PS4 Keeps Crashing? | Fixed by Experts

Many users suffer from the crashing state of their PS4, either during the gameplay or when PS4 just starts. Basically, this situation takes place due to several reasons addressed in this article. Some reasons relate to software issues, such as improper game installation/update, or just a conflict occurring between two different games/apps.

Sometimes the problem stems from a defective hardware part, especially the hard drive. You have to figure out what exactly causes this problem in order to fully resolve it. This is possible by trying different solutions, from the easiest to the hardest, then see what works best for you. In all cases, it’s always better to educate yourself on this matter to avoid hassles in the future.

Why Does PS4 Crash?

There are different factors that contribute to the PS4 crashing situation. Some are easy to fix and some are difficult and require an experienced technician.

So, the PS4 crashing is one of the common issues that many electronic devices may run into. It generally behaves as your controller or your gamepad gets stuck when you are playing games.

Why does PS4 keep crashing? Sony hasn’t stated about the exact cause of this problem. However, there are several possible causes that lead to the PS4 crashing problem.

  • Your PS4 overheating
  • Faulty hardware or outdated firmware
  • Faulty hard drive
  • Poor Internet connection

Method 1: Update the application to fix the PS4 crashing

If the PS4 crashing occurs to one game or application, it’s very likely because the game/application crashed in your PS4. You can try to restart the PS4 and then the game to have a try, or you can try to update the game software to the latest version, which can help fix the bugs and install the patches for your game.

1. Restart the PS4 and the application

Follow the steps below to power cycle and restart your PS4 and the application:

  1. Turn off your PS4 by pressing the power button on the front. It might take a few seconds before it turns off completely.

  2. Now press the power button again, but hold it down this time. You’ll hear one beep on the initial press and you’ll hear a second beep about seven seconds later. You can release the power button after you hear the second beep.
  3. Now, check whether this has resolved the problem or not.

2. Update the game/application

If restarting the PS4 doesn’t solve the problem, you can try to update the application and install the latest version in your PS4.

  1. On the PS4 home screen, highlight the game/application that needs to update.
  2. Press the Options button on your PS4 controller, then select Check for Update.

  3. Follow the wizard to download and install any available updates.
  4. Restart your PS4 and try to play the game to see if it works now.

3. Free up more space for your system

When PS4 system storage is full, this may cause PS4 to crash and stop working. If you’re not ready to upgrade the PS4 internal hard drive with a larger and faster one, try at least to free up space on the current drive.

Delete apps or games on PS4

Removing games that you’re not actively using can yield big results. Game saves will be retained so a later re-install should put you back exactly where you left off.

  • Highlight the game or app in question and press the Options button on your controller
  • Select ‘Delete’ and confirm that you do wish to delete it

That’s it. Free space ahoy!

Delete Games and Apps

Games are likely consuming most of the storage space on your PlayStation 4, so to free up space, you’ll want to start by deleting games.

To see exactly how much space each game is taking up, head to Settings > System Storage Management > Applications. To delete one or more games, press the “Options” button on your controller and select “Delete”. Select the games you want to delete and select the “Delete” button.

When you delete a game, its game save data isn’t deleted. You can reinstall the game in the future and resume from where you left off.

If you want to play a game again, you’ll need to reinstall it. We recommend uninstalling games you own on disc rather than digital games. Games you own on disc will be installed from the disc when you insert them, although they may have to download gigabytes of patches afterwards. You can redownload digital games you own for free, but they will take much longer to download–not to mention they’ll drain your Internet service provider’s bandwidth cap more, if you have one.

Delete Capture Gallery on PS4

Once you are in the capture gallery, to delete any captures search for the game you would like to view. Once you find the game you are looking for, Selecting it should bring you to a screen that looks like this:

You can filter your captures by screenshots, video clips or both. Once you are scrolling through the captures press this “Option” button on your DualShock 4.

This will bring up a menu with the options pictured above. The bottom two options are to view the capture and information currently highlighted, while the top 3 options apply to the whole list.

Selecting Delete will allow you to check multiple screenshots and videos to delete off of your HDD. Be careful though as any captures you delete are gone permanently.

Once you Select the screenshots and videos you like to delete, confirm with the system that you would like to delete them and you are done!

Delete saved game data on PS4

Games will automatically save player data to your hard drive. However, even if you delete a game from your console that data will still be present.

To delete a game’s data:

  1. Head to Settings > Applications Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > Delete
  2. A list of the games that have saved data will then appear
  3. Click into any game to view all the saved game files
  4. An option on the right-hand side allows you to “Select All” – a button marked “Delete” will then appear
  5. Alternatively, at point 2, press your Options buttons and then choose “Select Multiple Applications”. You can now select any games that you wish to delete all data for.

