Stop Using Damaged Power Cable With Your PS4

Once you start to notice that your PS4 power cord is starting to get a little bit worse for wear, it’s definitely time for you to start thinking about getting a new one – and quickly. A damaged power cable can cause serious problems in your home, as well as physical harm to you or your loved ones.

damaged PS4 power cable can cause disasters

We’re all guilty of it – You’ve just noticed a small amount of damage to your PS4 cable; maybe the casing is wearing away, or the wiring is slightly on show… It still works and buying a new one is just too much effort right now, so it’s probably not that bad, right? WRONG. Here are some serious reasons why you should replace your damaged power cable right away…

You’re damaging your PS4 and connected peripherals

Using a frayed cable to power your PS4 console? Soon your PS4 or any connected device will end up damaged as well. Frayed cables stop electricity from correctly flowing through your power cable into your device, and as a result, could cause power surges which damage the internal components of your PS4. Replacing a faulty cable is much cheaper than replacing a broken power supply, motherboard or any other hardware part.

You are putting your surroundings at risk

Power surges caused by a frayed or damaged power cable can also cause your PS4 to overheat and start a fire. This is a huge risk to your home, especially if you leave your game console unattended. Electrical fires are occurring more and more often and can cause serious damage.

Damaged power cables can cause deadly electrical fires in your home.

You’re at risk of electric shock

The wires left exposed as a result of worn cable casing are unprotected and volatile. The casing of your charging cable is designed to protect you from the electric currents flowing through these wires. If you come into skin to skin contact with one of these wires, you could be left with an nasty burn, or worse…

You could harm someone else

If you think about how much damage an exposed live wire could do to you or your home, think about what it could do to someone a lot smaller than you. Toddlers and household pets are prone to curiosity and exploring. If a small child or an animal comes into contact with a damaged power cable, the results could be fatal.

Exposed live wires can be fatal to innocent bystanders like pets and small children.

You could lose your life

It may sound drastic, but in extreme circumstances, a damaged charging cable could lead to death. There have been numerous cases reported where fatal house fires started due to a faulty charging cable, and if the surge of electricity is great enough, it can also lead to fatal electrocution – particularly for smaller children. Your life is worth more than the cost of a new iPhone charger.

What causes damage to my PS4 power cable?

Although the possible consequences of a damaged cable are drastic, there are many ways you can avoid this from ever happening in the first place. Here are three common causes of cable damage and what you can do to avoid them…

The casing of your PS4 power cable is put under extreme strain when stretched around a corner or pulled at an angle.

Also, bad quality/fake PS4 power cables are a recipe for disaster. These cables are often prone to electrical surges and tend to use cheap, thin plastic for the wire casing. This kind of cable does not offer the user any protection and the casing will break easily.

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