Cannot start the PS4 | Cannot access system storage | [CE-34335-8]

One of the worst nightmares of PS4 users is to get this annoying message that comes with an error code (CE-34335-8). This error indicates that there’s a serious error with PS4 system storage that prevents it from starting. The literal text of this error is: “Cannot start the PS4. Cannot access system storage. Press the power button for 1 second (until the system beeps) to turn off the PS4. (CE-34335-8)“. Or just as seen in the image below.

Getting Error CE-34335-8 message: Cannot start the PS4. Cannot access system storage.

Understanding Error [CE-34335-8]

Error [CE-34335-8] occurs due to a problem in the PS4 system that prevents it from connecting to the hard drive. That indicates that either the PS4 hard drive is defective and needs maintenance or replacement, or there’s a serious issue with the PS4 hardware that requires you to take it to a repair shop.

We have discussed this issue briefly in this guide, but here you’ll get additional details.

How to Fix PS4 Error Code (CE-34335-8)?

Fixing the “Cannot start the PS4. Cannot access system storage. (CE-34335-8)” error is not straightforward. There are different aspects to look at before figuring out the right solution.

The Official Fix for “Cannot start the PS4” Error

If you go to PlayStation official support page searching for a fix for the “cannot start the PS4 [CE-34335-8]” error, you won’t find any real and helpful troubleshooting for this issue. PlayStation support page for this error suggests these steps:

  1. Turn off the PS4, unplug the power cord and remove the top cover.
  2. Check that the HDD is correctly installed by removing it from the console, and reinserted.
  3. If you are still experiencing the error after reinstalling the HDD, it could be corrupt or faulty, or your console may be in need of service. Please contact PlayStation Support for further assistance.

But, from a technical perspective, this is just crap. Simply because if the hard drive was working properly in the past and for a long time, it means it was correctly installed and fixed inside PS4. So, what’s the real point of checking whether it’s correctly installed or not? This is just ridiculous.

The fact that you have to boldly face is: the PS4 hard drive is failing and must either be fixed or replaced.

If you want my advice, in all cases you have to replace the stock hard drive of PS4. Just read the PS4 stock hard drive specs to fully realize what I am saying. Or you can just pick one of the top PS4 replacement hard drives listed in this article.

How to Fix Faulty PS4 HDD

PS4 hard drive contains your games, apps, and other data that, to many users, it means a catastrophe to lose. So, the first thing you have to consider before upgrading/replacing PS4 hard drive is how to fix it first and recover the risked data.

You have to note that NOT all faulty hard drives are likely to be fixed. Some are totally dead and in need of an expensive, enterprise data recovery service to recover data from them. But hopefully, the situation with your defective PS4 hard drive is not that bad.

One of the most common issues with hard drives is damaged read/write heads. As a result of it, you will hear your hard drive making a clicking noise. Most of the time, you will need a data recovery expert to fix it. Some minor hard drive issues can be fixed with the help of software. But unless you’re an expert, the safest option is to seek the assistance of a data recovery professional.

Here, in this section, you’ll learn the basic steps to how to fix the defective PS4 hard drive in order to retrieve your data.

[1] Connect PS4 HDD to a PC

You have to connect the failed PS4 HDD to a PC in order to run diagnostic and repairing software tools on it. That’s possible to happen either internally or externally.

Internal Connection

If you have a laptop computer, it will be difficult to connect PS4 HDD internally. Thus, this method is best suited for desktop computers. You have to find a free SATA port on the motherboard of your PC and connect PS4 HDD to it. Additionally, you need to have a SATA data cable for this operation.

Foremost, turn off your PC before carrying out the first step. Then find the SATA data and power cables. You can easily identify them when you see how your PC hard drive is connected to the motherboard. Just resemble this situation with your PS4 hard drive.

Connect the PS4 hard drive internally to a PC to fix Error CE-34335-8

Typical connection of a hard drive using SATA cables. The red cable is SATA data, and the connector on the right is the power SATA cable.

Once your PS4 hard drive is successfully connected to your desktop PC internally, turn on your PC and let it recognize it.

