowness of PS4. In some situations, your PS4 won’t turn on at all when things get worse and you don’t fix them at early time.

PS4 Lag Solutions

After reading this article to this point, you may have already figured out the 3 common solutions for this situation. They are:

  • Rebuilding PS4 Database
  • Initializing PS4
  • Formatting the PS4 Hard Drive
  • Fix PS4 CMOS Data

We’ll go through each point quickly without much elaboration. In case you need more elaboration, please do your own research online.

Rebuilding PS4 Database

rebuilding PS4 database to eliminate PS4 slowness

The Rebuild Database option does a defragment of the PS4, which can solve a whole host of issues on the PS4 and free up some much needed space, speed up your console and fix issues. The Rebuild scans the drive and creates a new database of all content, thus cleaning the disc drive. This will make PS4 run faster and resolve performance issues. In many cases, when PS4 is lagging, doing this operation fixes it.

So, to carry out this, you’ll need to put your PS4 into Safe Mode. Now, as to the specific steps for initiating a database rebuild, those are as follows:

  1. Make sure your PS4 is completely powered down and that your Dualshock 4 controller is connected to the console via a USB cable.
  2. Boot up the PS4 in safe mode. This is done by pressing and holding down the power button until you hear two separate beeps (about seven seconds).
  3. Once the PS4 is booted in safe mode, you’ll be taken to a menu with a variety of options.
  4. Select the “Rebuild Database” option, making sure you don’t accidentally select the “Initialize PS4” option since that will erase all your data.
  5. The screen is supposed to go black when the rebuild process is underway, so don’t worry if that happens. Depending on how much data you have on your PS4, the rebuild process can take some time, so be patient, and don’t turn your console off while the process is still going.

Initializing PS4

initialize PS4 to fix PS4 slowness

If you own a gadget for a long time, you should factory-reset it every once in a while. Useless files accumulate, caches fill up with junk data and programs you never use start eating up valuable space. Video game consoles are no exception, particularly since games are larger than ever and hard drive space is at a premium.

You need first to go to Safe Mode that offers you a Quick or Full initialization. “Quick” doesn’t really reset your PS4—it just signs you out of everything and deletes all user and save data. “Full” is what will wipe the system, from the guts back on up. In my opinion, Quick isn’t really a worthwhile option, especially if you’re having software problems. And while Full claims to take a few hours, in many cases it doesn’t take more than 30 minutes.

Either way, pick your reset style and confirm your choice. Then, get ready to re-download all your favorite titles and apps, and restore your saved data.

Formatting the PS4 Hard Drive

If you want to eliminate every single error the PS4 hard drive undergoes, you must FULL format it. That’s unless the hard drive suffers from a serious physical failure, then nothing you can do but dispose of it.

So, if you want to format PS4 internal hard drive, follow the steps below. Note that these steps are for Microsoft Windows OS.

  1. Pull out PS4 hard drive from its cage and connect it to your PC, either internally or externally. Make sure the PC is turned off when you do this.
  2. Turn on the PC and let it recognized the newly-connected hard drive.
  3. Go to “Disk Management” and right-click the new hard drive and select the Format option.format PS4 hard drive
  4. In the “Value label” field, type a descriptive name for the drive.
  5. Use the “File system” drop-down menu, and select FAT32.
  6. Use the “Allocation unit size” drop-down menu, and select the Default option.
  7. Uncheck the Perform a quick format option. We need to perform a FULL format, so you have to uncheck that. Unless you have an SSD, the quick format is the recommended option and you have to make sure it’s checked.
  8. Click the OK button, and follow the instructions to format the drive.

Once finished, connect the hard drive to PS4 again and perform a complete system software installation. Therefore, make sure to download the PS4 system software installation package on an external storage device (USB flash drive is recommended).

Fixing PS4 CMOS Data

This method often needs savvy to implement. But if you are a beginner, you must be careful in following the instructions.

We have already outlined how to reset the PS4 CMOS memory chip in this article.


There are several reasons that make PS4 slow and lagging. Some are easy to fix and others, in rare cases, need an expert. Whatever the situation is, it’s always good to try to fix that yourself and get PS4 running as smoothly and fast as before.

But if PS4 lag still persists after trying everything in this article, contact a technician. It might be a serious hardware failure in the VGA, RAM or even the CPU.

General FAQ

Why Is PS4 So Slow?

There are several reasons that make PS4 become slow and lagging, such as corrupted system files, malfunctioning USB device connected, or a defective hard drive.

Can Dust Make PS4 Slow?

The answer is definitely YES. Dust hinders the proper CPU cooling which makes it consequently hotter, and this results in lower performance of PS4.

How to Fix Slow PS4?

Fixing the slow PS4 is not a difficult task. You have to follow the instructions in this guide in order to fully resolve this issue.

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57 Responses

  1. Richard Housel says:

    I changed around some of the settings in accessibility and went back to a stock theme.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      This was causing the PS4 slowness? And now it works fine?

