How to turn on PS4 Controller without the PS Button

You just got home from a long day at work and you can’t wait to relax. You want to turn on your PS4 controller so you can get some gaming in, but the PS button is not working! How do I turn on my ps4 controller without the PS button? This article will teach you how to fix this problem using an easy workaround that won’t cost anything.

Turning on PS4 controller without PS button

Why You Want To Turn On PS4 Controller Without PS Button

Some people might not notice this, but the PS button is really small and easy to get damaged. Also, it’s so easy for it to get bumped or pressed accidentally and then your controller will be turned off which can lead to frustration when you want to play. In fact, the controller PS button might not be working for different reasons, which is why you need to know how to turn on PS4 controller without the PS button in case.

  • You might be using a share button instead of your PS button. If this is the case, just go into settings and change it over.
  • Your battery might not have enough charge in order for it to work properly. Try plugging your controller into the USB port on your TV, PS console or PC.
  • The controller might be off and you need to turn it back on by pressing the PS button which is now stuck inside of a gamepad case.

the PS button might not be working

So, let’s now learn how the trick is done.

How to turn on PS4 controller without the PS Button

In fact, the PS button is the “heart” of PS4 controller, and if it’s not working, your PS4 controller is useless UNLESS you remap your PS4 controller buttons.

In order to do that, you need to have a PC or PS4 console on standby.

First, go into your device’s settings and change the share button as well as the “Pair” button over from Share/Pair to PS Button. This should solve the problem if it was just caused by using an incorrect button for turning on PS4 controller without PS button.

It’s just that simple, and if you want to change other buttons, just go through the same process.

You may also want to reset the PS4 controller if nothing works with you.

Additionally, you may want to learn also how to turn off PS4 controller the right way, in case you’re stuck with a PS4 controller that won’t turn off.

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