External Connection

This method works for both, laptop and desktop computers, but it requires an external hard drive enclosure. You can get that either by buying a new one or dismantling your existing external hard drive and use its enclosure for this process.

When the PS4 HDD causes Error CE 34335-8, you can connect it externally to a PC

Connect the USB bridge correctly with the internal hard drive

Just make sure your PS4 hard drive is properly installed inside the enclosure and that the two connectors on the USB bridge of the external enclosure are duly fixed/crammed inside the corresponding ports on PS4 hard drive.

Now, connect the resulted external hard drive to your PC via one of the USB ports, and wait for it to be recognized. If not, just restart your computer and check that out.

What if your PC doesn’t Recognize the Drive?

Well, this doesn’t mean the end of the world. It might have recognized it improperly due to the corrupted system file.

So, go to Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management and Windows and check whether it has been recognized or not.

This is how Disk Management recognizes faulty drives (internal/external) as long as they are not totally dead.

If you can see your PS4 hard drive there, you’re lucky that there’s a hope to fix it. If you can’t after several attempts, then most probably it’s dead and you have to despair of it.

Now, what if PS4 hard drive is improperly recognized yet you can still see it in Disk Management screen? Well, follow the instructions illustrated in this document from Microsoft.

If you could fix the drive and get it to work properly on Windows, you’d have done a great job. Just connect it back to PS4 and perform a complete backup operation on your drive in case of emergency (See the next section). Otherwise, if you find yourself forced to format the drive, you better stop here and try to use a data cloning software in order to save your data from loss.

Note that data recovery tools won’t avail you here. That’s due to the fact that PS4 operating system totally encrypts the hard drive to the extent that data can only be read within PS4 system. That means either you backup your hard drive as a whole (cloning/imaging), or leave it as a whole. Partly recovering data won’t benefit at all.

I recommend Clonezilla disk imagining and cloning software for this mission. It’s totally free and very powerful.

What if PS4 HDD is Properly Recognized?

That means there are some bad sectors on the drive that need to be overridden and fixed. You can easily resolve that by using the Chkdsk tool in Windows OS. Please visit this detailed article to learn more how to use this tool to fix your faulty PS4 HDD.

[2] Now try the hard drive again

After you’ve fixed PS4 hard drive on PC, you have to place it back into your console. You’re not supposed to see that disturbing error message again which states that you cannot start the PS4 and cannot access system storage.

Now, go fulfill a total backup operation on your PS4 HDD. This happens simply by going to System -> Back Up and Restore -> Back Up PS4

back up PS4 before fixing Error CE-34335-8

You need an external hard drive to store the backed up data on.

What If The Error Persists?

If fixing the PS4 internal hard drive didn’t help overcoming Error [CE-34335-8], you may want one of two: Either replace the hard drive with an SSD or replace the power supply. Why so? I will tell you..

This problem when it persists even after fixing the internal hard drive, indicates that there’s a power issue in the PS4 hardware parts that the hard drive doesn’t receive enough power due to power shortage in the PS4, thus it won’t operate as it should.

Now, since SSDs consume considerably lower power than mechanical hard drives, upgrading the PS4 hard drive to an SSD can be the resolution you’re looking for. Otherwise, the problem is really complex and requires you to take your console to a repair shop to fully diagnose your system, or you can just do it yourself if you’re savvy enough.


Error number [CE-34335-8] is really a bad omen. You must consider it a warning sign that your hard drive must be replaced in a short time frame with a more powerful and reliable drive. There are several options for this that you can learn in detail in our PS4 internal HDD upgrade guide.

Questions & Answers

What does PS4 Error CE-34335-8 mean?

PS4 Error (CE-34335-8) indicates that the PS4 system cannot have access to the data on the storage device where the operating system is installed.

What are the causes of PS4 Error CE-34335-8?

There are several reasons why Error CE-34335-8, including: a malfunctioning hard drive, a defective motherboard, and a failing or weak power supply.

How can I fix PS4 Error CE-34335-8?

