PS4: “Too Many USB Devices Connected” Fixed By Experts

One of the most common error messages PS4 users face is the one that says: “Too Many USB Devices Connected“. This error becomes so frustrating especially when there’s no USB device connected to the PS4. As a result, users don’t really know what to do in this situation but to restart the PS4 and try their luck again.

On the other hand, this error occurs when connecting a USB device that the PS4 system has conflicts with. Consequently, that leads the PS4 to freeze up and stop working.

Before trying to fix this error, lets learn more details about it.

Why Does This Error Occur?

too many usb devices connected to PS4 might cause this errorThe error message: “Too Many USB Devices Connected” on PS4 occurs due to several reasons:

  • An abrupt logical (programmatic) error within the PS4 system itself. This can be caused by a faulty game/application file, or simply, just some PS4 system files got corrupted. This situation happens to all systems, whether on computers or game consoles.
  • A sudden electric surge that negatively impacted the functionality of the PS4 USB ports. That results in the confusion of reading the signals coming from the PS4 USB ports causing the system to think there’re too many USB storage devices connected.
  • Using a USB hub with the PS4 and connecting too many USB devices to it.
  • Connecting a defective PS4 controller to the USB port, which sends corrupted signals to the system that can’t properly understand.
  • A defective PS4 USB port that generates electrical shorts once any USB device connects to it. Accordingly, the PS4 system will realize there’s an issue with the USB connection, therefore this error message appears.
  • A malfunctioning USB connector of the USB device might be a cause for this situation.

These are the most common reasons for this error. So, let’s learn now the suggested methods to fix it.

Fixing “Too Many USB Devices Connected” Error

Fixing this error can be way too easy and quick that any average user can carry out. On the other hand, it can also be difficult and need a specialized technician to fix it. We just hope that your case is classified under the “easy-to-fix” title.

Turn Off the PS4 then Turn It On Again

This is the easiest and quickest solution here. It will eliminate all sorts of electric shocks that might generate that error.

What you have is the following:

1. Turning Off the PS4

  1. Select (Power) from the function screen, and then select [Turn Off PS4].
  2. Select [Power] > [Turn Off PS4] on the quick menu.
  3. Press and hold the power button for at least 7 seconds (until the system beeps twice).

When you turn off your system, the display darkens, the power indicator blinks white, and then turns off.

2. Disconnect All USB Devices

This is mandatory. After completely turning off the PS4, you have to leave all PS4 USB ports free while trying to fix this error. So, remove all USB devices that are currently connected to the PS4, whether it’s the controller, VR, external HDD or whatever.

3. Unplug the Power Cable

Unplug the PS4 power cable in order to fix that errorThe next step is to unplug the PS4 power cable from the electric socket. Note that it doesn’t suffice to just switch off the socket power. You have to unplug the cable as well.

Now, leave your PS4 for around 30 seconds before plugging the power cable back and turning it on.

4. Turn On the PS4

You can turn on your PS4 system in either of the following ways.

  • Press the power button.
  • Press the PS button on a paired controller.

The power indicator blinks blue and then turns white to let you know your system is on.

5. Connect the USB Devices to PS4 One By One

Now, if everything seems fine so far, start to connect the USB devices one by one. Once you connect one of them, go and use it and see whether it operates properly or not. Keep working on it for 5 minutes. If it works fine without an issue, connect the next device and just do the same, until this message shows up.

Now, you discover which USB device is responsible for this error. If it’s the PS4 controller, try to reset it. Otherwise the faulty USB device either needs maintenance or replacement.

Rebuild the PS4 Database

When the PS4 database becomes corrupted, weird errors occurred, such as this one.

In order to rebuild the PS4 database, you have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Reboot the PS4.
  2. Login to Safe Mode.
  3. Choose Option #5.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Full Initialize the PS4

Full Initialize PS4 on Safe Mode
The PS4 system files might become damaged/corrupted due to several reasons. Once this happens, you could get the “too many USB devices connected” error, as a result of this situation.

But whatever the reason is, you have to eventually initialize the PS4 and reinstall the PS4 system software from scratch.

Note that this operation will wipe off all your data. It’s strongly recommended to take a backup first if you have important data stored.

Additionally, you have to download the full installation package of the PS4 system software on a computer and save it on a USB storage device (i.e. flash memory or an external HDD).

Reinstalling the PS4 System Software

Full initialize the PS4

Please carefully follow these steps in order to successfully get a fresh and clean copy of the PS4 system software.

  1. Download the official PS4 firmware
    Head to your PC and download the latest system software from the PlayStation website. You’ll also need an external hard drive with a USB connection or a USB flash drive to transfer the update to your PS4. Grab an external hard drive or USB flash drive with about 1.1GB Mb of free space.
  2. Create a new folder on your USB device and name it PS4
    Inside that folder, create a folder and name it “UPDATE” in all caps. Save the firmware file into the “UPDATE” folder and you should be good to go. Make sure the file is named “PS4UPDATE.PUP” when you save it.
  3. Boot up your PS4 in Safe Mode
    Do it as described above by fully powering down your PS4 and then holding the power button until it beeps twice and boots to Safe Mode.
  4. Choose Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software) on your PS4
    Just follow the prompts. The console will wipe all data including system software, and then require you to plug in the USB device you saved the update to in order to reinstall the system software. When that’s done, your PS4 will be returned to factory settings.

Now, restart the PS4 and check whether you still get the “Too many USB devices connected” error message or not.

If you still get it, please try the next method.

Repair the Faulty Hardware

If nothing above works, most probably it’s a faulty hardware that causes the whole issue. You have to run several tests in order to figure out which one is it.

If no USB device is connected to the PS4 and you still get this error despite your attempts to fix it, it means the PS4 itself needs maintenance. It can be the USB port or even the motherboard. Only a technician can fix that for you.

If the error occurs only when you connect a USB device to the PS4, either the USB connector is defective, the USB device, or even the PS4 USB port. A savvy can discover the exact source of failure by doing varied tests on the PS4 and the USB devices.

Don’t forget to switch between the USB ports with the same USB device. Sometimes this works and it helps also knowing where the error comes from.


Error message: “Too Many USB Devices Connected” indicates that there’s something wrong going on with your PS4. You’ll be really lucky if one of the three methods above can resolve it. But if it’s a hardware issue, here you have to suffer.

In any case, if you have done your best to resolve this issue, yet it still persists, you must take your console to a technician.

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