    • Ray says:

      Can the controllers be the issue because when I press any button it doesn’t respond immediately.
      Or is that the same thing

  2. Harold says:

    So I have a great connection and I’ll go and test it in the network settings and it says it’s fine but once I go into a multiplayer game I’ll be fine for about 10 minutes then my game freezes and then says it’s a connection issues it’s like my internet drops but I don’t know I need help because I don’t want to have to buy a new ps4 or router

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Do you have any issue with other internet activities on PS4, such as downloading games, watching movies on youtube and so on?

      Additionally, when you play offline games, do you have any issue?

  3. Richie says:

    I’m having issues with the hard drive I have plugged into my PlayStation it’s really slow and I can’t download games I tried unplugging everything it’s still giving me issues

    • PS4 Storage says:

      This is usually caused by bad sectors. Connect it to a PC, and perform a FULL (not quick) format on it. This will restore the performance of the external HDD and eliminate these bad sectors.

  4. Tobbe says:

    Can you copy back videoes/pictures you´ve taken from games after an initialization? So that they will show per game as they do now? If you back them up first of course.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Yes you can, but you have to take a complete backup of the hard drive using the Backup & Restore utility on PS4. If the games are on the extended storage and you want to save these captures on an external storage, it won’t work. Both must be saved on the SAME device using that utility.

  5. Jack says:

    Mine was unusable it was so slow even trying to shut it down through the menus was a task. BIG COMMON FAULT WITH PS4s they very easily bung up with dust if not kept in a dust free environment. The over heating can cause the GPU thermal paste to dry out resulting in further slow down. Very easy to diagnose. If your fan ramps up to full speed when playing a game from cold, this is most likely your issue. I’m afraid it’s a case of stripping it down cleaning it of dust and reapplying new paste to the GPU.

  6. william velton hall says:

    i have tested all of these ways but my ps4 pro is still laggy in every game. and i dont know what to do.can you please tell me whats wrong?

  7. i cleand it but nothing changed. is there a problem with my CPU or GPU ???

  8. Dani says:

    My ps4 used to work so beautifully.. until one day I opened fortnite (the application I’m usually on the most?) And it was so very laggy. I’m talking 10 second time outs where the screen would just freeze regularly. Fast forward to today and it does it to EVERY GAME and the home screen too it wont stop fucking FREEZING how the hell do I fix it??? Please help. Sorry for coming off aggressive but I’m literally being shit on by a gaming system.. lmao I have an xbox 360 that’s like 15 years old and NEVER has it EVER done this.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      The PS4 internal hard drive needs maintenance. Apparently it suffers from bad sectors. Please try to full-format it in order to restore its original perfromance.

  9. JJ says:

    i have initialize my ps4 and its still laggy and when i try entering a game it will freeze then my screen will go pitch black what do i do now?

  10. Jonathan says:

    I just recently got gta v and while playing for about 15 minutes, the game crashed and turned off the ps4 by itself. I tried everything. I deleted and downloaded it again, but I feel like it just made it worse. My PS4 just became slower and would crash constantly. i rebuilt the database, initialized it, cleaned the inside from dust, but the same problems and errors kept occuring. Everything used to work perfectly fine until i downloaded gta

  11. arlind says:

    So one day i turned on my ps4 and only way to log in was to reinstall the software i did it tomorrow i saw it was freezing and lagging i still dont know what to do 😔

  12. Joe says:

    I’ve just started playing Last of Us 2 and it’s the only game i’ve played apart from Days Gone that is very unresponsive – meaning that when in-game, when i try to move the analog stick/D-Pad, etc. it takes almost half a second for the game to respond!!!! It’s only probably less then half a second, but it’s really annoying and is almost turning me off the game. I can’t accurately play these 2 games because i don’t want to spend hours perfecting a half second delay! The main PS4 screen and other games work fine and respond as soon as i press or move a button. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP TO RESOLVE THIS MINOR, BUT VERY ANNOYING ISSUE I HAVE!!!??

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Most probably some of that game’s files are installed on bad sectors on the hard drive. You have to connect your PS4 hard drive to a PC and perform a full format on it. This should repair the PS4 HDD and restore its lost performance. Please read this guide for more details.

  13. Austin says:

    I have rebuilt the data base and reinitialized the whole ps4 and still nothing ive cleaned the ps4 inside entirely and it is still laggy but still runs some games for a bit then crashes. Is it the harddrive or something far worse?

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Yes it’s the hard drive. It is suffering from bad sectors that causes it to slow down. Try first to connect it to a PC and full format it, then check again.

  14. Senne says:

    Hello, Sorry if this is the 2nd time I post similar message.
    Problem: my ps4 froze, been playing again for 10+ hours or so, rebuilded database, haven’t had any freezing or crashing since, but it is stuttering and dropping some FPS slightly, it is still playable, but it isn’t the standard fps drops from ps4(since prior, the games didn’t drop fps) so I’m not sure what the problem is, if it’s harddrive related or something else? Could still try to initialize it aswell. Thanks in advance

    • PS4 Storage says:


      No problem, you’re welcome to ask about whatever you want. We’re here to help.

      According to your description, most likely there’s a problem with your PS4 hard drive, but it doesn’t seem critical. You can try to initialize the PS4, if it doesn’t work, you must full-format the PS4 internal hard drive.