You have first to troubleshoot this error to figure out what causes it. In this article you will find almost everything you want to resolve this issue, and if nothing works for you please contact us and we'll gladly help.

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93 Responses

  1. Jad says:

    Turned on my PS4 tonight and all of a sudden a black screen pops up that says:

    “Cannot start the PS4.

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      If Safe Mode still won’t launch, try power cycling your console: Completely turn off the console by holding the power button. Wait for the power light to stop flashing, then remove the power cable and leave the console for 20 minutes. Reconnect and attempt to launch Safe Mode.

  2. Dive says:

    Hello! My PlayStation 4 Pro is having an issue! I was playing Warzone Caldera Clash when the textures slowed down, some houses couldn’t load, and all I could hear were gunfights.

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      – Make sure your ps4 is turned off completely (I had to hold the power button for 10 sec until it shut off). Wait another 30 sec before doing anything else.
      – Press and hold the power button, you will hear a beep, keep holding and you will hear another beep. Release holding the button. Safe Mode will pop up and you now have 7 options.
      – Pick Rebuild Database (option 5, I think). Let it do it’s thing, took about 10 minutes for me. I game a lot so I am always deleting and installing/re-installing games so I probably badly needed a good defrag, but anyway this method totally saved me!

  3. Jackson says:

    I began using my PS4 this week for the first time since around January. I let Rocket League to download overnight on Wednesday. I discovered the issue on Saturday morning “Cannot start the PS4. Cannot access system storage.”

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      Remove the top cover, unplug the power cord, and turn the PS4 console off. Verify that the HDD is installed properly. If you are still having problems, either your console has to be serviced or the HDD may be corrupted or defective. Contact us if you would like further details.

  4. Steve says:

    Most likely, the entire software will need to be reinstalled, and the HDD will need to be initialized. OR The HDD must be replaced if the issue is with it (also will need to do a full installation of the software and initialization of the HDD)

    One can only really hypothesize as to how this occurred because general software corruption can occur at any time. If the HDD is at fault, it may have been dropped or bumped, which might have messed up some of the internal components, especially if it was reading or writing at the time.

    Another issue I’ve encountered is that a defective disk drive pcb might stop the updating process and result in symptoms similar to those of a software or hard drive. This is a highly improbable issue, and your issue is probably software- or HDD-related. Unfortunately, in all of the scenarios I’ve outlined, the process will destroy your data, making it impossible to recover it even after you get the device to boot properly.

    Read over the basic symptoms once more. The “strange noise” could also be a sign of HDD failure, necessitating a replacement.

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      Thank you very much for this nice addition that may help some of our readers work around this problem. Much appreciated Steve.

  5. David says:

    My PS4 makes an odd noise when I turn it on, and a black screen with the message “Cannot Access System Storage error code (CE-34335-8)” appears. The majority of people online claim that taking out and replacing the hard drive will solve issue, however that has not been the case for me. What possibly could go wrong?

  6. Leah says:

    Hi, I was getting CE-34335-8 so I followed this guide. Only have a laptop so had to connect via an enclosure and usb hub. When I open disk management it displays it as ‘Disk 1 Unknown Not initialized’. Any action I attempt brings back ‘the request failed due to a fatal device hardware error’. It doesn’t bring up any errors in properties, all its stats like volume read as OMB. I can’t connect it directly to my laptop as it overloads the usb ports so I have to use the usb hub, which is brand new. I’ve tried opening it on my Mac also but that doesn’t even detect it.

    I’m completely at a loss here, part of me thinks it could be a problem with the enclosure and usb hub but those are both brand new. Do you have any advice you can give regarding this? Is data recovery possible?

    Also, in regards to upgrading to an SSD, is a USB required for that? I’m unsure how the process is done so if there are any resources you can point to that’d be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Well, we cannot be totally sure what exactly causes this problem until we run several tests. But, based on our experience, we suspect the health of your HDD in the first place. It seems to be severely damaged, that’s why your Mac could not even detect it.