When you get to the “Saved Data in System Storage” menu, there is an option named “Copy to USB Storage Device”, that will allow you to save your game data to a memory stick or external hard drive. You will then need to delete it to remove it from your PS4.

If you have a PlayStation Plus membership then these game saves will be automatically backed up to the cloud. If you re-install the game at a later date you can then download the matching data from the cloud.

Method 2: Troubleshoot the hardware issue to fix the PS4 Crashing

This problem can also be caused by the hardware issue. So you can try to troubleshoot the hardware and solve the problem.

1. Put your PS4 in an open space

The PS4 freezing issue can possibly because of overheating problem. If the PS4 doesn’t have enough space for the air to cool download the fan, it may be overheated and stuck in.

If that’s the case, you can try to put your PS4 in an open space to have more gas around it, so your PS4 is allowed to have a better air circulation. Additionally, you may need to regularly clean the dust on your PS4 to have it under maintenance.

2. Check all the cables and ports to be plugged correctly

Sometimes the cables lose when connecting can also result in this problem. You can try to check if all the cables are correctly and tightly plugged in your PS4 and other equipment.

3. Upgrade the hard drive

When you are using your PS4 to play games or to modify the settings, the data will be read and recorded by your hard drive. So if there is something wrong with your hard drive, your PS4 can get stuck or lagged when using your PS4.

The hard drive faulty can also cause the PS4 crashing. If there is something wrong with your PS4 HDD, you can try to upgrade your PS4 hard drive to solve the problem.

Method 3: Rebuild database to fix the PS4 crashing

Some people are going to tell you that rebuilding your PS4 database should be done monthly, and that probably wouldn’t hurt. However, hardly anyone is going to take the time to do that, so our advice is to consider a PS4 database rebuild if you’ve been noticing performance issues, are worried about corrupted data, or if it pops into your head and it’s been several months since the last time you completed the task.

The following are reasons you might consider a rebuild of your PS4 database.

  • PS4 keeps crashing for no obvious reason.
  • Slow in-game loading times
  • PS4 disc drive issues (not reading a disc)
  • Sluggish menu navigations
  • Stuttering during gameplay and cutscenes

Below are the steps to rebuild PS4 database.

  1. Turn off your PS4 using the power button on the front of the device
  2. Hold the power button down and wait for two beeps. This typically takes about seven seconds
  3. Connect your PS4’s DualShock 4 controller to the console using a compatible USB cable
  4. From the Safe Mode menu, choose option five, Rebuild Database

This process can take several hours, during which time you must not turn off your console. You will often see a black screen, and this is normal. Allow this process to finish completely and you’ll be good to go once more.

Method 4: Update the firmware

If your PS4 firmware is not the latest version, your PS4 may also crash. Try to update the PS4 system software to solve the problem. Follow these steps:

Note: Please close the games and applications that are currently on before you update the system software.

  1. Connect your PS4 with the Internet.
  2. Go to PS4 Settings > System Software Update.
  3. Select Update if there is available updates. (You won’t see this message if your PS4 system is the latest version, so you can skip this method.)
  4. Wait for the update to download. After downloading, you’ll see the pop-up notification to remind you.
  5. On your PS4 home screen, go to Notifications > Downloads, then follow the instructions to install the update.
  6. Try to open the game and see if it works now.

Method 5: Initialize PS4

Initializing PS4 can resolve tons of issues related to its performance, including the crashing issue. It’s the last option to go for if other methods fail before seeking help from a technician.

So, below are the steps that teach how to initialize PS4.

Note that

  1. Navigate to the Settings option (the briefcase icon) in the row of icons above the home menu.
  2. Go to PlayStation Network/Account Management > Activate as Your Primary PS4.
  3. Choose Deactivate and then manually restart the console.
  4. After you sign in again, navigate to Settings.
  5. Choose Initialization, and then pick Initialize PS4.
  6. When you’re ready to wipe your PS4 hard drive of everything except its operating system, select Full, and then confirm with Initialize and then Yes.
  7. A progress bar should appear but expect the process to take a few hours.
  8. Once finished, follow the on-screen instructions. You should then turn off your PS4 by holding down the console’s power button until it beeps.

Note that “Quick” doesn’t really reset your PS4 —it just signs you out of everything and deletes all user and save data. “Full” is what will wipe the system, from the guts back on up. In my opinion, Quick isn’t really a worthwhile option, especially if you’re having software problems. And while Full claims to take a few hours, in my experience, I was up and running again within 30 minutes.

