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A PS4 console freezing on startup is a common PS4 issue that can be frustrating to deal with. There are a number of reasons why the PS4 freezes on the startup screen ranging from a corrupted PS4 system software data to a malfunctioning hard drive.

If your PS4 keeps freezing on startup once you turn it on, this post will help you fix the problem and avoid it in the future.

Why is the PS4 frozen on Startup

Be noted that this article quickly addresses this issue in brief. If you want more details and elaboration, please visit our PS4 Freeze Fix Guide.

Causes of PS4 Freezing On Startup

PS4 startup screen

There are various reasons why the PS4 would freeze on startup. Some are related to the PS4 system software and others are hardware-related. And according to our experience in this field, we can lay out the most common reasons that cause the PS4 to freeze on startup:

  • Unreliable/unstable power connection. When the PS4 system doesn’t get enough share of power or the power connection is unstable, the PS4 would freeze on startup as a result.
  • The PS4 hard drive is FULL, which causes freezes to the system (read more on what happens when the PS4 hard drive is full).
  • There is a serious overheating issue with the PS4, especially when the PS4 fan is defective or the thermal paste has degenerated (read more on PS4 overheating).
  • Corrupted PS4 system software data. When the fundamental files of the PS4 operating system have the issue of corruption or damage, the whole system will freeze and stop responding.
  • Malfunctioning PS4 hard drive, and as a result, some of the essential system stored data won’t be accessible or damaged which causes the whole PS4 system to freeze on startup (read more on PS4 hard drive failure).
  • Corrupted CMOS data. Although this is not so common it does happen to some users. When the CMOS data is corrupted, the whole PS4 system will behave weirdly and crashes and freezes will occur (read more on PS4 CMOS and why you need to clear it).
  • Bad WiFi connection. When the PS4 connects automatically to the Internet once its system loads, then a bad internet connection can cause a sort of freezing.

There are other uncommon reasons for this issue, such as a defective hardware component such as CPU, RAM, power supply, and even the graphics card. We haven’t listed these above because only a technician can detect them and you, as a home user, won’t be able to do anything in this concern but take your console to a technician.

How to Fix PS4 Freeze on Startup

Fixing PS4 freezing on startup

So, this is the most important section here which teaches you how to fix the PS4 that freezes on startup.

Here are a few basic solutions to this problem. If you need an in-depth solution for this problem, please visit our PS4 Freezing Fix Guide.

  • Make sure there’s enough and stable power.
  • Ensure that your WiFi connection is stable as an unstable signal can lead to PS4 freezes on startup.
  • Check that the PS4 has enough free space (at least 10% of the total storage capacity of the PS4 internal HDD).
  • If the PS4 is still running and not working well, try restarting it to see if that fixes the PS4 freezing on startup issue.

How to Prevent PS4 freezes in future

In order to avoid the PS4 freeze on startup, you need to follow these instructions:

  • Make sure system updates are installed regularly as this ensures there are no corrupted files or data left behind which can cause a freeze.
  • Avoid downloading PS4 games from unreliable sources as they may contain corrupted files or data.
  • Always shut down PS4 after using it to avoid the risk of overheating, which can cause PS4 freezes on startup in the future.
  • Turn off unnecessary apps that are running in the background such as the browser and email app to save power and prevent PS4 freezes on startup ps.
  • If your PS4 is in the low power mode, then it may not be running at its full potential and this can cause PS4 freezes on startup PS4 when you are playing a game or watching videos.

Important Tips & Guidelines

  • If the PS4 freeze problem occurs periodically during gameplay, please go to “Settings” and select “Network”, then press the button to turn off the PS4 internet connection.
  • If the PS4 freeze problem occurs quickly, please go to “Settings” and confirm whether there is any background app running at all times that may be causing PS4 freezes on startup ps.
  • Clean up your PS4 by occasionally deleting files from system storage, especially if PS4 is running out of storage space.
  • Restart PS4 by pressing the power button and then selecting “Restart” on the pop-up screen, if PS4 freezes problem occurs once or twice a day.
  • If the PS4 freeze problem happens frequently during gameplay, please go to the PS4 store online for game updates periodically to fix PS4 freezes on ps.
  • PS4 freezes on startup PS4 might be caused by corrupted system files, please send PS4 to service centers for PS4 repair if the problem persists after troubleshooting and operating instructions.
  • Conclusion

    When your PS4 freezes on startup, you need to immediately figure out what causes it first before trying to fix it in order to avoid this from happening in the future.

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