      The damage might be repairable and might not, it depends on its level. But in all cases, you cannot repair such a drive through a USB connection. You need to connect it directly to the PC. If you can’t do that, take your HDD to any repair shop and tell them you want a FULL format on this drive. The whole process won’t take more than 7 minutes and the technician would not charge you much for that.

      Once done, most probably your HDD will work properly, unless the damage is physical and deep.

      Upgrading your PS4 storage to an SSD is a great step if you’re looking for reliability and speed. SSDs have much less failure rate than HDDs. And yes, you need a USB storage device (flash drive). You can watch this guide below for more information on how to upgrade the PS4 HDD to an SSD.

      • Leah says:

        Thanks for the advice! Had no idea I couldn’t fix it through USB. I assume this is due to how damaged it might be? Would a full format completely remove all my game data? If it’s possible to salvage I’d like to at least try but I’m willing to accept the loss.

        • PS4 Storage says:

          A full format will surely remove all data stored on the HDD. As for saving your data, it depends on the level of damage on the HDD. You can figure that out once you connect the HDD directly to a PC and check whether data can be backed up or not.

          If the HDD appears healthy, then it is easy to save your data, otherwise you have to “sacrifice” them for a full format.

  7. Mix says:

    I got this error, no matter how many times I removed, cleaned and installed it back. In a pc I can see it, and a surface test shows no errors. When put in another ps4 slim model, I can hear hdd motor spinning and it’s recognized, asking tp reinitialize it (cause it was encrypted with a different ke from the broken ps4). If I put it back in the broken console I cannot hear hdd motor spinning, so it is not receiving the proper power. Do you think is the controller on the board or a PSU problem?

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Any system, including the PS4, when it ages it will have a power issue, mostly (not always though) the power supply is no longer providing enough power to the PS4 motherboard.

      In such a situation like yours we fix this issue with replacing the PS4 internal HDD with an SSD, as SSDs use less power than HDD and can accommodate to power fluctuation (You can pick a good SSD for PS4 from this list).

      You can read more on what happens when the PS4 doesn’t get enough power.

      Moreover, you can full-format the PS4 internal HDD when connecting it to a PC. Read this article and if you have any problem doing that, read the comments there to learn from users’ experience.

      • Mix says:

        If power supply is not enough, why didn’t you suggest to replace the PSU instead? The hard drive did not change nor has been upgraded. If it worked before, it should work again, supposed it’s getting the proper power amount. Does a new PSU cost more than a SSD?

        • PS4 Storage says:

          Because it is NOT absolutely sure that it is the power supply, it might be the motherboard or there might be a sort of short circuit in one of PS4 internal components. Diagnosing all that take time and “money” for sure. So, to save your money and time, just replace the internal HDD with an SSD as it is much more resistant to power issues than classical hard drives.

  8. Felipe says:

    Hi I have replaced the hard disk with a new one but still won’t work. There is an audible sound coming from the ps4 and it sound like it’s from the power supply. Please help me with this. I might be able to add a video with the sound

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Your PS4 seems dirty from inside and you need to clean it. The power supply won’t make any sound as it doesn’t have a fan. It’s only one fan inside the PS4 that’s spinning. So you may want to clean it as your PS4 is overheating.

      If that doesn’t work still, come back to us and we will be happy to help you further.

  9. Matthew Thomas says:

    hello from indiana!

    a high school friend asked me to check his sons ps4pro. while system cannot start please connect a ps controller and press the ps button was displayed, i can hear a ticking noise from the console. am i correct for recommending a hard drive replacement? also is the ps4pro able to work sata 3? lastly what budget SSD would you recommend?

    my sincere thanks and appreciation in advance!

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Hi Matthew, and welcome to our website.

      Yes, you’re very correct to recommend a hard drive replacement.

      Also yes, PS4 Pro does support SATA III interface.

      I would recommend Crucial BX500.

  10. Jonathan Roddy says:

    Hi guys. I have an issue and I’d be grateful for any advice. I upgraded the HDD on my PS4 about 2 years ago with a Seagate 2TD Firecuda internal SSD. About 6 months ago I got the hard drive failure problem (CE-34335-8). The PS4 booted without issue when I put the original HDD back in. I was initially able to view the SSD using disk manager and a SATA case but then that failed. Seagate subsequently retrieved/cloned the SSD for me and returned the data on an external HDD.

