How to Turn Off PS4 Controller In Different Situations

The PS4 controller is a great way to play games on your console. It’s also perfect for using it as a remote controller with your Windows PC. The only problem is that the battery runs out and you need to turn off PS4 controller when not in use. That’s because the lifespan of PS4 controller battery is between 5-8 hours, so it’s a good idea to turn off the controller when you’re not using it.

There are a few different ways of how to turn off PS4 controllers, depending on what you’re using it for: whether you want to turn it off manually or have your console do it automatically, or if you’re connecting the controller wirelessly via Bluetooth, or wirily through a USB cable with an Android device, iOS device, Mac computer, or Windows machine.

For that reason, it’s always good to learn how to turn off PS4 controller in different situations in order to save the battery power and make it last longer.

How to Turn Off PS4 Controller

You’ll find that it’s fast and easy to turn off your PS4 controller, whether you’re using one on the console itself or a PC.

PS button on PS4 controller

The easiest and fastest way to turn off PS4 controller is to just press and hold down the PS button found between the two analog sticks for around 10 seconds. Once done, your DualShock 4 controller will turn off immediately.

Another way to turn off PS4 controller is is to press the PS4 button on your controller until the Quick Menu shows up, Go to “Sound/Devices” and then select “Turn Off Device” from the options displayed on the screen. Once you select that option, now choose your DualShock 4 controller from the list in order to turn it off.

how to turn off PS4 controller on PC

You can also turn off your PS4 controller using a remote or the DualShock app on PC. In order to do so, you need to open the Remote Play application and then click on “Turn Off Device” so as to shut down your wireless gamepad from an Android device.

Turn off PS4 controller on PC

On MS Windows devices, you would need to go into Settings > Devices and then select “Shut Down Wireless Controller.” And if you have Mac OSX installed onto your computer, scroll through all of the apps until find Sony’s Remote Play for PlayStation App. Clicking it will prompt up three options: Turn off this device when not in use; Check battery level immediately; Connected as soon as I clicked OK?

That’s it all.

How to Turn Off PS4 Controller Manually

Since the PS4 is not primarily used for games, and can be used as an internet computer for a variety of tasks, you may need to manually shut down your controller while not in use watching a video or listening to music.

turn off PS4 controller manually

Here’s how:

  1. Hold down the PS button in the middle of the screen, between the analog sticks.
  2. Go to Configure Computers, and pick X.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and, by pressing X, pick the option to shut off the computer.
  4. Select DualShock 4 to proceed, and press X.

How to Turn Off PS4 Controller without Console

turn off PS4 controller without console
To turn off your controller when not in use, there are a few steps to follow.

  1. With the PS4 console on and controller connected via a USB cable, navigate to Settings “Devices” “Bluetooth Devices”.
  2. Select Controller to view the information regarding current battery life (maximum time remaining that can be inactive before auto-off).
  3. Press Triangle button on your controller for 10 seconds or hold down D-pad shaking motion. The front LED light will turn from bluish/white to red/blue.

How to Turn Off PS4 Controller by Setting Timer

turn off PS4 controller by setting up time
This configuration causes the controller to turn off automatically for x number of minutes when it is left idle.

  1. Press and hold the PS button on the controller for about 2 seconds, until the Quick Menu appears.
  2. Click on “Sound / Devices.”
  3. Choose “Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off” and then select the time you want to wait-10 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour.

Choosing to have this happen automatically means that the controller is disabled for the set amount of time. Some people criticize PS4 about its controller battery life, so make sure you take notice without being careless.

Energy-wise, the PS4 controller can be difficult to manage on its own. To ensure it lasts as long as possible, try turning off the vibration setting and/or reducing the brightness of your screen for a pleasant gaming experience.

If PS4 Controller Won’t Turn Off

It happens sometimes that the PS4 controller won’t turn off, then that means the PS button is not working properly, or the PS4 system has troubles responding to the signals coming from the controller.

That might occur because the PS4 database is corrupted and must be rebuilt. To learn how to rebuild the PS4 database, please visit this article.

If the PS4 controller still won’t turn off, you may want to reset it. To learn how to reset the PS4 controller, please click here.

Otherwise, if none worked, you can turn off the PS4 controller by removing the battery. Once that done, it will turn off immediately, and it may resolve this issue and you’ll be able to turn it off normally next time.

Turning PS4 Controller On again

Now, let’s learn how to turn on the PS4 controller after turning it off.

Controllers can typically be turned off by pressing the PlayStation button located between both analog sticks. Pressing this button will reactivate your controller whenever you need it.

If the PS4 controller won’t turn on, please visit this guide to resolve it.


It’s easy to learn how to turn off the PS4 controller the right way, but you need first to realize that the process is not the same in every situation. Each situation illustrated in this article has its own particular way to how to turn off the PS4 controller without damaging it. So be careful about this in order to make your PS4 controller last longer.

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5 Responses

  1. Adam says:

    Guys basically if you hold down your PS button for around 10 seconds it will turn off your controller.. it works on the DS4 too..

  2. Dive says:

    basically if you hold down your PS button for around 10 seconds it will turn off your controller.. it works on the DS4 too

  3. Antoine says:

    I want the Controller and computer connected. But before I do that, I have to unplug it from PlayStation. How does this work? Thanks in advance.

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      To do this: 1) Go to Settings on your PS4 and choose Power Save Settings. 2) Choose Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off under Power Save Settings. 3) Decide when your controller will be turned off by the console. Your controller will now turn off by itself when it is not in use.

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