Either way, pick your reset style and confirm your choice. Then, get ready to re-download all your favorite titles and apps, and restore your saved data.

The method described above is the simplest way to restore your PS4 to factory settings, but it’s not necessarily the best, especially if you’re having software problems. If your PS4 is not cooperating, don’t bother with the regular menus; reset your system from Safe Mode instead.

Method 6: Get the help of a Technician

If nothing works with you, the last resort is to contact PlayStation Customer Support Service or just take your game console to a technician. There might be a serious hardware failure within PS4 that makes it crash.


When PS4 keeps freezing, that might be a sign of degradation of the hard drive or just some system conflicts. Usually it’s easy to resolve that, but in some cases it’s real difficult. This article offers the most common solutions a regular user can carry out in order to revive a crashing PS4.

Additionally, you can visit our PS4 Freezing Fix Guide for more details.

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23 Responses

  1. Jode says:

    My ps4 It keeps freezing and crashing. Both the system and the game have been updated. I am angry

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      These problems can be fixed by cooling down your PS4, rebooting, updating your software, and/or freeing up space on your hard drive.

  2. George says:

    PS4 keeps crashing on expedition 5: Exobiology every few meters

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      – Troubleshoot game downloads from PlayStation Store.
      – PS5 system software update. PS4 system software update.
      – Delete games on PS5 consoles. Delete games on PS4 consoles.
      – Back up PS5 console data. …

  3. Hodg says:

    My PS4s have been crashing games recently (CE-34878-0), and by recently, I mean four times in the last two days. The first two times it happened was in Uncharted 4. I assumed it was a result of the new update they released because it had never happened before. It happened for the third time with the new NEW patch, which was supposed to fix all the bugs. This happened in ranked tdm, where we had come back from a 10 kill deficit and were on the verge of winning when it just crashed.

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      Overheating, a random bug, outdated software, or insufficient storage space could all cause a PS4 game to crash. These issues can be resolved by cooling down your PS4, rebooting, updating your software, and/or making more hard drive space available.

  4. Bruno says:

    My PS4 keeps crashing in the same way that the internet does, but it’s my ps4 and not the internet; does anyone know why this is happening?

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      Overheating, a random bug, outdated software, or insufficient storage space could all cause a PS4 game to crash. These issues can be resolved by cooling down your PS4, rebooting, updating your software, and/or making more hard drive space available.

  5. Johne says:

    PS4 keeps freezing and crashing. Both system and game are up to date. I’m furious.

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      Overheating, a random bug, outdated software, or insufficient storage space could all cause a PS4 game to crash. These issues can be resolved by cooling down your PS4, rebooting, updating your software, and/or making more hard drive space available.

  6. Anthony says:

    My PS4 has currently crashed 24 times. This is absurd. How frequently has yours? System > Error History in Settings

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      Overheating, a random bug, outdated software, or insufficient storage space could all cause PS4 games to crash. Cooling down your PS4, restarting, updating your software, and/or making room on your hard drive can all help with these issues.

  7. Supersayen says:

    Ps4 slim (ce-34878-0) An errot ocurred în the following app ( Fortnite ). it happens every time I want to play, and the strange thing is that it doesn’t happen on other games such as Call of Duty or GTA5.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      It means the game files are corrupted and causing this problem. That happens due to several reasons including a malfunctioning hard drive and bad game update process. You can try to uninstall and install the game again and check whether it works or not. Try also rebuilding the PS4 database. If none works, you need to format the PS4 internal hard drive, this shall fix it entirely.

  8. Mark Otaku says:

    my ps4 doesn’t want to work firstly i opened fifa 21 and it crashed right before starting the match so i rebuilded my database and then i proceeded to play horizon but the menu was very sluggish and it crashed right before starting the game! what should i do?, should i say bye to my PS4?

  9. Curtis Dudley says:

    PS4-pro Error (CE-36329-3) keeps happening. System has been updated, reset, database rebuilt. Keep reporting the problem but nothing is fixing it

  10. Amanda Meyers says:

    i keep getting CE-36329-3 tried a software update and i have been getting nothing but the same screen showing the same code over and over again tried rebuilding it Any other ideas you have that i can try would be nice. It freezes so I can not get into the system for long and I am getting really frustrated with it I can not get Playstation support on the phone for their help. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME FIX MY PLAYSTATION 4PRO?

  11. Ray Gregory says:

    I keep on getting this ce-34878-0 ps4pro I did all of the step several times and I load my game up but it doesn’t let me do anything except for reported I keep reporting it and it still happens y I only have one game on the system

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Have a look at this post please.

      Additionally, you may have a power issue with the PS4. In many cases, unstable power feeding causes the PS4 to crash.

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