    My problem is that I cannot access the save data that I had hoped would be on the cloned drive. I cannot boot the PS4 from it. When I try the option of “restoring save data from a USB drive”, the PS4 doesn’t recognised it. When I open disk manager, it appears as 15 partitions and one unassigned partition. But I cannot run disk check etc but it does not appear in windows and does not have a drive letter.

    My question is – is it possible to retrieve my save data from the drive or should I cut my losses and format it for other uses?

    Any thoughts/opinions would be gratefully appreciated.


    • PS4 Storage says:

      Apparently the data stored on the SSHD was corrupted due to the failure of the drive, and when it was recovered it was recovered as corrupted as well. I see no hope in retrieving your data, sorry for that.

  11. Amanda says:

    We received the error code Cannot start the PS4. Cannot access system storage. Press the power button for 1 second (until the system beeps) to turn off the PS4. (CE-34335-8)

    I am unable to boot into safety mode, the ps4 just powers off.
    We just replaced the hard drive 4 months ago so im not sure that is it.

    Is there any other way to try and get into safety mode?

    If I cant access safety mode what could be preventing it?

    Please help!

    • PS4 Storage says:

      If you can’t access the safe mode, you just can’t do anything.

      Please try to connect the PS4 hard drive to a PC to figure out whether it’s working properly or not. That’s an essential step in order to find out where the problem is.

      Once you do that, please update us on your situation in order to help you further.

  12. bryan says:

    hi, already bought a new hdd but the PS4 is still giving the same error message. What to do? Kindly Help

  13. George Andraos says:

    Hi, I’m having this issue right now. My Seagate 2TB hard disk was in my PlayStation when this happened. I put my old stock hard drive in and it allowed me to boot up my PlayStation normally although it didn’t have the newest update file I was able to determine that the new hard drive was the issue, not the PlayStation. When I put the Seagate into my PC it popped up in my devices tab but did says it cannot start. I checked the disk management tab and it did not pop up. Is my best option just buying a new hard drive and if so what will from my PlayStation data if I do so? Thank you very much.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Since your PC could discover the external HDD, it means there’s a big chance to repair it. You need to full format it, that should resolve your problem.

  14. George Andraos says:

    Hello, I did the external method connecting it to my PC and it is popping up on my devices tab but says the device cannot start what should I do from there?

  15. R says:

    Thank you for explaining it so well.

  16. matthew shull says:

    I upgraded my ps4 hard drive to a 1tb with a ssd hybrid storage and it was working fine for a few months and then it just stopped recognizing the drive and will not go into safe mode or beep and I don’t have a pc to do the steps they are saying here

  17. Kenny says:

    My PS4 stopped reading my 1 TB Seagate the other day. I connected it to my laptop with an external enclosure and it reads it fine without errors, though I can’t see any files. My understanding of that is that files are encrypted to only be read by PS4s. I connected an old internal HDD to my PS4 and it reads that with no problem. I tried to scan for bad sectors on the Seagate and reinstalled, but I’m still getting the same error when I do. Everything was fine up until that point and both the HDD and PS4 seem to be in working order, but I can’t boot up the PS4 with this HDD at all.

  18. Taylor Hall says:

    My ps4 has been freezing and lagging. In safe mode when I try to download new 7.0 patch it’s says can not access data. I can get the os4 to boot up sometimes but if I run a game it says connection times out. My system will freeze before it can finish downloading anything. I get software corruption error codes. I started noticing it after downloading call of duty modernwarfare

  19. Matt says:

    Good morning.

    Since update 6.72 I am locked out my PS4. Since I had noticed many people experienced my same problem, I decided to wait updates 6.73 and 7.00. But they didn’t work.

    In the meantime, I got a new HDD to play some online games, that didn’t require any particular kind of storage, with the not-working one on my desk, on hold for a fix.