      Do that and provide us with updates on your case so we can further help you.

      • Senne says:

        Thanks for the advice ! It’s just a bit of a pain with ps5 maybe at the end of the year, I hope initializing will fix it, otherwise it could be kinda a wasted HDD for such time. Great to see people like u still put time into great guide!

        • PS4 Storage says:

          You’re welcome Senne. Your problem is not so critical and is easy to fix with no cost. Please provide us with your update on your issue so that other users who have the same problem may benefit.

          • Senne says:

            Initialized it, seems to be working now, I’ll keep u updated if there would still be something, thanks for the advice though!

          • PS4 Storage says:

            Great, and thanks for your update.

      • Austin says:

        Hey it’s been occurring that when I play online games my ps4 would lag constantly and I’m not able to play games.

  15. Daniel says:

    Recently Ive noticed that whenever I do anything on my ps4 it stutters while watching a show or going through ps4 menu it will stutter back on a input and the background flow with the themes are also stuttering. It is a old ps4 back from December 2014 and this started happening 2 days ago.

  16. Chad says:

    My PlayStation system has a please wait message when I turn it on and after an hour of waiting for it to load it goes into a blue screen and stays there until it automatically turns off and the process repeats itself. I have not been able to play for 4 days now and I am not sure how to fix this.

  17. Daniel says:

    My roommate downloaded games onto my PS4 and filled up the hard drive almost all the way. After he did this, the PS4 was really laggy so I freed up almost half the space on the hard drive. However, games still lag and freeze after I freed up space. I rebuilt the database twice and it has not helped either. Is this a problem with the hard drive or could it be dust buildup causing the lagging and freezing?

  18. Daniel says:

    I just got a message on my PS4 saying an error has occurred (SU-42477-4). What does this mean? How do I fix it?

    • PS4 Storage says:

      It means there’s an issue with the PS4 accessing your system storage. To read more on this issue and how to fix it, please click here.

  19. Chris says:

    Games on my PS4 Pro starting to lag really bad. NBA 2k21 loads really slow and freezes almost the entire game. Call of Duty won’t even make it to the loading screen without freezing completely. I have rebuilt the database. What should my next steps be? If I can’t full format it should I just buy a new internal hard drive? And if so, should I buy a HDD or an SDD?

    • PS4 Storage says:

      If you want to save your money, try different methods before buying a new storage device.

      Try to thoroughly clean the PS4, as you might have an overheating issue not a hard drive problem.

      Next, if you can’t full format the hard drive, you can simply take it to any computer repair shop and he can do it for you for cheap.

      Eventually, if you find out that the internal hard drive needs replacement, I strongly advise you to buy an SSD for your PS4 Pro, especially if it is a few years old, as it is much more durable and reliable compared to classical hard drives. You can pick a good SSD for your PS4 from here.

      • Chris says:

        Okay, will look into these methods. Will get back to you and see what works. I just need something to hold me over until I can secure a PS5 for RETAIL lol!
        Thank you

        • PS4 Storage says:

          Don’t rush yourself my friend for PS5. You better get that console after 2 year of its release. I always advise to upgrade your PS4 (especially if you have PS4 Pro) to an SSD and wait until Sony releases PS5 Slim and PS5 Pro, then buy one for yourself. But after all, it’s your choice 🙂

      • Chris says:

        Should I try initializing it before full formating the hard drive?

        • PS4 Storage says:

          No, just full format it on a PC then install it back into the PS4 and the PS4 system software will do the rest.

  20. Nicholas says:

    Hello there I’m fairly new to well all of this but I’m having major problems I have had multiple crashes I can’t player any of my mainstream multiplayer games except minecraft on a good day. I’ve had May files corrupt to the point I had to delete every game and redownload everything and when I did the rebuild a message popped up at the end saying it failed to do so I don’t know how to do most of this and I want to know for sure if this is the best course of action

    • PS4 Storage says:

      It seems your PS4 internal hard drive is failing and have critical issue. The first step we advise our readers and customers to do is to full-format it on a PC. If it doesn’t work, we advise them to upgrade their PS4 to an SSD, as it has been reported by many PS4 users that have an aging console that their hard drive wouldn’t get enough power and consequently wouldn’t function properly. So we have advised them to use an SSD instead of another new HDD, and that has worked great for them.

  21. Thomas says:

    So recently i had a power outage while playing a game. It had corrupted the system software and i ended having to initialize it and reinstall the system software from safe mode. Since that has happened my ps4 speed has drastically slowed down and some times it’ll work fine but others it takes forever for anything to load. I’ve tried rebuilding the database and it hasn’t worked at all. What else should i try?

  22. Jamie says:

    Hey I recently swapped out the old 500G hard drive with a new HDD 1TB hard drive and ever since then it has run extremely poorly, I have tried to delete the software and install it back on countless times and all have been unsuccessful. I am sure i have done the install properly and none of the internal hardware is fault.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Hi Jamie and welcome to our website,

      Your hard drive must be formatted on a PC (full format). Please read this guide. After that, try again and if it doesn’t work, come back to us to suggest different solutions for you.

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