How To Watch Netflix On PS5 

Do you want to stream Stranger Things on your PS5? Do you want to watch Netflix on PS5? This isn’t the first time you’ve thought the same thing. While Microsoft first released the Xbox One in 2013, it was widely panned for concentrating much more on the console’s TV features, such as the capability to watch films and shows through Netflix.

netflix on ps5

Although gaming will still be the primary marketing tool for any games console, apps such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime have become increasingly important as more gaming consoles enter homes throughout the world.

Whereas the Netflix application is now accessible on certain gaming consoles with the exception of the Nintendo Vita, let’s see if it’s accessible netflix on PS5.

Is Netflix available on the PS5?

Netflix has indeed been accessible to install and use on the PS5 from the console’s initial release in Nov 2020. It was detected even before the PS5 media Remote was used to start the console. Netflix is one of the four keys on the Ps5 Multimedia Controller that are devoted to different broadcasting apps.

Netflix, among the most major streaming facilities in the world, is available from the start both on the Media Remote and on the PS5 console.

Subsequently, Sony announced in a blog article that Netflix would’ve been accessible netflix on PS5 from day one, highlighting programs like Ghosts of Bly Manor and Stranger Things as must-sees.

How can I get Netflix on PS5?

netflix on ps5 games

You won’t have to travel via the PS Store anymore to download the latest media apps like Netflix because it’s now incorporated into the new Ps5 Gui.

Rather, you’ll just use an expanded Media area to find and download your favorite broadcasting and media platforms, while the revamped Control Centre makes switching between applications, programs, and music more simpler than ever before.

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