    Though I found this fix very interesting and complete, I found myself stuck once I plugged my HDD on the USB port.
    It does appear in the Storage Management but not in the “My computer” panel, though the device in the Storage Management appears to be completely fine (meaning the microsoft troubleshooting didn’t help very much).
    Before trying to clone or image my hard drive, since it appears to be a difficult thing for me, is there anything else I can do?

    Thanks in advance, your job is impressing.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Hi Matt,

      First, I would like to show you my appreciation for your politeness and good manners, you’ve please me.

      Secondly, according to your description, I think your PS4 only needs to initialize. Try to FULL initialize it and reinstall the system software from scratch, and hopefully this will fix the problems you have with your games.

      As for your other question about the external HDD connected to a PC. Yes, it sometimes won’t show up in the “My Computer” folder, because it’s a fully encrypted drive and the file system is not recognized by Windows, and this seems your case.

      What you have to do to clone the disk is to use a third party software, something like CloneZilla. This will clone the PS4 external HDD data sector by sector to another drive.

      Please read its manual to learn how to do that properly. It is an easy software with a semi-friendly user interface.

      If you need any further assistance or have a feedback to tell us about, we’re always available for you.

  20. Hosef_yt says:

    Hello so my ps plus just ended and i have money on my playstation account and when i go to the ps store and i type ps plus 1 month it tells me to extend and i have to type my credit card to extend but i dont have a credit card and i want to buy 1 month of ps plus with my money i was saving on my playstation wallet help

  21. Matt says:

    Very true. Fortunately I recalled that I still have a backup on a flash drive from when I installed the new HDD. That being said, is there a way to erase/reformat the HDD that is corrupted and start over? Or if it isn’t being recognized is it completely ruined?

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Sometimes you think the PC couldn’t recognize the HDD whereas it’s already recognized but with errors. Check your “Disk Management” section in the Windows system and verify whether the system really recognizes it or not.

      If you don’t see your drive listed there, then it’s dead and must be replaced and there’s no hope to recover the stored data.

  22. Matt says:

    I purchased the Seagate Firecuda 2TB as recommended about 1.5 months ago. Yesterday, a program froze, and attempting close program caused a complete console lock up. Afterwards, upon attempting to power on, I received this error. I purshased an external enclosure, and after many attempts, have been unable to get the PC to recognize the drive. I understand I can clone the drive with Clonezilla, but I guess I don’t know to what end. Am I creating a clone on the PC, then cloning that to a new PS4 drive? Then installing that new cloned HDD into the PS4? I just want to be sure what I’m doing so I take every opportunity to save my data.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      I am sorry for what happened to you. But I am wondering, since your PC can’t recognize the externally-connected drive, how would you clone it?

      Anyway, yes, the process steps you described regarding saving your data are correct.

  23. Kevin says:

    Do you have instructions for fixing the HDD using a Mac instead of Windows PC? I got this error, pulled the HDD from the PS4. I have an external enclosure for it coming, and I’m looking for instructions to repair it connected to my Macbook.

  24. Hosef_yt says:

    Hello i want to ask i got a new hard drive and it seys download the file 6.51 when i go on the playsation page it seys 6.71
    What now

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Nothing, just download the newer version and you’ll be fine.

      • Hosef_yt says:

        Ok thank and i bought a ps plus before my hard drive chrasht and it has past 2 months and i bought a ps plus card for 3 months does it count as i used it for 2 months or ?

  25. N_Sal says:

    Hey! I disassembled my ps4 today to clean up the dust! I used a blower and a piece of cloth.. After I reassembled it, I turned it on it worked fine for about 10 mins & then the game freezed & I had to turn the ps4 off.. Then I tried to turn it on again it said “Cannot start ps4” also said that I need to turn it off! I tried going to safe mode but it still won’t let me & keeps giving me the error that I need to shut it down! I have a 4TB 3.5 inch hard drive installed to my ps4 by Nyko data bank.. Please help! I cleaned it the same way before & it worked fine.. Also could this be related to not replacing the thermal paste or not?

