How To Fix PS4 Controller Not Working In Game

If your PS4 controller isn’t working in games but works in menu steam, here are the troubleshooting steps to fix this PS4 controller issue.

In fact, this is one of the very annoying and confusing issues with PS4 controllers. It seems to work fine when using system functions, but when you enter your game, it no longer works. So, what’s wrong and how to work around that?

PS4 controller not working in game

Why Is PS4 Controller Not Working In Game?

There are number of reasons why the PS4 controller won’t work in game although it functions well overall. Here we’ll lay out the most common reasons for that issue>

Communication comes first

Check to see that your PS4 controller is functioning properly and is connected correctly. Be aware that occasionally a faulty connection can make it appear as though the controller is functioning in one location but not another.

Additionally, see if the PS4 controller itself functions correctly on another system. Fix the PS4 controller or the connectivity issue if there is one. If not, though, your controller’s settings can be the cause of the issue. Be aware that the game might have a default option for something else, such Joyce Stick, so your console might not function.

Enable the PS4 Controller To Work In Game

Sometimes the default setting for a game is to utilize a different controller. In order to get the PS4 controller to work in games, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the game settings on Steam.
  • Select the Controller option.
  • Go to the General Controller Settings page now. There will be a new window that appears where you may select the PS4 controller.
  • The controller will function flawlessly if you run the game in big picture mode.
  • Each time you launch the game, you must carry out these instructions.

Fixing a PS4 controller that isn’t working in games

Try the following if your DualShock 4 works in the PlayStation menu but not when you’re really playing a game:

Shake the PS4 Controller

You can even smack your controller on your hand while shaking it. However, remain composed and avoid causing any harm.

If you just want to know how to shake it. The controller needs to be tilted 90 degrees and then shaken up and down as if shaking a torch. It’s not make or break.

Clean the inside of your controller

There might be a jammed button. Connect your controller to your PC, then select Start > Devices and Printers to see if this applies to you. Select Device settings by doing a right-click on your controller from there. Select Device properties and then follow the test button menu from there. If there is a stuck button, you can then detach your controller and proceed to clean it. We advise claiming your controller if it is still covered by warranty rather than attempting to fix it yourself.

Hard Reset your controller

Try doing a hard reset on your DualShock 4 if your controller is still not working in game. Your controller will return to its factory default settings as a result, but don’t worry—your game save data will be preserved. What you’ll need for the reset is as follows:

  • a bent straight pin or paper clip
  • a USB cable, micro

Then, adhere to these simple instructions to reset your PS4 controller:

  1. Switch off the PlayStation 4. Additionally, since the internet might occasionally interfere with how your controller is configured, you might want to disconnect it from it.
  2. Flip the controller over after unplugging it.
  3. Turn the controller over, find the recessed reset button in the small hole next to the L2 button, and push and hold it for at least 6 seconds with a paper clip or pin.
  4. Release the reset button after a brief delay. Next, connect the Micro-USB cord to the controller.
  5. Select PS from the menu. The controller should be linked when the LED bar on it turns blue, at which point you may access your PS4 and start playing.

For more details on PS4 controller reset, please view this article.

Full-initialize your PS4

Reset your PS4 to its factory default settings by initializing it and reinstalling PS4 system software from scratch. Make sure to take a backup of your important files before doing it, as this process will wipe everything on your PS4 internal storage.

Power Cycle Your PS4

Turn off your console, attach a USB cable to your controller, and then use your controller to turn it back on.


You must execute controller mapping if the aforementioned fixes don’t resolve the issue.

Reddit users have posted numerous stories of how controller mapping allowed them to use their controllers once more.

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4 Responses

  1. Yousef says:

    my ps4 controller randomly stopped working I am so tired please help me

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      – Restart your console…. Unpair and reconnect your PS4 controller.
      – Reset Your PlayStation 4 Controller.
      – Attempt to connect the PS4 Controller somewhere else.
      – In Wired Mode, use the Controller.

  2. George says:

    I can only seem to get my controller to operate in the PlayStation menu, not when playing. Every time I launch a game, input is lost. The PS button is the only one that is functional.

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      1). Restart your console, forget your PS4 controller, and pair it again.
      2). Your PS4 controller must be hard reset.
      3). Try Connecting the PS4 Controller Elsewhere. …

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