    • PS4 Storage says:

      It has no relation at all to thermal paste, so don’t worry in this concern.

      As for your issue, it’s all about the cable connections. Make sure your hard drive is properly hooked up to the data bank, and the same applies to data bank and your PS4. Also, for some reason the data bank may fail to connect to PS4 and that needs a technician to fix. Just try to adjust the position of the data bank on PS4 box, and make sure the hard drive is properly attached. Do that several times, if you eventually fail, take it to a technician.

      • N_Sal says:

        Okay i also want to know if i switch between my hard drives will I have to reinstall the system software again and erase all data or not?

        • PS4 Storage says:

          Yes, you will need to reinstall PS4 system software, but not erase all data. You have first to take a backup copy of your data before replacing your hard drive. Then restore the backed-up data on the new hard drive.

  26. Al says:

    I replaced my HD and still get the same error. Is it possible that something else is wrong? I also can’t seem to get it to go to Safe Mode.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Yes. Probably the serial bus interface is damaged. You have to take the console to a technician.

  27. Hosef_yt says:

    Hello so yesterday i bought a ps plus card and 1 h later a game update came and i was waiting to it to update then this heppend is my ps plus gana expier if i dont get a new ps4 in 3 months

  28. Alejandro says:

    34335-8 and I’m just thinking of buying a new HDD for it. I ordered a 2.5 sata HDD for it and I was wondering since I didn’t really have games or anything on it does it just start me off as a new person or do I also need to do the flash drive update?

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Do the PS4 System software installation from a USB storage then sign in with your PS4 account.

  29. Alejandro says:

    Hi, I have a PS4 slim and I have the error code CE-34335-8 and I’m just thinking of buying a new HDD for it. I ordered a 2.5 sata HDD for it and I was wondering since I didn’t really have games or anything on it does it just start me off as a new person or do I also need to do the flash drive update?

  30. Butse rand says:

    Hi, im having this issue right now. My Seagate 2TB hard disk was in my playstation when this happened. I tried putting it in my laptop but he wouldn’t recognize it at all so i thought my HDD was the problem. But I tried a HDD from a friend’s old PS4 and im having the same issue. Any ideas?

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Yes, there’s application conflicts taking place in your PS4 system. You have to reinitialize PS4 then directly install the latest system software update and this is supposed to resolve your issue.

      • Butse rand says:

        Hi, thx for the reply
        I can’t boot up my ps4 into safe mode it just gives me the same error. What do i do?

        • PS4 Storage says:

          Most probably the PS4 internal hard drive is corrupted and needs fixing. You better connect it to a PC (internally or externally, doesn’t matter) and try to perform several maintenance tasks on it.

  31. John says:

    Hello, I have been coming across this issue of the error message cannot start the PS4, it has happened to 5 of the PS4s I have done servicing on.

    As standard procedure we always check the hard drive health on a desktop computer for bad sectors.

    Sometimes when we put them back in we get that error message and we need to wipe that drive.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for this nice addition that might help someone overcome this problem. Much appreciated.

  32. Kristina says:

    Hey, thanks for replay.
    I am a technician and as i said unfortunately I’ve never came across this problem. I will try to look around SATA connection or replace it.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      You’re most welcome.

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Kristina, I have the same problem : I have changed the HDD but it always gives me this error. I can’t boot on safe mode. Do you succeed to change the SATA connection ?
      Thank you

    • Ben says:

      Sometimes this can be caused by the SATA controller chip going bad. Redoing the solder joints around it can fix it and sometimes the chip needs to be replaced.

      • Thomas says:

        Thank you for your reply. But I don’t understand why the console can’t boot on safe mode even if the SATA controller is not working well (Playstation security ?)
        Last question, do you know where can I buy a new SATA controller (I didn’t find on Internet) ?

        • Ben says:

          The console can still boot in safe mode with a bad SATA controller so the issue is caused by something else. I’m not sure whether or not you can get replacement SATA controllers for these boards. I take these from donor boards (dead PS4s).

  33. Kristina says:

    Hey, great report.
    Ive recived recently a ps4 with this problem. Of course the first thing i did was to try another HDD. It didnt work, so ive tried another 5 HDD’s! The same problem kept showing off(CE-34335-8). The first time i’ve ran into something like that, I believe its something on motherboard. have you ever heard of it?
    Sry for bad Eng.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Hi, and thanks for the nice compliment.

      If this is your situation, then YES, the SATA interface is failing and can no longer build a connection with storage devices. You must take your console to a technician for a fix.

  34. Sandy says:

    Thanks for the quick reply. After each successful OS reinstallation to the SSD, yes it looks like it works for an hour or two. I can reliably reproduce this. The only method to overcome this is to reboot in safe mode and reinstall the OS yet again. Then it repeats itself again so I end up back in the same place. I’ve done this repeated installation cycle 6 times now.

    So in after each OS installation from safe mode, everything looks ok for a short while. Then the PS4 Pro needs rebooting after which the storage check fails and I get the CE-34335-8 error message.

    When I go into options, storage whilst it is working, it has currently formatted the drive and it is showing correctly as about 3.6Tb.

    So in answer to your question, it does this EVERY time the OS is installed.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      You’re welcome Sandy.

      I think your SSD needs some kind of maintenance. But before we go through maintaining the SSD, let’s do one trick.

      Can you just reinstall the OS again and leave your console turned on for hours without doing anything? Sometimes this might help SSD accommodate the new system installed.

      If nothing happens after around 5 hours, you can try playing for 15 minutes or so. Then stop it and leave the system on for an hour or so. Repeat this process until you finish 12 hours. Tell me if anything weird occurs during this process.

      Moreover, if that error occurs, you can again reinstall the PS4 OS and after 5 minutes, reboot the system. Do this process 5 times, then check whether this fixes the problem or not.

      Come back with the results you get of the two methods and tell me what has happened. I have to illustrate then how to perform the maintenance process on your SSD.

  35. Sandy says:

    I have just replaced the internal PS4 Pro hard disk with a Samsung 860 Evo 4Tb SSD (model MZ-76E4T0). We wanted at least 4Tb of internal storage and cost was not issue.

    Installing the OS works ok but after a few hours of use, either (a) the console freezes/becomes unresponsive or (b) any downloads to the hard disk start failing. Upon rebooting the machine (either by unplugging the power cable or by using the restart option through the menu system), the system does a storage check. It then always goes to “Cannot start the PS4. Cannot access system storage [CE-34335-8].” I have repeated this behaviour 5 times each time by reinstalling the OS.

    I have checked the SSD in a computer and everything is fine and working with the brand new SSD. The stock hard disk works fine in the PS4.

    Any ideas on how to get this to work?

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Hi Sandy,

      Let me better understand your situation in order to provide you with an effective and reliable solution.

      You said: Installing the OS works ok but after a few hours of use, either (a) the console freezes/becomes unresponsive or (b) any downloads to the hard disk start failing.

      Does this mean it always works fine for a few hours without any problem, then these two incidents occur? Or it just happened once and now the SSD won’t work at all?

      You said: Upon rebooting the machine, the system does a storage check. It then always goes to “Cannot start the PS4. Cannot access system storage [CE-34335-8].” I have repeated this behaviour 5 times each time by reinstalling the OS.

      What I understand is that in the first run, it works fine for a few hours, then these problems occur and your SSD becomes inaccessible. You have then to reinstall the OS to go back to the first square. It will work again for a few hours, then those two incidents happen.

      So, all in all, you are only able to enjoy using SSD flawlessly for a few hours before these problems appear.

      Am I right?

      So, just confirm that. Was it only ONCE, or always after every time you reinstall the OS?

      • Ben says:

        A good thing to try is cleaning the contacts of the SATA connector on the PS4 PRO itself. To do this you’ll need to use something like 99% isopropyl alcohol spray on the SSD’s SATA connector then inserting and removing it from the PS4 multiple times to clean the connectors from the PS4 inside.

    • ye says:

      i dont just have a sata cable or a laptop just laying around and it was working fine the just decided to turn off and give me this error

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